Thorigami 2 Update

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*emerges from pile of homework*

Hey Superfolders!

So, as you all heard, I wasn’t able to post Thorigami 2 last weekend due to my schoolwork being crazy. I figure you all deserve to know why.

I was on a trip recently, which was a lot of fun, but it put me a bit behind on schoolwork. To catch up, I had to work the entirety of last weekend. I’m all caught up now, but there’s still quite a lot left to work on for Thorigami 2.

I’m working hard on it, and I promise that I will at least be able to release the first chapters by this weekend.

In the meantime…

Do any of you have guesses on the new villain that Dove will face? They have been hinted at in the past by some of my fellow moderators.


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A person of many interests who folds, draws, games, writes, blogs, preserves, and more! Join him on his never-ending adventures, stories, and games on his site, Camster Origami, or take a look at iVariety, a site he contributes to run by his good friend Faraz Haider, also known as badatgaming130. He also runs an organization he started known as Turning the Tide, which has a blog as well. Any way you go, you're in for a treat. Enjoy!

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  1. Dude, CJ once flat-out told me Shelby’s sister was gonna be one of the villains. I mean, stories always change, but, uh…

  2. Ah, good memory! I was hoping you’d have forgotten. Let’s see if I can come up with a better question…

    What’s one of Dove’s favorite bands? It’s referenced briefly in Thorigami.

  3. Give me something harder. I remember that just from memory.

  4. Paper Ray Bill, anyone?

  5. The Immortal Iron Fisk

    Yeah, that was the first thing that came to mind was the origami Beta Ray Bill.

    Malekith, anyone? Mail-eketh? No one? No? Ok…

  6. The Immortal Iron Fisk

    1st origami Infinity Stone? Ooh, thats another thing! How will the MOU deal with all-powerful rocks that control the universe? Any ideas, guys?

  7. The Immortal Iron Fisk

    Keyword, SLS: “one of the villains”

    Wait theres more than 1 villain?!?😱

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