EU Council Vote

Hey everyone!

The OY EU Council has brought up a major decision in the future of the OY EU and MOU. The votes on the decision have been pretty divided. Since the community is such a big part of the OYEU, we wanted to get some of your input on the choice.

While this poll isn’t final, it’s important in making the decision.

Here are the two sides to the decision: 

The first perspective is the one that brought the issue up. This side of the OY EU Council wants to make an entirely separate website for the MOU and DCOU. While the DCOU is going to happen with or without the new website, this website would provide a new platform in which the epic stories can be written. The current OY EU website would likely finish the Bounty Hunter Saga and then be archived. This side has a definite vote from EvilJawa.

The other perspective wants to keep the same OY EU website, but have it store the OY EU, MOU, and DCOU in one place. The site would get some updates to adjust and work with the new universes. Ultimately, it would become one website for all three epic storylines. This would help us work with what we have but also add some new stuff to the same website. This side has definite votes from JC and SFCamster.

Noah, OirgamiLuke100, and CJ have been conflicted in their votes. We put the matter to a vote twice, and got a different result each time.

Without further ado, here is the poll! What do you think the Council should do?




About sfcamster

A person of many interests who folds, draws, games, writes, blogs, preserves, and more! Join him on his never-ending adventures, stories, and games on his site, Camster Origami, or take a look at iVariety, a site he contributes to run by his good friend Faraz Haider, also known as badatgaming130. He also runs an organization he started known as Turning the Tide, which has a blog as well. Any way you go, you're in for a treat. Enjoy!

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  1. OK, first off, thank you for posting something and thank you for returning, JC. I go with…

    The side to keep everything on this website.

  2. Okay, looks like I’m on… what’s the best geek metaphor… Team Cap!

  3. Sorry, Jawa. I’m on Teap Cap with JC and Cam and CD. I hope Luke, CJ, and Noah figure out their opinions soon.
    (Team Cap means I wanna keep everything on the site. I like the MOU here. I’ve gotten used to it.)

    Also, wait, OrigamiLuke100, you’re a MOD now? How?! You never told us!

  4. Other than being used to the MOU here on the EU site, I have a few less selfish reasons for voting on the “revamp and continue the current website” side:
    1. If it is “archived,” this site will probably be…deleted. The first MOU Discussion Page was archived, and it was basically deleted for no one of the public eye to see and admire.
    2. This poll can ruin friendships and other things. What if you were on the “continue this site” side but your friend was on the “make a separate site” side, and you wanted your friend to be on your side really badly, and you got into a fight and maybe broke up…in a non-romantic way. XD
    3. This is kinda unnecessary, but…still, HOW is OrigamiLuke100 suddenly a mod? Now I wanna be a mod! ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  5. I’m pretty sure OrigamiLuke has been a mod for years.
    We’re all basically on the same side? It’s not even that big of an issue.

  6. WHAT
    Why was he acting just like a normal SuperFolder and not a mod.
    I didn’t know a mod was training me to write better back when I was writing Foldo! I thought he was just a very experienced SF from the past!
    Anyways, do not question me, Mega. Hmm. Are you on Team Cap or Team Tony? I wonder…

  7. I just said we’re on the same side so… Team Cap?
    If the site is archived, then there’s not going to be any reason to continue the EU. I know the OYEU is coming to end but what about Legends? And where will the MOU and DCOU move to? BTFolds? The site won’t be deleted, but it’ll be dead. It’s better to just stick to one site instead of making an entirely new one.

  8. Sorry, Mega. Anyways, yes. We on Team Cap do think it is more organized and better for it all to be here.

  9. Also…wait, wasn’t the DCOU first brough up by CD? Oh no…no offense, CD, but for some reason I don’t think you should be in control of an entire section of the EU…

  10. Oh, yeah…. that’d be fun…

  11. I think It’d be better if they announced the DCOU first.

    But, I gotta tell you MODS…

    If you guys are trying to bring back the fandom…

    This ain’t the way.

