DCOU announcement

Hey guys, I’m pretty new to this whole new WordPress layout, so please give me a minute to like, figure this out and stuff! (Back in my day, it was all gray and blocky!)

So, I know most users in here are sitting, staring at the top right-hand corner next to the “Origami Yoda: the expanded universe” and wondering “What? What’s the DC origami universe?”

Well, fellow reader, I am proud to announce it: Welcome to the DCOU.DCOU

It’s self-explanatory. In a similar manner to the Marvel origami Universe, the DCOU is a set of stories set in the same universe as Tommy’s, Dwight’s, Clark’s, Dove’s, Jacob’s, and every other character in the OY novels, the OYEU and the MOU.

Here’s the current plan, that I, Peyton/OrigamiLuke100, the spearhead of this new line came up with:

  • Each story in the DCOU will release on a similar schedule as the MOU, however, the DCOU stories release after each Fold of the MOU occur. You know that little down period after Fold One, where we all sat in the MOU discussion board and asked “When’s the next story coming out?” and “Is the OYEU dead?” Yeah, not anymore.  Now, there will be a flow of more stories for you to read (and write!) A little bit before Fold 2 begins with the Imperfect Iron Fold, the first story, Batfold: Rebirth, will kick off the DCOU. We will wait until after Fold 2 is finished (Or nearing completion) to continue.
  • A simple timeline would be like this: Batfold – Fold 2 kicks off – Fold 2 wraps up – DCOU Fold 1 continues – DCOU Fold 1 wrap up – Fold 3 kicks up

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s so different about the DCOU?
Well, to start, there’s DC characters rather than Marvel Characters, so, there’s Batman, Superman, that kind of stuff.

Next, there’s a “darker” theme to most* stories. We have a few lighter tone stories as well.

Also, there are a few different schools, all of which have origami finger puppets. I’m not going to tell you which school has what, but, I’m going to let you theorize to your heart’s content!

  • Kane – A public school where bullying is common.
  • Shuster – A boarding school with a great band team and award-winning newsletter.
  • Carter -An all Female High School private high school.
  • Nodel – A school for 6-12 graders. Because they want to be different, the school is split into 7 different Hogwart like houses: The Red House, the Green House, the Orange House, the Yellow House, the Blue House, the Indigo House, and the Purple House. People are selected into the house by doing a 100 problem quiz that involves personality questions and situations.
  • Lampert – This is a high school for athletes.

Yeah, they are pretty easy to figure out.

So, we have roughly 3-4 stories figured out. We have one completed. So, you know what that means!

  1. Everyone can suggest a character name to be used in the story. We aren’t talking about minor roles, such as a lunch lady or something. I’m talking about major characters that could appear in multiple stories. Villains, heroes, anyone!
  2. We NEED writers! We have a few for some stories, but, if you send an email to DC.origami.universe@gmail.com asking for a story, we will most likely have one. You email us, me or another mod will get back in touch with you, and we will go from there. It’s first dibs, though. If someone gets Pleat Arrow before you and wanted Pleat Arrow badly, I’m sorry.
  3. We also need folders and illustrators! If you are interested in folding for covers, or even drawing images, we are so down for that. Once again, just email us at DC.origami.universe@gmail.com, and we will get in touch with you.

Well guys, that’s it. Thank you all for reading this! Peace!


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  1. “…set in the same universe”
    Ok. You have me there. Now there needs to be a HUGE MOU vs DCOU crossover!

  2. Oh and I can’t wait for Batfold: Rebirth to kick this all off!

  3. “set in the same universe”
    So is the OYEU! Time for the ULTIMATE CROSSOVER! XD

    Also I hope Batfold: Rebirth will be super awesome!

