After their big lightsaber duel, Dwight and Harvey were expelled from McQuarrie. While it seemed like hope was lost, Origami Yoda helps a redeemed Harvey to reconcile his differences with Dwight so they can stand together, a new hope for the SuperFolders, Lucas County, and the galaxy.

8 long years after the first episode, the FINALE of Origami Yoda: The Series is here! To celebrate Origami Yoda’s 10 Year Anniversary, JC, Jawa, and CJ have put together the ending for the original series. We hope you enjoy!


BONUS: A meme I made a few months ago: 39590E74-41D1-433C-A91E-81BD31ABE953

JC’s Comment: If you wanna see how Harvey was convinced to help Dwight in this episode, go read the Origami Yoda: The Series Finale chapter in Origami Yoda’s Secret War!


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  1. Grand Master Skywalker


    you guys actually have to be joking where’s tommy and everyone else ugggghhhhhh a bit unsatisfying but good i guess

    • Grand Master Skywalker

      actually really good i internally fangirled when cj did that little chortle and said “thank u harvey”

  2. Grand Master Skywalker

    yes Jawa you lovable 18-year-old boomer EMBRACE R/FELLOWKIDS EMBRAAAACEEEE IT—

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