Policy Update — DON’T BE A HARVEY! (Or, um, I guess since Harvey’s a good guy now… don’t be a Jude?)

Hey, everybody! It’s JC!

Look, I’ve been seeing some comments around the website that are really uncool. Lots of unnecessary drama, rudeness, and overall disrespect for the EU council. They know what they’re doing (most of the time), and I just don’t like when people are rude to my friends, so please treat them the way you would want to be treated. We read over your stooktacular suggestions, story pitches, and thoughts for the site going forward. You have a voice! Just please be respectful with that voice.




About JC

I am the author of the SuperVillainy High series, a SuperFolder on OrigamiYoda.com, and Webmaster of OrigamiChewbacca.WordPress.com!

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  1. Hi, SF Mega3!

  2. It is such an honor talking to a living legend in the OY community. How has your day been? You must be really busy now with college and jobs.

  3. Duniyrminoynoy yo yep unto yo t yo OY l


    Also yes I will obey your rules sir
    I will obey JC

    On a serious note, sorry if some of my comments in the past few months have been violating the EU rules a lot. Trying to improve! I won’t be a Jude. 😉

  4. Also how’s college? I’m only ten so…I have a long way to go.
    Any downsides (other than student loan debt, everyone knows about that, even 2 years olds)?

    Also…wait…you haven’t met Mega.
    But he’s…been here for years.
    How????? 😦😧

  5. My day’s been good, Mega! I’m actually doing some college work right now tonight, and I’m currently working two jobs both at my local church. So yeah, it is pretty busy sometimes, but it’s also pretty fun. I’m just working out the kinks of my new middle-grade novel, as well. So yep! Things are good! Thanks for asking 🙂 How about you? How is the life of a modern-day SuperFolder?

    PS. Origami Spider-Ham looks legit!!

  6. Hey, SLS! College is going alright! Some good grades in some classes, lesser grades in others, but I can’t complain. No college debt for me! I attend an accredited online college called University of the People. Super cheap, really fun, totally legitimate, and all from the comfort of my own house and computer! 🙂
    Unfortunately, I don’t always get to meet SFs or talk to them as much anymore. I’ve been quite busy! I’m hopefully gonna be changing that soon with the release of my new book.

  7. In head: HE’S TALKING TO ME

    Outside of head: Oh, the life of a modern-day SF is kinda busy, actually.

  8. Like, whatever EU or MOU story I announce (maybe I should wait until it’s confirmed with the EU or MOU councils), it is met with immediate backlash. Have you ever been hit with immediate backlash?
    I remember before my MOU sorry got green lit, everyone was complaining about it.
    Then when it got greenlit some people got hyped and stuff.
    Well that’s kinda hypocritical. ☹️

  9. Yeah, I’ve been hit with backlash before a few times. Maybe not immediate backlash, but don’t forget– even the real Star Wars filmmakers get hit with backlash all the time. It’s just part of being a good storyteller 🙂

  10. I do agree that maybe you should wait until the EU or MOU picks up your idea to announce it. Hmm… maybe I should make a page specifically for SFs story pitches? 😀

  11. Well currently I’m working on OrigVenom, a bunch of unconfirmed with the council OrigVenom and Spider-Fold related spinoffs, a Between the Folds story that is a sequel to an OY Legends story (I’m keeping it secret), and a top-secret OY book I think everybody’s gonna love.

  12. Also yeah

    THEY WON’T GIvE RIAN JOHNSON A BREAK, even if Rian is roasting fake Star Wars YouTubers like Mike Zeroh.

  13. I’m doing great, JC! I just started high school so i’m kind of busier than usual. I somehow found your website. I should probably check out your stories sometime!

  14. What website of JC’s



    He’s, like, my favorite SuperFolder!

    First Jawa, now JC!

  16. Hey CJ !
    Hey, you must be really busy with your work, how do you feel when you’ve got a lot of work? I mean a lot, lot of work

  17. Oh, and can you guys go to my website: lospedofocas.blogspot.com.es

  18. Its in English, but the comics are in spanish, but if you want me to post comics in english, sure thing, just tell me!!!

  19. Havent read or contributed to these things since 7th grade, I’m now a senior, amazing that this is still going on
    – SF OscarU

  20. I agree with CJ, Tom Angleberger wouldn’t be happy if people made posts telling him to make more stuff on the website

  21. Kind of surprised that this site’s still active. Or I should say “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one”.

  22. Jar Jar Pleats

    Hey, OscarU!! I remember you now! I was never a Superfolder ’till Pickletine came out, but I remember you from the old days. I’m a Junior myself, and am glad this site is still around and going strong as well.

  23. the weird and kinda bad thing was Harvey kept being an on-and-off villain and it kinda ruined the sense he was fully a hero or villain ever
    In fact didn’t Peyton say Harvey was gonna be a Snoke-like figure in The School Awakens

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