Updated: Big Announcement!

With the release of OrigAvengers, Fold 1 of the MOU is now complete! For those of you who have been reading along with us since Iron Fold back in June, (Has it really been that long?) thank you so much! The MOU as a whole has been pretty experimental, and just speaking from my own views I think it’s been a resounding success so far.

However, we are nowhere near done. MOU Fold 2 is going to be massive, with new stories, new characters, new writers, new everything. The tales of the OrigAvengers will be continued, with some very new faces thrown in. It won’t start releasing until the middle of October, so, to satiate your ever hunger appetites, o faithful readers, here is the lineup of Fold 2 part 1, starting release in two months:

Iron Fold 2, by Noah
The All-Winners: F.O.L.D’s Beginnings, by Jar Jar Pleats
The Foldians of the Galaxy: Far Out!, by CJ
The Mantle of Iron Fold, by SF Guillermo
Spider-Fold: Into the OriSpider-Verse by Mega3Drive
Captain Americut 2 by Noah and Stichiella

And, part of the new Marvel Origami Elseworlds stories (It’s basically the Lost Case Files of the MOU) OrigVenom by SLS!

How’s that for a lineup? And that’s just the stuff coming out this year.

But that’s not all. Not even close.

All of you know that Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters has been stagnated for a long time. It’s been almost a year since Rogue Wug was posted, and left us all on an awful cliffhanger. Nobody has been writing anything for the OYBH storyline, leaving us with many questions and no idea when we’ll be getting answers.

Until today.

The story of the OY:BH will finally be finished in the coming weeks, ending with two stories: Origami Yoda’s Secret War and Twilight of Student. Written by the OYEU Council, including myself, CJ, Cam, and the long-absent leader himself JC, these ending stories will, in our opinion, provide a great ending to a story three years in the making.

How’s that for a news update?


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  1. Ah man I thought the entire lineup was going to be revealed…

  2. Now this is sweet!

  3. I thought the entire line up was gonna be reveled to 😐

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Mega how did u write a storie

  6. Well, first you need to email marvel.origami.universe@gmail.com and ask them if you could write a story. That’s pretty much all you have to do to get a story.

  7. Will the OYEU Legends be open again? I need Foldo to be a thing!!!!

  8. Huh? The School Awakens disappeared…

  9. I guess it took so long for JC and the crew to make that they scrapped it.

  10. Um Noah? I’ve emailed you about this 2 times already but will the idea for SFs to submit their own stories be used?

  11. 1. We’re still debating about Legends.
    2. I believe yes, Mega.

  12. Wait a sec…
    currently, which side has the edge? The one that wants to reopen Legends or the side that doesn’t?

  13. The side that doesn’t, currently.

  14. But that mean’s Foldo…and Batfold Rebirth…they’re maybe gonna not happen! 😭

  15. If/When Legends isn’t reopened, what about Batfold? When I complete it, what happens to it?
    It’s completely separate from everything, with a completely different tone compared to everything else there. Should I just stop writing it, then?

  16. Hey, Luke! We haven’t chat in a little while. I’m SLS, but I’m also Old Man Kenobi now. Yeah, I know. It’s a really different new name. Foldo is taking major rewrites, and it’s not going to be a copy-and-paste story of Solo!

    Also, I guess Foldo can be in the Rise of the Bounty Hunters, since it’s not a story written by the McQuarrie kids, and instead it’s in an alternate reality.

    Oh wait. In the coming weeks, Rise of the Bounty Hunters will be finished. 😬

    That means possible no more OY stories after Rise of the Bounty Hunters is done, since there’s a chance the OY Legends aren’t coming back! I mean, I love the MOU, but…
    is it time for the OY to end?

  17. Oh hey, SLS. I don’t think it’s time for OY to end.I just would rather have Noah or someone else to email me about this, I want to know about my story and further stories I have planned because If it’s a closed idea, then I’d rather not continue when I’ve just started.

  18. If the OY ends after Rise of the Bounty Hunters is done in a few weeks, I’m posting the chapters of Foldo in a random comment section.

  19. Perhaps a closed Legends is for the best. They came out to represent stories Tommy and the gang made at a certain point in time. When the next story came out, that insinuates that the Legends era is over, just like because OrigAvengers came out, Fold 1 is over.

    I will remind you all that we all freaked when Luke said it’s time for the Jedi to end, but at the end he says he won’t be the last Jedi. We r supposed to feel sadness grief shock all of these emotions, but it will always be on this site. Its not going anywhere. Infact, more than once the OYEU has “ended,” with the prospect of something new. Anyone remember when Doctor Glue was gonna be a thing before the school awakens was announced? This end will spark something new, asortof origami legacy.

  20. Now listen, I don’t want you to feel bad, Jar Jar Pleats, but lately you’ve been scolding me for my actions a lot. Kinda…uh…I don’t really know how to put it without being mean…

    In my head: *oh God I’m gonna get in trouble*

  21. But wasn’t Doctor Glue canceled boi 😛

    Also I don’t watch Doctor Who anymore.

