OY10 Celebration: The Fandom’s Stories!

Hello, everyone! As you’ve probably read from Jawa’s post, we’re starting the Origami Yoda 10 Year Celebration! To kick of the celebration, we’ve decided to let you guys have the fun and release some of your stories!
And we have a lot today. First off, a continuation of Skywalker’s Foldalorian, with Chapter 3!
Next, two new stories from newcomer Origami_Master53: Origami Darth Bane and Origami Durge Vs. The Mandalorians! By the way, if you don’t know who Darth Bane or Durge are, look them up. They’re pretty cool characters.
Another new story from Guillermo, being The Fold Wars!
And the final story of the day comes from YodaForce, with Foldy-Wan Makes A Move!

Like I said, that’s a lot of new stories. Please, read them all make sure you tell the authors what you think. And more importantly, thank you all for writing the stuff you do. We wouldn’t be here without you all, obviously.

Enjoy the celebration!


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  1. Grand Master Skywalker

    Chewie, we’re home. Def home.

  2. origami_master53


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