OY EU Minifigures

So, yeah I made more.

Jacob, Noah, and Vernon, the poster boys of the OYEU. Jacob has Papertine and Skittles, Noah has Luke Skyfolder, and Vernon has his smug grin.


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'Ello humans.

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  1. Cool, dude! Especially Noah! But wait…if there was already an origami Palpatine…

    *flashes back to Emperor Pickletine riding the bus*

    …why was Emperor Papertine Ever created? The only differences is Papertine is Jacob’s puppet, has more of a bluish skin tone, and is a smol bean.

  2. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    It’s actually an interesting story. Early on in the book series, back when DP had just come out, everybody asked him to make a book with Emperor Palpatine. He said no, that he wasn’t sure it would work in the story he was telling.

  3. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    And thus Emperor Papertine became a thing. Again, this was very early on, before Fortune Wookiee. When Pickletine was announced, something needed to happen to keep the OYEU “canon.”

    So, as the end of Vol. 2 states, the smelly girl from DP uses the Skittles after finding out how everybody thought of her. She used them to send everyone into an alternate universe where Pickletine didn’t happen the same way. They had the field trip, but nothing bad happened. Some find this out, fix things, and continue on, an thus follows Vol. 3 of the BH saga.

  4. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    It’s kinda cool, but makes the continuity a little weird.

  5. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    smol bean😄

  6. No offense, but I don’t like to these as much as the other ones. Probably because your first ones were of pre-existing characters that we knew a little more about

  7. Also here’s the type of writing you’ll see in OrigVenom. Hope y’all enjoy this (it’s really unrealistic but it’s just my imagining of the ending of Rise of the Bounty Hunters Vol. 3)…

    Tide || An Origami Yoda Short Story

    Ever since Origami Yoda came into his live all the way back two years before in sixth grade at McQuarrie Middle School, Tommy has been nonstop at war with people. First Harvey. Then Rabbski and FunTime. Then Tony. And the Drawa. And Jacob. And Vernon. And Lisa. And finally, after days of fighting and battles, Kellen is back on Tommy’s side, and Supreme Liter Coke is gone. A dying Tommy, who had been stabbed in the chest earlier by SLC, was on the beach, next to Kellen, who’d injured his legs badly due to Supreme Liter Coke kicking him several times after he went back to Tommy and Origami Yoda’s side.
    “It’s been a long time since our first adventure, pal,” Tommy said. “D…do you remember it? T…two years ago at the Fun Night. Origami Yoda..he…he stopped me from kissing that girl. Heh. Good times.”
    “Yeah,” Kellen said.
    Tommy looked at Kellen and said, “I feel tingly.” Kellen replied, “Me too.”
    Then Sara, Dwight (who had also been injured), Lance and all the others came to the beach. Tommy and Kellen were nowhere to be found.
    “Tommy? TOMMY? TOMMY?! TOMMY!!!” Sara said.
    “KELLEN? MY DUDE? WHERE ARE YOU?!?” Lance yelled.
    Everyone turned to Dwight. Sara said, “Where’s Tommy and Kellen, Dwight.” But Dwight wasn’t there.
    “Don’t worry, friends.”
    “It’s okay.”
    “We’re now one…”
    “…with…the tide.”

  8. I’d say my writing style is somewhere between Noah’s cynicalness and CJ’s funny-but-also-serious-at-times writing style. Sometimes I can write dark and gritty stuff, other times I can write lighthearted comedy stuff. ^-^

  9. Dang IT! I was Going to Watch the Season Premiere for The Flash, But something Happened And I couldn’t. But… I now have the CW App and I can watch it on there 🙂

  10. Also the CW Batwoman and Superman crossover is coming soon

    Yeah, on a side note, I have the CW app now, too

  12. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    Don’t you need to pay monthly for that?

  13. The CW app is actually totally free, if you have the CW channel. It’s pretty great.

  14. Yep just finished the episode.
    Awesome can’t wait to see what happens next

  15. Sorry SLS just this one time Jar Jar Wanted me to do it

  16. There, Jar Jar, you happy?

    Remember I said go to Jango Fortune’s comment section?!

  18. Anyways yeah glad ya changed it back to CrimsonDawn

  19. Hello anybodddddyy heeerreeeee

  20. I’ll… Be… Go-o-one…

    I’m listening to this song right now

  21. Did you guys the new post on Tom’s OY site? What do you guys think the news might be?

  22. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    Both of you cheaters immediately changed it back…😄lol

    Oh ok I was confused with the DCU app, which is a monthly subscription, right?

  23. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    New OY book that wipes away the entirety of the BH saga as non-canon with sequel trilogy origami characters!😄😵

  24. WOO-HOO! Though the BH saga’s entire canon might be erased and maybe forgotten because of this, I like the idea of (maybe) a new OY book! I wanna see what the canon version of the OY characters have been up to since Emperor Pickletine! Maybe Tom will even incorporate some OYEU plot elements into a possible new OY book!