  22. Hmm… the defenders.. I wonder who’s helping with those stories..

  23. :eyes: I’m looking at someone named the watcher

  24. I’m giving you pointers, OMK. I’ve said time and time again, not trying to be mean. Other people have agreed with me, granted saying the same things in slightly kinder ways. Bossy? Not at all.

    I was just about to say that if Legends does get closed off, you guys could still put up your stories on your own websites, or even collaborate on an alternate realities expanded universe or something.

  25. If you still wanted to make them, of course.

  26. I am deeply sorry. I just felt like lately you’ve been a bit of a pain. Let’s put our pasts behind us. Now lemme tell you all something:

    I can be inappropriate, rude, or annoying at many times. You just pointed that out. I can be a bad friend. I can’t really be a leader because I’m really bad at it. I’m trying not to be self-judgemental, okay? (I’m looking at you, TheWatcher.)
    I can do very unusual or inappropriate or annoying things, I know. But we all have our flaws. For example…
    Noah and Jar Jar and TheWatcher sometimes call us out on too much stuff.
    Me and CrimsonDawn and Maddox and Cal Largent can spam, say rude things, and much more.
    No hard feelings. But as we get older, we mature and grow.
    From now on I will be less childish or rude or annoying. I promise. Like…like a true leader.
    I do not need scolding.
    I do not need my comments being deleted or awaiting moderation.
    I do not need people constantly telling me that I’m doing something wrong.
    I’m not trying to be mean. I’m not trying to imitate CJ or any of the other EU admins. I’m not trying to be bossy. But this goes out as a message to all SuperFolders:
    Even if we fight, even if we go our seperate ways, even if we all mature one day and forget about the EU…we’re still in this together.

    Old Man Kenobi

  27. ? I don’t spam.
    – Cal Largent
    Yes, Cal Largent is me. It’s explained in his blog.
    And yeah I agree with what you’re saying.

  28. Meh. He kinda spammed. Not anymore.

  29. Wait a second you’re CAL?!

  30. Okay. I went to Cal’s website, Mega. I found out the truth about you impersonating “Cal.” Cool. I can’t wait for your story! Best of luck to you, my friend!

  31. Anyways, since there’s still more room for Fold 3, can meesa still confirm with the MOU Council to make OrigVenom a thing? Or is he already gonna be introduced in Fold 2?

  32. Definitely need to email about OrigVenom before begin work on it though.

    I will admit, my “advice” has transformed from objective, to passive aggressive, to straight plain and simple, no questions asked. That’s because previous attempts simply haven’t worked at trying to get through to anybody. My suggestions have been shrugged off and used to for laughs by PUTTING IT IN ALL CAPS WHILE DOING EXACTLY WHAT I WAS ADVISED NOT TO OH PLEASE DONT COPYRIGHT ME HAHA.

    I’m trying to help. I tried being nicer, and got sick of it. I’ve tried to keep, in my mind, what’s left of a continuity and legitimacy to this storyline.

    But it doesn’t seem the current youth of the OYEU want that.

    Look at this: The Avengers and OrigAvengers are different things, though one is very roughly based on the other. Avengers has no grade scandal and OrigAvengers has no dying or Hawkeye being mind controlled. Yet OrigAvengers is perhaps the best story the MOU has given us so far. Because it delivers on Originality, Story Arcs, and Character Interactions.

    I-..I honestly have no words.

    No, actually wait, 1 more thing: don’t call NOAH out for that, he’s practically the second in command of this entire website. If he calls you out on something it’s because he thinks ITS BEST NOT TO DO WHAT YOURE PLANNING ON DOING. He is in charge of a lot of things; telling people what to and not to do on this website is HIS JOB (basically).

  33. So if he tells you somethings not a good idea, or don’t do that, just don’t do it.

  34. In other news, I am indeed making a story! I was going to try and keep it a secret until it came out, but oh well!

    I’m a month or so I will reveal to you all:
    The All-Winners: Dawn of F.O.L.D.!!

    How exciting is THAT!?!?

  35. Thank you, Jar Jar.

    Let me tell you, folks, from what I’ve read, All-Winners is pretty fantastic!

  36. Jar Jar, if it makes you feel any better: I’ve taken your suggestions seriously because I want to improve. When someone is giving criticism, it’s always best to take it as just that, not them hating on it.

  37. Also, SLS, if you want to write OrigVenom email us. We can work something out.

  38. If not, OrigVenom will not be canon in at all.

  39. I would email on a MOU story, but I think I should wait until I’ve completed this one so you guys could see if I have what it takes to write one.

  40. And I’m sorry if you feel I’m too bossy or strict, but like Jar Jar said it is my job on this site to be bossy and strict. Due to school and whatever else, I am usually the only mod on most of time, but if Cam and CJ were online more I can guarantee to you that they would be as bossy and strict as I am.
    And I take your resolution to be more mature as a sign of good faith, but I would ask you to not call out specific members for what you don’t like about them in your resolution. That is still very immature.