  4. Wait, Batfold would be releasing a little bit before Iron Fold 2. Wouldn’t that mean Batfold is coming out this week?

  5. This is what I’m planning. We are in the final stages of editing it.

  6. I never thought Batfold: Rebirth would come so early! 👍

  7. Kane—probably Batfold’s school, due to Gotham being full of “bullies” also (i.e. criminals)
    Shuster—Lemme guess, Superman? Sounds kinda like Smallville.
    Carter—Yeah, it’s obvious an origami Wonder Woman is here. I wonder who’ll write a female-led DCOU story… *looks at Stitchiella*
    Nodel—don’t really know
    Lampert—I think a lot of the more muscular villains will be here, due to a lot of DC villains, such as Killer Croc or Gorilla Grodd, being very buff (though some incarnations of Killer Croc are more human-like, like in 2016’s Suicide Squad movie which I didn’t like for obvious reasons)

  8. Kane – named after Bob Kane, co-creator of Batman
    Shuster – named after Joe Shuster, co-creator of Superman
    Carter – named after Lynda Carter, the original actress of Wonder Woman in 1974
    Nodel – named after Martin Nodell, creator of Green Lantern
    Lampert – named after Harry Lampert, co-creator of The Flash

  9. Looks like I was right about the first three! Meesa happy!

  10. I have a story I would love to write. I’ll email about it later

  11. OrigamiLuke100


  12. Ok yeah these make sense for heroes, but that may be a good thing. Easier to remember and separate from one another.

  13. Kidloki, you email and they tell you what story you’ll be writing, fraid not the other way around.

  14. I’m assuming no Watchmen, right?

    That story is (Supposedly) WAY TOO MATURE!

    I really want to read it tho

  15. Who’s you’re favorite Batman, guys?

    My opinion ranked from worst to best.

    Ben Affleck (BvS)
    Michael Keaton (80’s)
    Adam West (The Animated Series [Great Show, BTW])
    Christian Bale (Nolan Trilogy)

    But the all-time best DC movie performance is…

    Heath Ledger as Joker.

  16. OrigamiLuke100

    Can’t say anything about it! We are keeping it a bit closed up until fold 1 kicks off


  18. Jar Jar Pleats

    I really feel in the minority with DC fanboys.

    For one, Affleck’s the only one I’ve seen and really liked. Bale seemed fine, but I never LOVED those movies, but they were really good. Never seen animated series, but heard Hamill’s Joker is awesome.

    And…..I’m torn between the two Jokers. Heath Ledger did a grand job and he was really good in the role. However, Jared Leto felt like what Joker would be doing if he were a thing in 2016 rather than the ’60s(i know, I know). I liked his performance, especially in the longer cut of the movie.

    And I love the DCU’s Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor. I could write a character study essay on why his motivation is so good that it rivals Dark Knight Joker’s, and even Thanos’, motivation in their movies. Granted, it takes some time to figure out, but it’s so good to me. It reminds me kind of like the Luthor from the old Superman movies.

  19. 1. In my personal opinion, Affleck…is okay. So is Bale’s. Micheal Keaton’s is the Vulture in the MCU (yay two winged guys played the same actor), and he was a pretty solid Batman.

    2. NOOOPE. As you’ve maybe seen from the MOU Discussion Page, I did…not like Leto’s Joker. He felt super weird as Mista J, but his “damaged” tattoo and his grill which was because his teeth were knocked out by Batman kinda made me think what Leto’s Joker looked like before Batman “damaged” him…hmm…maybe kinda like the Killing Joke version of the Joker? Maybe he did something to Barbara Gordon and that’s why she’s not fighting crime in the DCEU? Hmmmmmmmm……. 😈

    3. YESSSSSS JESSE EISNBERG WAS GREAT AS LUTHOR! Why does everyone think he’s the worst Lex Luthor yet?!?

  20. Thanks for clarifying Jar Jar

  21. I thought that Jesse Eisenberg was a great actor in BvS, but many people took issue with the fact that he was different to what Lex was usually like