  25. To celebrate a possible new OY book, I have made this (I don’t care if it’s, like, three weeks early):

    By SLS

    [SLS gets dressed in his The Last Jedi Kylo Ren costume while Jar Jar Pleats gets dressed in his Jar Jar Binks costume.]

    SLS: Let the past die—

    Jar Jar: Why don’t ya lighten up a bit, Mr. Darkness and Despair, and let it live for once? [punches SLS in the shoulder]

    [SLS’s Kylo Ren costume suddenly changes into Kylo Ren’s The Force Awakens outfit.]

    SLS: Ah, yes. Much better.

    Jar Jar: What to do now?

    SLS: Before Noah arrives in his James D. Skull costume and Camster arrives in his Yoda costume so that we can have adult supervision while we go trick-or-treating (I know I’m triggering Jar Jar right now because I do know he’s gonna be 17), we must wait and hear for the…obnoxious laughter of our friend.

    [CD arrives in the vent, in his Darth Maul costume.]

    CD: Hee-hee! I’m gonna stay up late with my friends tonight and eat candy!

    [OrigamiLuke100 appears in his Batman costume.]

    OrigamiLuke100: Let’s settle, guys. Noah and Cam are gonna be here any minu—

    [Mega appears in his Spider-Ham costume.]

    Mega: [Eats bacon and a pack of pork rinds.] They say you are what you eat. Heh.

    OrigamiLuke100: UGH! Y’all are driving me nuts! Noah! Cam! Please come soon! I PRAY.

    [Noah and Cam arrive in weirdly-realistic animal costumes.]

    Noah: We had such an amazing adventure! We were coming for you guys 20 minutes ago, but we got stuck in traffic and honked at the car in front of us and then some stuff happened and we eventually got stuck at a furry convention. It was…interesting.

    SLS: Does anyone notice that Mega is dressed as a fury tonight? Hello? Anyone noticing?!? Spider-Ham is a pig, right?!? Pigs are animals! He’s a furry! Hello?! No one in noticing? Argh, now I know how OrigamiLuke100 felt!

    [Maddox appears suddenly in a Charlie Brown costume.]


    [Throws a bunch of rocks at everyone.]

    Everyone but Maddox: Aww…I got a rock.


  26. Sorry but I am not a furry lol
    I probably should get to changing my profile pic…

  27. No dude it was a joke, I like your Spider-Ham profile pic a lot!

  28. Ayyy ayyy ayyy ayyy ayyy ayyya yaayy ayyyy ayyyy ayyyy ayyy ooooooohhhhh
    This is the OYEU!
    It made Jacob Cornelius canon.
    Don’t steal the Emperor Pickletine timeline, huh?
    Origami Lando Calrissian. (Yeah!)
    This is the OYEU!
    It basically made Origami Yoda OCs a thing.
    Make the skraa go ting.
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, OYEU man, get yo EU stories!
    OYEU man!
    Get yo EU stories!
    OYEU man!
    [shoots ‘em all dead] 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵🔫🤪
    Vernon, yeah, Vernon, yeah, Vernon, yeah, Vernon, yeah, 1, 2, 3, 4, age is just a number!
    [akward silence]

  29. Also wait
    Why doesn’t the LEGO piece representing Papertine have a more bluish skin tone
    And why isn’t it a smol bean
    This is why we need an official OY version of This Is America
    This is why we need more smol beans in the OYEU and MOU and DCOU
    Wake up people

  30. Smol little Mega you will never understand

  31. A new OY book would be shway

  32. P E S K Y G U N G A N wants representation for smol beans in the oyeu

    Mail beans need representation! Our voices will be heard!😄lol

  33. P E S K Y G U N G A N wants representation for smol beans in the oyeu


  34. Hahaha

  35. Who’s hype for All-Winners next week?

  36. ME.

    Even though I kind of got bored in the middle of Iron Fold 2 and stopped reading.


  37. So Excited.

    Just need to see the movie Split…

  38. The title. Says. It all. I’m promoting OrigVenom for the rest of the day. Heh.

  39. I’m just hyped for any MOU story! I hope there’s a reference to Battle Fever J, even though All-Winners probably takes place in the 40’s while Battle Fever J is from the 80’s.

  40. #P E S K Y O R I G V E N O M

  41. Also you mods over there watching us, ya might wanna delete a lot of the old posts. The home page is getting really crowded.

  42. HeY gUyS wHaT aRe YoU gOiNg As FoR hAlLoWeEn?

  43. Kylo Ren. You?

  44. Maul, Most Likely.

    Or maybe just a hooded figure.

  45. Hahaha, I remember when I talked about what I was going to be 4 Halloween…good times😄

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