  41. Hey NOAH do I have the permission to right a spider man storie I emailed u guys chapter 1 but u said u never got it :/

  42. Meh, it’s not really you…sorry if you were deeply offended…I was gonna call out all of us but I didn’t want my comment to be a mile and a half long! 😅

    But as I said, we all have our flaws.

    Oh and by the way Jar Jar you got into a bit of a rant against me :/

    P.S. Yeah I’ll be more mature.

    P.P.S. I met Captain Origami.

    P.P.P.S. This is getting ridiculous.

    P.P.P.P.S. Oh God.

  43. Also I can’t email anybody anything.

    Like, I try and try and try to email people things.
    But then those emails don’t get sent successfully and they go to wherever lost emails go. Those emails are probably nearly dead inside and being crushed in a trash compactor somewhere. Poor emails. 😔
    I don’t even know how some of the buttons and gizmos on a standard writing screen work!


    Is it even called a writing screen?! I dunno!

  44. sweet mercy stop making second accounts please!

  45. WHAT?! Foldians?! Seriously?! What abou OriGuardians? You missed the obvious one! Come on, man!

  46. Still hyped for Spider-Fold. It’s weird he’s not getting introduced in Fold 3, though. But I have high hopes for Sony’s Into The Spiderverse Movie, so I also have high hopes for this.

  47. Also who is Anonymous? Sometimes he’s Jar Jar Pleats, sometimes he’s CrimsonDawn. Who is he, really?!

  48. It’s whoever that forgets to log in.

  49. I always log in! I guess I’ll never be Anonymous.

  50. Good point, anon

  51. Wait, what do you mean? I’m not Anonymous, I’m OMK.

  52. Hello? Anybody home? No? Okay. I’ll just play some games.


  53. Good. Everyone’s here. Who wants to play Twister?

  54. Count me out. I’m going back to my blog to make a LEGO version of Hamlet.

  55. I’m a lady. Ladies don’t play Twister with boys.

  56. Ew, Rey. Enough with the memes.

    MAW! Where are you?

  57. I’m torturing Doctor Strange. Sorry.


    Okay. I’m done. Lego Loki, go back to your blog. ReyEleven011 and EbonyMawFan17, go back to the depths of Fanfiction.net. Joey, go back to wherever you came from.

    In head: *Why did I bring my online friends here, I should’ve known*

  59. You do know that your inner thoughts are shared here publicly, right? That was a public comment.

  60. Oh God. Sorry. Where’s Rey and Maw?

  61. Oh. After you yelled at us, they got angry at you and they’re offline.

  62. Oh man, I messed up. I sure have to mature a lot more. C’mon, let’s go, Joey! I’ll meet you at your house in half an hour! See you there!

  63. I don’t know if Rey will forgive you. But Maw is your longtime friend, so he probably will.

    [Looks at the camera.]

    We will return soon.
    Dread it. Run from it. DESTINY STILL ARRIVES.
    And I am Joey…The Mad Titan.

  64. What do you mean “oh no?”
    Also I’m just quickly posting this comment in my parent’s car on my phone while I go over to Joey’s house.

  65. OMK, were all of those just you? Well played…

  66. Wait? You mean Meg3 included? Then yes. I am Mega3Drive. 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  67. It’s about time I told you who I really am…

    (Takes of M:I mask to reveal…. Hugh Jackman.)

  68. Literally NOTHING good is happening on Tom’s Site. Just Book tours and stuff like that. WHEN’S OY 8 COMING OUT?! I MEAN… wait, what happened to School Awakens? Waiiiiiiiiiitttttt……. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000000000000000OOOOOOO0! It’s cancelled isn’t it? GREAT. AMAZING. SPECTACULAR. STOOKY. WAFFLE-TASTIC. YAY.

  69. [Takes off mask M:I mask to reveal…Daisy Ridley.]

  70. Hey SLS, chill it with the alt accounts. And yes, I am completely sure that those are alt accounts.

  71. Yeah boi they are sorry! I keep trying to switch my name back to Supreme Leader Skywalker, but every time I comment as SLS, my comments await moderation.

  72. Well, that counts as a very annoying type of spam. Don’t do it again.

  73. Okay
    I promise

    Like I just made them all up because I basically have almost no friends. I mean, I talk to you guys a lot, but I only consider Dutchrocks and Mega3Drive and CrimsonDawn and GROOT as friends.

  74. Also, what does your profile pic mean? Why is it a skeleton with an Indiana Jones costume on? How? Why?

  75. My profile pic is a character in my work-in-progress novel, Technocalypse. His name is Skull.

  76. Woah. You’re working on an actual book? Not another OYEU or MOU story? Cooooool!

  77. Also, I made a Star Wars meme!

  78. I’ve been working on this really short 25-page story called The Void Snatchers, but everyone thinks TVS is an Infinity War rip-off, so I’m remaking it. I’ve also started on a book called The Futurions, about people from the future, Quark, Kobe, Blu, and Deg, who are exiled 7000 years into the past.

