Introducing OYEU: Classics!

Hey all, Jawa here. As you may know, I’ve been going through a lot of the backlogged stories on the website. I’ve found many relics from the heyday of the EU, and I thought that they should all have a home in one location. So I’ve created the OYEU: Classics, a label for the most famous/important stories throughout the history of the Expanded Universe.

Here are the current entries:

  • Origami Chewbacca I and II
  • The Papertine Saga
  • The Fold of the Rings Trilogy
  • The Chosen One (or, Origami Yoda VS Fold of the Rings)

Please feel free to comment titles that you feel would fit in this category. You can find OYEU: Classics under the main EU Page.












– The EU Council


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  1. Kinda wish we could have that many users now.

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