  12. OrigamiLuke was just made a mod a couple days ago. He has not been a mod forever.

  13. But don’t worry! I’ll still be open when it comes to helping you write, whether it’s suggestions, ways to improve, or even just good old proofreading. I’m always open to help!

  14. I think that you should remain in this website, this is a website older than the OY one from Tom that we have now.
    It has lots of good memories, and, you guys are great at website making, im sure you guays can separate the three in one website 🙂

  15. I think you should stay in this website

  16. Here are a few things addressing the concerns of some people:

    1. WILL NOT BE DELETED. It will remain in it’s current state, for all to access, forever.

    2. The MOU and DCOU stories would have their own NEW website, Amalgami.

    3. BTFolds will be for Non-OY, MOU, or DCOU origami tales.

    If you have any more questions, I’ll be happy to answer.

  17. Good to know, Jawa.
    But meesa still on the “continue this site after Rise of the Bounty Hunters is done” side. XD

  18. don’t make any more websites It’d be really nostrul if I had to check three sites to see if there was any posts

  19. Wow. Looks like a lot of people are on the “continue this site” side. I thought more people would be on the “make a separate site and archive this one” side.

  20. Also…
    Tickets! Tickets for sale! Get your tickets for the big showdown between the mods tonight! Let’s see if the “create a new site” or “revamp and continue this site” side of things will win!

  21. And if you admit one here at the ticket office, we’ll give you an OYMC gift card for all your OYmovie-going needs!
    (OYMC is a parody of AMC Theaters.)

  22. After Bounty Hunters is over, we would only be using Amalgami and Between the Folds.

    Same for if we continue on this site. The EU and Between the Folds will both be running. It’s just a matter of organization.

  23. Okay. No offense, but I’m STILL on the “continue the site” side. Also, does ANYONE want a ticket to the show?

  24. I posted the new Story Classification Guide if anyone wants to take a look at that. It’s the post below this one on the Home Page.

  25. I’m now angry because this means OrigVenom, the story I’ve started developing since June, is now…well, noncanon.

  26. OrigamiLuke100

    Sls, don’t worry and be upset man. It’s canon. Hakuna matata!

  27. OrigamiLuke100

    And don’t be upset man* not be upset. Last thing i want is you to be upset!

  28. I’m pretty sure OrigVenom is a One-Shot

  29. But don’t quote me on that.

  30. Okay glad it’s changed to a one-shot now

  31. Also it’s kinda weird just seeing Jawa commenting on the home page like the old days


  33. I wish I could! I have school tomorrow, though, so, like, bedtime.

  34. The poll is now closed.

  35. Hey Cam, when is the announcement coming? Right now as I speak?

  36. Well yay we won.

  37. We have our result! Thanks for your dedication in staying up. Personally, though, I gotta go to bed haha

  38. Wow I love the new look!

  39. Jar Jar Pleats

    Yay, I like it to! Love the starry background is still there too!

    Mega, meesa needin Spider-Ham instrux. Its so stooky and I need to fold one!

  40. Spider-Ham instructions (?) already up on Cal’s Blog!
    – Mega3

  41. OrigamiLuke100

    Love the redesign!

  42. (If you guys are still doing Defenders) how long should my story be, you know for Luke Page?

  43. The length it originally was is fine. Cam is editing the story for you!

  44. [Plays crappy music while folding non-crappy Spider-Fold.] 😛

  45. So I know the poll’s long gone, but I just wanna state my position here. The only reason I’d sway toward a separate site is to make things less condensed. Not that the site’s bad or anything, I just feel like once these stories grow larger, it’s going to add too many pages onto the already large selection here already. So splitting the three continuities amongst two sites isn’t exactly a bad idea. That way it keeps things more accessable anc convenient for those looking for something.

  46. Cool is it ok If I change something (if I can’t that’s ok)

  47. also, I’ll try to send you guys a picture of the cover Art

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