  79. I’ve been in the process of writing a book, myself. I’m 124 pages in. It’s fun to finally have an idea that I like.

  80. I am in the process of making a book, too, alongside OrigVenom, since Foldo is on hold.
    It is a Marvel book, but’s that all I can say right now.

  81. Also Noah don’t kill me for this meme…

  82. I’m making a story website of my own, called CrimsonDawn’s Spectacular Lore Website. It’s coming soon….

  83. Top row—Maddox, me, and then CrimsonDawn
    Middle row—Camster, Stitchiella, and then CJ
    Bottom row—Noah, Noah, and Noah

  84. How in the… Why am I “The Hot One?”

  85. Wut do y’all think of my new profile pic?

  86. I like it but it’s basically Emoji Darth Maul

  87. Hi guys… I got back from reading the big announcement… for the billionth time…
    still can’t…
    Cj, Noah… all I can say is… What were you thinking? Building up EVERYONE’S EXCITEMENT FOR SCHOOL AWAKENS for 2 YEARS, and then, POOF! It’s gone. Only two more stories to go… But now, I’m trying to keep quippy and forget about it.

  88. First off: Thank you for making me Anakin Skywalker. He is one of my favorite characters in the whole saga.

    Second: Crimson, School Awakens was all the work of JC. I personally, and I believe CJ as well, had nothing to do with it. It’s been shelved because JC is older now, and he should be allowed to move on to far more important things than a fanfiction about origami. If he wants to return and write it, fantastic. If not, he has the write to leave.

  89. uhhhh…

  90. You’re welcome! Noah, you’re now a Jedi Knight, an expert pilot, and you’re hot.

    Okay, forget that last part.

  91. That Uhhh wasn’t meant to be the 100 comment.
    I was the one that came up with the idea of the 30 years later and stuff. I also wrote the first half, which was supposed to release that Christmas. Due to it being on my mom’s computer (who passed away years ago), I can’t access it. However, it is on there.
    The story involved the two kids, Reina and iirc Micah. The naming structure for Reina was because at the time, I really enjoyed this one YouTuber who’s name was Reina.
    The first half began with some exposition, explaining how Dwight has moved on, and how Tommy now has two kids with Sara. Reina and Micah are polar opposites. Micah is what some would call rebellious, camping out at the soon to be destroyed McQuarrie school. He’s being influenced by something or someone (Harvey is basically a snoke figure).
    One day, some kid suddenly escapes from the rule of the mysterious person and Micah, Vernon O’Brian, AKA V-(Number combination, my mind is fuzzy), the boy who wields cut bane. He was taken from the old timeline, and sent to this future using the magical skittles. That’s how Micah has been getting so many kids into his group, he’s taking them against their will. This also involves dimension hopping because characters from Fold of the Rings are there too.
    Things continue to build up, and at the climax, which is a battle to try to get Micah back to the good side, part one ends, and JC I presume was going to pick it up.
    When I finished it, and contacted JC via Skype, I never got a response.

  92. You can, if still in contact with JC, ask him about it.
    If I could figure out my skype log in, I believe I have the doc in convos with him. However, I’m not sure if I can figure that out.

  93. Oh, well, I stand corrected. My apoligies.

  94. Woah he spoiled The School Awakens

  95. Well, looking back on it, the thirty years later makes no sense with the continuity. If I could talk to JC again, I’d try to change up the entire idea of that. Maybe have it after Tommy and them graduate middle school, and it’s these new kids that are involved. I don’t know.

  96. It’s a fun game. Have you played the original?

  97. A geeky Star Wars fan’s reaction to Han Solo’s death in a nutshell.

  98. I am groot

  99. Heeeeeeeeey

  100. Listen, Noah.

    I have sent you an email
    For Venom to come to the MOU to stay
    But to my dismay
    This isn’t my day
    And the happy fun time
    Has begun to fade
    Watch as I reanimate
    The MOU ideas you abandoned
    They’re dismantled
    But we won’t be skipped and swayed

    Trapped within the archives
    You left our souls to drip away
    The ink decays
    Your ideas at bay
    But the reckoning has come
    You say
    The School Awakens has no guts
    Becuase you scrapped it and turned away
    They’ve been tortured
    But they move forward
    This disorder kills your day

    We are alive!
    You’re their creators!
    You traitors!
    There’s no vaccine!
    To cure our dirty needs!
    So build up our ideas!
    You die tonight!

    So you found all the pieces
    To initiate the pain
    OrigVenom stains
    The night remains
    But the ending is always the same
    No gain
    Nod your head to the beat of death
    Your last eternal breath
    Of an invasion
    Start to course right through your veins, oh

    We are alive!
    You’re the creators!
    You traitors!

    [Maddox and CrimsonDawn come out of nowhere and go behind Old Man Kenobi.]

    [A big computer comes out of the ground.]

    I am aware!
    That your soul is now divine
    We care not to toil
    With chains
    Like you did with our shining stars
    Shining staaaaars!
    So prepare for adventure
    We’re a whole new MOU creature
    You can’t take away the pain they feel
    To come back to life
    Back to life!