  22. See, look guys! Lego Loki DOES exist! He just…has the numbers “108” at the end of his name now.

  23. OY Theory || The DCOU/MOU/OYEU Connected Universe Might Happen!

    Hello OYEU/MOU/DCOU/Reylo (just joking…maybe 😈) Fandom! Welcome to OY Theory, where we ruin your childhood origami-related fanfiction stories (and Reylo fanfiction stories) and turn them into our personal play toys! XD
    So we’ve known ever since the MOU was announced that it was in the same universe as OY, but we have gotten only a few minimal references to the OYEU, and most are subtle. Possibly the least subtle OYEU reference was the OrigAvengers going out for chocolate-chip pancakes instead of shawarma at the end of their first team-up story. But the MOU is so rich and full of detail that you can go back months or maybe years later and still find a few more things that are surprising and very subtle! I’ll read only THREE sentences of Iron-Fold to show you what I mean…

    “However, the OrigAvengers, as we called them, haven’t formed in years. Probably the work of the 2000’s. Gah.”

    In the early-to-mid 2000’s, many things were going on. The millennium had changed, and America was changing, too. Students that were probably juniors in high school during the 90s were probably already graduated from college and maybe even had a job or a family by the mid-2000’s. During the early 2000’s, Andy, Tilly, Clark, Director Adams and the rest of the gang were probably born, even.
    What I’m saying is, this sentence reflects on the changes the turn of the century—and millennium, also—made.
    *cough* Miley Cirus’s downfall *cough*
    Anyways, back to the theory. Now, OrigamiLuke100, my friend and newest mod to the OYEU, is in charge of the DC Origami Universe, or DCOU. Good for you, Luke! This theory is dedicated to him. And a day ago it was announced the DCOU’s first story, Batolfd: Rebirth, written by OrigamiLuke himself, is gonna premier at an unknown time this weeks. After, Fold 2 will kick off! Yay! XD
    What I’m saying is, when the DCOU and its first story and person-in-charge were announced, Luke mentioned the DCOU is ALSO in the same universe as the other two origami extended universes. Now, here’s what I’m gonna say:
    An OY/MOU/DCOU crossover one day in inevitable.
    And now…as we go back to the beginning…I must reveal a truth…and that truth is—


  24. OY Theory || Part 2: My Possibly Botched Attempt At A Crossover

    So, if you guys caught a comment from the MOU Discussion Page and studied it carefully, you’d know Dwight might have a minor role in OrigVenom as Cal’s pen pal. But that’s the problem. Remember the word “might.” Noah said he’d change Ezra’s love interest, [spoiler], back into the earlier version of Ezra’s love interest, probably due to continuity issues. 🙄 He also said he’d edit OrigVenom to fit the “secret plans” for the MOU.
    (Why am I giving away Noah and the mods have “secret plans” for the MOU. Heh. 😅 Guess I’m Tom Holland’s clone now.)
    Anyway, point is, I have a really good eye, and I’ll probably see what Noah and the other mods did with OrigVenom to fit those “secret plans.”
    (Also Ezra’s love interest is suuuuper underdeveloped and I asked Noah to give her a chapter form her point of view. He hasn’t responded yet. Hope he responds to this comment.)
    He also said he and the mods will change other “major” things in OrigVenom which they won’t “disclose” with me.
    Now I think they will change these things in OrigVenom:
    1. Replace most of the humor from me with their humor (I don’t think this fact especially 🤨).
    2. Cut the scene where the [spoiler] team appears, watching the final battle.
    3. Make sure all OYEU references are cut.
    Here’s my explanations for those:
    1. I personally think Noah and the mods might be thinking, “Oh, hey, SLS really wants to make an MOU story, but the humor is really awful, so let’s go and replace it with ours. Heh.” Basically taking advantage of me because I’m younger. Oh, I bet they “disclosed” things with Mega! Or Jar Jar! Or probably anyone other than ME. 😠
    2. [spoiler] is [spoiler] but [spoiler] [spoiler] so [spoiler] gets [spoiler] (JK this “spoiler is and gets and buts” is fake)
    3. Read below for more. ⤵️
    I think the mods are editing the EU refernces out of OrigVenom because they wanna keep this a secret: the ultimate crossover. The OYEU. MOU. DCOU. And that’s the theory.


