Package Has Been Sent! The All-Winners: Dawn of F.O.L.D. is OUT!!!

From Jar Jar Pleats:
Hello, boyos!  Sorry this is posted so late, it’s been a hectic past few weeks.  Here’s the story, as promised.  You can find the link here.
P.S.  I may be writing for the DCOU soon, so leave me any feedback you may have so I can take it into consideration, okee-day?

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  1. Okee-day! 😉



    The little green origami darling’s off his reel, I can tell, he and old Tom Angleberger got a deal!

    Also it’s the apocalypse. No one survives the apocalypse. XD

  4. I did!😄

  5. My guess? Instructions, at long last!

  6. Hey-lo CD 💿😄

  7. Hey JJP! You excited for OriShazam!?

  8. Yeah! That reminds me, if you’re trying to find a name that may fit better: Shaz-ami! Or without the dash, of course.

  9. OriShazami! What ABout that? That sounds like a Japanese dish, doesn’t it?

  10. Fun Fact: Harvey’s last name was based on the author of a canceled Star Wars Novel (This could be a coincidence, though)

  11. 😄Yeah, a bit.
    I just figured youd want a pun that actually fits the name, rather than just adds Orig- at the front end of it. And since it ends with -am, it sounds like the am in origami. Thus, Shaz-ami!, or Shazami!

  12. I also recommended Ven-on I to SLS.

  13. Venom-i, i mean.

  14. I’m going with ORISHAZAM!, though. nO Offense.

  15. Alright, u do u.

  16. Hello people. I’m so sorry I was gone, just SO MUCH THINGS IN LIFE THAT ARE SOOOO IMPORTANT, that can’t be put aside. So how’s the site been while I was gone?

  17. Not much other than the new DCOU stories and a few new stories. How’s it going, Dutchrocks?

  18. Pretty complex, because I mainly go sleep with family, and other times I just play Baldi’s basics on Roblox. So what stories are in DCOU?

    And you have to tell me, because I dare not click that link.

  19. OH, and what do you want my new name to be? It must be cool!

  20. My no know.
    Meesa sittin here on a brisky mornin okeeday, then BOOM! Gettin very scared, then grabbin dat Jedi, then pow! Meesa here. Meesa gettin very, VERY scared.

    I’m gonna stop now.😄

    Oh! Read my MOU story, my dude! Tell me how u like and what u didn’t! All-Winners!

  21. Dis is my new name.
    Also you play Baldi too? Cool.

  22. Please No

    SLS has a nice ring to it

  23. Baldi is AWSOME, I even built a Lego set of it! ( with my own pieces, of course)

  24. I saw all the Baldi’s Basics LEGO stop-motions on YouTube back in April and May, and boy, they were CRINGEY, and most of their Baldi custom minifigures were kinda sucky.

  25. Oof.

  26. Hey guys, what happened to origami on this site? Mega’s the only one who does that. As far as I know, none of you do that on Tom’s Website.

  27. On this site? Idk if that was ever a thing besides story covers of course.

    I personally never really made original puppets, and when I did, they were so bad I never bothered to submit them.

  28. I only made ones instructions were released for

  29. Hey, where’s the upcoming EU post that will “explain everything” about this “controversy” and maybe make things “stricter?”

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