    So you’ve come to the end now
    Alive but dead inside
    Your hearts beat loud
    You’ve joined our crowd
    We are but punished serpentines
    Your life with us was fun
    But now the song has just begun
    Now come with me
    And you will see
    We’re A NEW BORN CYAAAAAANIDDDDDDDDDDDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We am alive!
    You’re the creators!
    You traitors!

  101. Nah that song is was a joke
    Noah, you’re no traitor

    What that song basically meant was I sent an email to you regarding OrigVenom but I don’t know if it successfully was sent or not.

  102. As a writer of one of the Defender stories, I’m just gonna say from what CJ told me it’s gonna be epic!

  103. Wait, which Anonymous are you? CrimsonDawn’s or Jar Jar’s?

  104. Why are there three of them?!?!

  105. Alright: honest statement. I’m writing dare devil. Sorry for spoilers but feels good to say.. allllssooooo a siiide character I’ve wanted for a long times gonna be in itttt

  106. Noah, did you get my email about OrigVenom?! I’m bad with emails. Really bad. If you want to learn more about how I suck with emails, go to the comment section of Batfold The New 2012.

  107. We did not receive an email.

    Check the About page for the email, and go from there.

  108. The About page of what? Did I miss something? All I know is that I sent you guys an email about making OrigVenom canon.

  109. The email is marvel.origami.universe@gmail.com
    If you can click on it maybe on your phone or browser it should probably open up an email window.

  110. The Anonymi are omnipresent and all powerful; we will take over and you will be forced to do nothing but watch in HORROR.

    Jk, it’s ya boi (which ONE is the question…😄) *evil laughter*

  111. Lego Loki? Is that you? Have you not logged into your WordPress account?

  112. Anyways, I did go to the official MOU email. Then I sent the email. I dunno. All I know is that my dad’s computer is really old and I’m bad at emails! Those two things do not mix well together!

  113. Anyways, forget the OrigVenom email problem for now. Right now I have to do this…

    Comment Comeback—My First Mature Comment
    (me reacting to the comments that responded to my first mature comment, which was a “message to all SuperFolders” and stuff)

    Okay, let’s see…doo-doo-doo…scrolling down the comments…

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 12:17 AM
    I’m giving you pointers, OMK. I’ve said time and time again, trying not to be mean.

    Okay, first off, dude, this comment of yours which I’m rereading is basically a rant, except for the ending part. Also, you’ve been a little mean a few times before. Not so mean, but this just seems like a rant.

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 12:17 AM
    Other people have agreed with me, granted saying the same things in slightly kinder ways. Bossy? Not at all.

    Okay. Did you just admit that people have told me to stop some things in kinder ways, and then saying you’re not bossy yourself? But you just said they were kinder! Oh God… 🤦‍♂️
    Anyway, the rest of this comment explains what Jar Jar meant about Legends. Hmm. I do give him credit for those two ideas. Noah, please open an expanded Origami Yoda alternate universe or something like that! 😍

    Now it’s time to read Mega3’s comment! [Rereads Mega3Drive’s comment.] Okay, that wasn’t really a rant against me or a bunch of angry paragraphs.
    And next is…Jar Kar’s response…*sighs*…let’s dive into this comment of his…
    Okay, so before his big rant comment, he makes a small sentence about OrigVenom. I agree with him on this. Now onto the real deal…

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM
    I will admit, my advice has transformed from objective, to passive agressive, to straight plain and simple, no questions asked.

    More like it transformed from objective, to straight plan and simple, to passive agressive, to kinda actually aggressive.

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM
    That’s becuase previous attempts haven’t simply worked at trying to get through to anybody.

    Okay, now this might sound like I kinda support Jar Jar Pleats in this rant against myself, but, uh…didn’t you say earlier that you had people who agreed with you, and now you’re saying you haven’t gotten through to anybody.

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM

    DUDE. Take a chill pill! This is turning into a full-on rant! That last sentence about the “AHHH COPYRIGHT AHHH” thing was just kinda ridicule. Listen. That joke I made about copyright was only a little bit related to your suggestions, Mr. Pleats, and CrimsonDawn was a part of it, too, by saying a bad word. (Sorry for bringing you into this, Crimson.)

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM
    I’m trying to help. I tried being nicer, and got sick of it.

    Dude, I took your advice almost every time. I think I just started to rebel against you in this very comment section, when I said you were a tiny bit bossy.

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM
    I’ve tried to keep, within my mind, what’s left of a community and legitimacy to this storyline.
    But it doesn’t seem the current youth of the OYEU want that.

    Okay, man! This counts everyone who’s joined recently, like me, CrimsonDawn, or Maddox. Don’t bring them all into this. It’s me you want!
    (Also that last sentence was to defend my friends!)
    Then he talks about the OrigAvengers and how all our ideas should be rejected. Like the OrigAvengers grade scandal or Hawkeye dying. Then he says the OrigAvengers is original. Well, if it’s so original, then let our very much original ideas happen! At least a few of them!
    Also, the ideas of you and the SuperFolders who have been around longer on this site have been excepted. Mega’s Spider-Verse was accepted. Your All-Winners story was accepted.
    Listen. I’m hyped for your story, Jar Jar. Sorry for bringing it into this also, but I needed an example.