  25. Nope. Haven’t discussed a thing about changing OrigVenom. Noah has changed the chapter connecting OrigVenom and Spider-Fold, but all he did was tone down the violence and add more dialogue.

  26. Oh…
    By “they probably ‘disclosed’ things with Mega” I meant about Spider-Fold. They probably disclosed things about editing and changing Spider-Fold with you.

  27. I mean no offense, Noah or any other mod, and I don’t wanna cause any drama, JC, but for some reason I think you mods either think my style of writing is mediocre (or maybe even bad) and are changing OrigVenom more than I can ever imagine without me seeing at least a little bit of it, or you’re converting OrigVenom into YOUR story. One that feels written more by you mods than me.

  28. Also, I get awkward vibes whoever I’m around Noah and OrigVenom pops up…perhaps he’s hiding from me…again, I don’t wanna cause any arguments or drama, so…

    😙🎵 *whistles while walking away awkwardly*

  29. *hiding SOMETHING from me, not hiding from me

  30. So um Batfold is going to come out today? Just like


  31. WE… ARE VENOM.

    So excited!

    This is the first movie I’m seeing while on here!

  32. Jar Jar Pleats

    A lot of people seemed to dislike BvS Lex because he 1: had hair, 2: was loony, 3: wasn’t very manipulative in the same way as the comics or cartoons.

    However, he seems to be more similar to Lex from the old Superman movies, which portrayed him as wanting to make everyone believe Superman wasn’t as great as everybody thought he was. Same with Eisenberg.

    Also, Eisenberg is just a great actor in general.

    And Leto seemed like what a psychopathic supervillainny-guy would do in 2016: be a crime boss and drug lord with ties to important groups such as corrupted police (Wilson Fisk but deranged)

    And the Damaged tattoo I’m pretty sure meant Brain Damaged, yknow, cuz he’s crazy, and it’s on his head.

  33. Jar Jar Pleats

    Nothing has been disclosed to me, and the only thing I can see them changing is continuity issues and extreme violent scenes by OYEU standards.

    I don’t think you should be so suspicious, but that’s me.

  34. The editing that we do is to make the story better. We never throw out important story elements, and we want to keep as much writing as possible from the original author. As Mega and Jar Jar has said, all we change most of the time is the continuity, violence, grammatical errors and stuff that couldn’t possibly happen in real life. I assure you that OrigVenom will still be your story when editing is complete.

  35. Yes Jesse Eisenberg is amazing

  36. Okay, I am sorry

  37. Have you noticed the “Home” Thing about the spider-man movies?

    At the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter said, “There’s no place like home.”

    In The First Spider-Verse teaser, the song that’s playing says, “I’m coming home now.”

    The First MCU Spider-Man movie is called, “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

    And finally, the Second Spider-Man MCU movie is called “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

  38. Anyways, I am sorry for thinking Noah and the mods were taking advantage of me or thought my style of humor or writing was mediocre. Also Noah later today meet me in the place where I wrote OrigVenom. If you didn’t get my comments about changing Ezra’s love interest named [spoiler] in OrigVenom and making her character more developed, I’ll be commenting all my demands for her character in OrigVenom.

  39. The most recent spider verse trailer shows that the whole plot is them trying to get home

  40. I ’ M C O M I N G H O M E N O W

  41. Also mah bois da OrigVenom trailaaaaa is coming’ soon just in time for Into Da Spideyverse’s new trailaaaa which came out two daysssss ago and, of coursey, to coincide (cide means death XDXDXDXDXD boi) with da Venom movvvvvvvie which came out todaaaaaay

  42. Only twenty-two minutes until da trailer, meesa friendos


  44. Cal: [appears next to a bully stealing someone’s lunch money] Hey, guys! [tries to punch bully in the face]

    The bully: [knocks Cal to the ground]

    Cal: [looks kinda afraid] Uh…Ezra, your cue, man!

