BatFold is Out

Hey fellas, BatFold is out. Be sure to check it out here! It’s pretty long… 13,000 words. Hope you guys enjoy!
Also, use this chat to talk about it, or be sure to comment on the page itself! Peace out guys!



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  1. YES

  2. I made a song.

    Official SuperFolder Christmas Melody ft. Jar Jar Pleats (cuz he came up with the “Jar Jar’s cheese, pesky bees” part)

    Jar Jar’s cheese, pesky bees, CD laid an egg
    Mega3 had a baby with someone in this very room, and Noah is single and ready to mingle, eh!
    Dancing through the EU posts,
    spamming with Lego Loki,
    kidloki108 likes the OrigVenom trailer,
    and Shrignold was the mother of Mega’s child! Eh!
    Jar Jar’s cheese, the birds and the pesky bees, CD and Mega and Shrignold laid some eggs…

  3. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    Is this supposed to be like Jingle bells, or something different.

  4. It’s jingle bells.

  5. Note to CrimsonDawn:
    CD, buddy, this isn’t meant to offend you. I’m just doing this forever unless MR. PESKY GUNGAN OVER HERE TO CHANGE HIS NAME BACK TO JAR JAR PLEATS.

  6. Haha 😂 nice

  7. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    J A R E D L E T O J O K E R L A U G H

    Nyeh…heh…heh….(inhales slowly)

  8. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    Dis Is Nutsen. Oh, Gooberfish!

    Big Gooberfish! Huge-O Teeth!

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