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 ay 7:24 AM
    I-..I honestly have no words.

    Dude. DUDE. DUUUUDE. 😠

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM
    Actually, wait, 1 more thing: don’t call NOAH out for that…

    Listen. I respect Noah. He’s not my friend. But I have deep respect for him. Sometimes he’s a bit bossy, tough. At least in my silly opinion. We’re all entitled to our own. But still. Deep respect. I have deep respect for you, too, Jar Jar Pleats. I have respect for everyone. But to me, this rant is intolerable.

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM
    If he calls you out on something, it’s becuase he thinks IT’S BEST TO NOT DO WHAT YOU’RE DOING.

    I know, guys. I’ve been inappropriate, annoying, and sometimes even a little bit selfish. But I feel like he’s also talking about my story ideas. So he’s basically telling me to not do Foldo, OrigVenom, or maybe anything else. Really?
    That’s the equivalent of me saying, “Hey, Jar Jar, I bet your All-Winners story is gonna be GREEEAT!” very sarcastically.

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:24 AM
    He is in charge of a lot of things; telling people what to do and what not to do on this website is basically his job!

    Should’ve at least called you out on something in this rant of yours, then!

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:26 AM
    So if he tells you somethings not a good idea, or don’t do that, just don’t do it.

    Hey, pal. Ever heard of “believe in yourself?”

    Jar Jar Pleats | September 2, 2018 at 7:32 AM
    In other news, I am indeed making a story! I was going to try and keep it a secret until it can out, but oh well!
    In a month or so I will reveal to you all:
    The All-Winners: The Dawn of F.O.L.D.!!
    How exciting is THAT!?!?

    Very exciting! I am excited for your All-Winners story! But it’s the equivalent of me saying:
    “In other news, I am indeed making a story! I was going to try and keep it a secret until it came out, but oh well!
    In a month or so I will reveal:
    OrigVenom: A Spider-Fold Spinoff!
    How exciting is THAT!?!?”
    And it falls perfectly in line with Jar Jar Pleats pretty much talking about how our ideas for the MOU are bad.

    Noah | September 2, 2018 at 8:33 AM
    Thank you, Jar Jar.

    Really. Reaaaaaaalllllllllllly. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllly. I can’t believe it. I still have great respect for you, Noah. Know that. And you can side with Jar Jar. But you should’ve at least called him out on something! It even felt like he mocked me with the whole “COPYRIGHT HAHA” thing.
    Also, sorry for this next part of the comment comeback, Luke.
    Luke basically tries to make Jar Jar feel better by saying he took his advice. Honestly, I’ve never seen Luke taking advice from Jar Jar. Maybe it happened but I didn’t notice yet. Also, I’ve took Jar Jar’s advice a bunch of times, though sometimes I haven’t. But yeah.
    Oh, and this is where I start talking about you a LOT more, Noah! Please don’t murder me for this part of the comeback!

    Noah | September 2, 2018 at 8:51 AM
    And I’m sorry if you feel I’m too bossy or strict, but like Jar Jar said it is my job to be bossy and strict.

    Noah! I just said sometimes you call us out on too much stuff! That doesn’t mean you’re bossy and strict! When did I say you were bossy and strict in that comment of mine? 🤨
    Noah then says how if Camster and CJ were online more, they’d be just as bossy. In truth, Noah’s right. But right now I only see CJ and Camster as two funny guys who are also admins of the EU.
    After that, Noah doesn’t talk at least a tiny bit about Jar Jar’s rant against me and say that he thinks my vow of maturity is all in good faith, but calling out specific members of the OYEU is still immature. First of all, I still have a LOT to learn. Second of all, originally I was gonna list every SuperFolder on this site, but I couldn’t find any flaws for some of them. But I’m sure they have some.

    And that’s it for m y comment comeback! Mega3Drive and OrigamiLuke100 and CrimsonDawn took small parts in this, but Noah and Jar Jar were the real deal, especially the latter of the two. Anyways, I hope we all learned something from this comment comeback.
    Good day, gentleman. See you tomorrow. And I do think Jar Jar Pleats will start another rant about me after this comment.

  114. And even then this comment is five miles long! 😅

  115. Welllllll…..
    The stories kinda aren’t our ideas? I mean they’re our stories but the basic plot, ideas, main protagonist/antagonist, all the important stuff was the MOU’s idea.
    So if you wanted to do your own thing for OriVenom, you’re probably going to be disappointed. If you want it to be canon to the MOU, you need to follow the MOU Council’s orders. But if you still want to use your idea and your idea only, you could still probably submit it into Legends or the Spider-Verse SF Submissions (more news on that maybe coming soon???).