    [Ezra comes out of nowhere and gains the upper hand against the bully.]

    [Ezra throws the bully out of the way.]

    Cal: Uh…I guess you savaged my butt out there…

    Ezra: [looks veeeeeery smug]


    Ezra: How am I living it up with Cal Largent and his puppet, Spider-Fold? Lemme tell you a story! And the short way! So basically, there was this lizard dude who didn’t like Cal’s brother Clark, and then Cal got framed and stuff like a framed picture on the wall (I think), then he formed a team and stuff partly because of Fortnite, and then the day was saved and I became Cal’s friend! Got it? Good!
    Oh wait, I forgot to tell you how I became the wielder of the spectacular OrigVenom and the partner of Cal Largent and the amazing Spider-Fold!

    [A quick scene is seen of OrigVenom and Ezra trying to punch a L.I.F.E. Science Club Foundation member.]

    Ezra: …I’ll tell you that story, too! …The long way. [looks smug again]


    [An origami Riot and his wielder attack Ezra and OrigVenom.]

    Origami Riot’s wielder: I LOVE SQUIRRELSSSSS!!!!!


    [An origami Scream, an origami Toxin, and OrigVenom attack Riot’s wielder and his goons.]


    Ezra: Is that a threat?!

    Riot’s wielder: Yes, indeed. [Takes something out of Ezra’s hands that is made of paper]


    Cal: Uh…this thing…

    Ezra: It’s called…uh…Orig…OrigVenom?


    [Clark tries to get Cal down from a tree.]

    Clark: CAL! Get down here!

    Cal: I LOVE OWWWWLLLLLSSSSS!!!!!! Isn’t that right, Spider-Fold?!? [Makes Spider-Fold say something like a crazy person]

    Ezra: Uh…alrighty then…

    Title card: ORIGVENOM
    DECEMBER (or maybe January you sad boi) 2018

  45. As Noah always says…
    “Theorizzzzeeeeee to yaaaaa heaaaaaart’s contaaaaaaant….”

  46. Oh, and before responding to this trailer, know these things:
    1. I’ve been working on this since June, guys. Gimme a break. This is why some chapters of OrigVenom were completed waaaaaaay before December. In fact, I’m actually done with OrigVenom. As you can obviously see, the mods are already in the editing stage. Also, it’s only two months—only two!—until OrigVenom, so calm yo cheese. [looks at Jar Jar]
    2. Start theorizing about who Riot’s wielder is and his role in OrigVenom…also try to find out the wielders and importance of Scream and Toxin and Cal and Spider-Fold and why Cal is acting crazy near the end…T H E O R I Z E…

  47. My dad won’t let me see Venom because he said it sucks even though he hasn’t seen it

    Help me SLS

  48. I saw the AWESOMEEEE STOOKTASTIC picture of the live action Star Wars series called The Mandalorian

  49. Yeah it sucks when your parent doesn’t let you watch a film because of critics

  50. Jar Jar Pleats

    (attempts a Nicholas Cage impression):

    Not the cheese! NOT THE CHEEESE!

  51. Y E S T O T H E C H E E S E

  52. N O T O T H E C H E E S E,

    S i l l y L i t t l e S q u i r r e l

  53. P E S K Y G U N G A N

  54. So fellas, Batfold is finishing up just a bit more editing, and then it’ll be out.
    I hope you guys understand. We’ve been busy as of late. Personally, I’ve had the end of the first quarter to worry about, along with a messy football schedule that ended with me spraining my ankle, lol. It’ll be out sooner than later, though.

  55. Oh ok. I hope your ankle gets better soon.

  56. I’m sorry Peyton. 😦

  57. Get well soon

  58. Get well my guy.

    SLS = S i l l y L i t t l e S q u i r r e l

  59. P E S K Y G U N G A N

    ☝ look at new name
    I thinks it’s starting to grow on me…
    SLS just created a monster👹

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