  116. To be honest, OMK, you kinda remind me of myself when I first was a SuperFolder. I was, what like 9 when I first started? I was really immature like not being able to accept other people’s opinions or gender identity and whatnot. I was really lucky to have been with SuperFolders that were already in high school and way wiser than I was. In the end, I learned a lot and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for them.
    In a lot of ways, the discussions we have on the EU website reminds me a lot of the TalkZone. Sure there was lots of bad language, drama, spamming, and other bad stuff, but it was mostly fun talking to other people and meeting new friends online. Of course it got way out of hand and the TalkZone had to get shut down. I don’t want that to ever happen here because the biggest person that I blame for shutting down the TalkZone is me. I was the one who was causing a lot of hate and rage and I still regret doing that to this day.
    So please, if we all follow the rules, we’ll be fine. Because right now, I feel like we’re going the path of the comments getting shut down.

  117. Actually, I meant doing our own stories, not our own seperate ideas. Jar Jar sounds in my opinion like he’s clearly telling the “current youth of the OYEU” that their ideas can affect the MOU in bad ways, while he’s not complaining about him and some of the other SuperFolders that have been here longer having their own stories and original storylines and characters.

  118. I think you’re misunderstanding what Jar Jar is really trying to say.
    I’ll use Foldo as an example because I think that’s what Jar Jar is referring to. Your original version of Foldo was basically a line-by-line remake of Solo but with OY characters. Where’s the fun in that? Think about it, what makes stories like Origami Yoda, Star Wars, Marvel, etc. so great? It’s the character development, relationships, the narrative, other stuff you’ll probably learn in middle school. So to put it in short, it’s not the story that makes a book or a film great, it’s the characters.
    Jar Jar used the OrigAvengers as an example because it wasn’t about remaking The Avengers line-by-line. It was about building great character relationships, great character moments, great characters in general.
    So the point that Jar Jar is trying to make is that it’s better to be original than to try and remake an already existing story.

  119. Here’s basically a summary of this comment comeback:

    I tell Jar Jar that sometimes I feel like he can be a bit controlling. He says a few things about me. I say I’m going to more mature and I call out some SuperFolders instead of all (Noah was right, that was a bad move). Jar Jar kinda starts to rant about me. Then it goes into a full-on rant. Then Noah (remember, great respect) agrees with Jar Jar and doesn’t call him out for literally anything, and then he makes a few fair points and a few things I disagree with.

    Conclusion: As I said all those comments ago…we are all in this together. Remember that, Jar Jar. So even if you hate my guts after that comment comeback, all members of the OYEU have to stick together. No matter what. Compare it to Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. In Civil War they get into a big fight, but eventually in Avengers 4 they’ll have to overcome our differences and team up one more time. It’s nearly the same with the EU. You’ll probably hate me after that comment comeback of mine, but remember that you are a part of the EU. And so am I. Forgive me, Noah. Forgive me, Jar Jar. Forgive me, everyone else. In one way or another in my time here, I’ve probably offended you once or twice. And earlier, as I started writing my comment comeback, I realized I wasn’t really keeping my promise about maturing. So now begins a new day for me. In all good faith, I will now truly mature. I do promise, friends. And remember…hate me or not…I will always be there.

    I am Old Man Kenobi. Jedi Master. Third-year Hufflepuff. Age 10. Eye color brown. Marvel and Star Wars and Harry Potter and OY fanatic. OYEU member. Supporter of the sequel trilogy and other Disney-era Star Wars films. Former The Rising Rebels member (yeah, I joined that campaign all those years ago, but then I saw TFA and it was a good movie, except for it copying A New Hope…also, I think Mega3 knows about the Rising Rebels). Online web comic artist. An aspiring 2D-animation and stop-motion filmmaker who might make a live-action OY movie in the future. I am one with myself.
    Do not rant about me. Do not test me. Do not underestimate me. This is my character. This is my life. I am living it right now. We all are.

  120. You are right. And then I remade Foldo as original as ever. It’s now a musical. I changed some of the character names. It doesn’t copy-and-paste Solo any more. But Jar Jar was not just talking to me, but all the recent members of the OYEU. And I felt like he was ridiculing me a bit in his rant.
    I made many bad mistakes in the past. But let’s put that all behind us. Because today I turn a new to a new day where I am much more mature.

    I am a Jedi Master. A third-year Hufflepuff. Favorite color blue. Eye color brown. SW and Marvel and Harry Potter and Stranger Things and OY fanatic. Online comic creator. Aspiring animator. I am Old Man Kenobi. And you cannot sop me in my quest to be mature. Neither can Jar Jar.
    Because I never give up.
    And when I don’t follow Jar Jar’s rules and advice? Well, [does best Han Solo impression], I’m not much of a learning type of guy.

  121. I shall help you! (Then Cracks up)

  122. I really want to create comics, but have:

    1. Terrible Drawing Skills
    2. No funny Ideas

    Could you help me, SLS?

  123. Any of you ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

  124. Wait, I mean OMK…. 🙂

  125. “Tis but a flesh wound,” yes that’s a great movie

  126. Oh my gosh meg3 the ‘pun’ isher? That’s great lol! But no it’s not him

  127. If I ever do get to make the amazing taping spider fold here is my trailer…

    Emailed to the F.O.L.D.

    Hello we are going to bring all the middle schoolers to weebler high school instead of Kirby! Then they will all be on ARE SIDE!!!! So what you gonna do? Bring the Origavenger? Well guess what we have a team to! GOODAY!

    (Sound of trumpets)

    But what they both didn’t know was one middle schooler was going to save the schools…

    ” Hay can I please join the Origavenger I just saved the school!” “Sorry kid but you’re to young to get in this mess, just be…


    By SF Maddox

  128. Here’s the trumpet music…

  129. But sadly I can’t make it because mega3 made one 😰

  130. Uh…hi it’s your bio 😈 By the way nice story kid

  131. Any one here my school is off today I guess it is not for u guys or is it just no ones online

  132. With my storie yeh…I NEED HELP WITH THAT

  133. OMK, Maddox, Cal. We will be working much more closely from now on. [Ignites Lightsaber]

  134. Alright… What about it?

  135. I came up with a contest… The Origami Troop Contest! You have to make a custom Origami Clone Trooper or Stormtrooper with its own name! The winner gets… uh… a snnnnnneeeeeaaaaakkkkkkk peeeaaakkkk, a REAALLYY small one, at my Skittle Everlasting story. I’m entrusting you with it. Ready… Set…. MTFBWYA!

  136. Is it possible to block that Anonymous creep? I know there’s an IP address on that thing.

  137. Look, I log in EVERY TIME now. It’s not me!

  138. I’m talking about the one asking MADDOX where he lives.

  139. Hey, don’t get rude about it… You probably forget to log in sometimes, Mega3, no offense.

  140. What is your profile pic of?

  141. Hello? is anyone gonna submit?

  142. I’m not talking about all anonymous users. I’m talking about that specific anon.
    Oh my profile picture is from a show I like called Kamen Rider Drive where a cop uses a talking seatbelt to turn into a car person.

  143. Oh about this clone trooper submission, do we have to fold the origami clone trooper or just name it?


    (This is OMK by the way.)

  145. But OMK I’m not talking about you, CrimsonDawn, Jar Jar, or any other user that already has a name. It’s that creep who asked MADDOX where he lives. I don’t know about you but that’s scary.

  146. But in all seriousness…
    We do have to block that Anonymous person who asked Maddox about where he lives and called him “cute.”
    Maddox is too precious for his world.
    We must protect him.

  147. I can say with confidence that the Anonymous that is being creepy is not me.

  148. If anyone here was that anonymous user, they will be dealt with. That’s not right.

  149. Listen, that Anonymous user wasn’t me, either! That Anonymous doesn’t have a white line underneath the name, but mine does.

  150. You have to do both, Mega3.

  151. Reading OMK’s comment like Hades:
    WHHHAATTT!!! It’s fine, it’s fine, I’m cool, I’m fine…..whew.

    But seriously, I respect u 2 OMK. How old did you say you were again, 10,11,12? I think it’s bc I’ve noticed i seem to get very irked by kids in those tween years, idk why.

    I have to say one thing though: I am NOT telling young people I think they shouldn’t make any stories bc they’re bad. But in order to be in the MOU, there are rules and continuity to abide by. I’m not hating on creativity, I’m hating on making whatever you want just because you can. Make something you’ll feel proud of for years to come.

    Mega, u r correct in your thinking of my comparison to OrigAvengers.

    And a comment a while back never was published, so I’ll say it here. I’m not a bad guy.
    And while I will not apologize for what I said bc myself and others do feel that way, I will admit ive been wording my thoughts harshly. I will try to be better, and in the meantime, can we all agree that the MOU shouldn’t get too bonkers, bc that’s not what many want?

  152. Okay, guys, chill it. This could go on forever, so let’s end it here.

  153. Anyway guys it is time to reveal a truth: what I really think about all of you.

    CrimsonDawn—He IS my best friend, but at first I barely hung out with him on the EU. At first, I hung out more with Dutchrocks, and you could obviously see that.

    Mega3Drive—Well, I’ve known him for a LONG time. He just didn’t know me for a long time. You see, way back in 2014, I submitted for this thing called the Rising Rebels. I forgot its cause, though. I only remember the name and Mega3 being part of it.
    Then earlier this year when I joined the EU, I met Mega3 AGAIN…he’s nice enough to be considered a friend.

    Dutchrocks—He’s funny, but a little immature. And he’s on the EU much less now.

    CJ—Well, he IS the first SuperFolder I ever interacted with on the site, so I guess he’s my friend, too? I dunno. Really. I dunno. But he’s nice like Mega. I still dunno. 😬😬😬😬

    Camster—I barely know him, but’s he’s fine. He has a sense of humor. And he’s a good leader, as far as I can see.

    Jar Jar Pleats—Well, we did hang out more (check the comment section of The Unshreddible Hulk to see us chatting away about Star Wars Episode IX), But recently we’ve been more distant and—as you guys can see—gotten into little fights. I want those to stop. Friends?

    Maddox—He’s much newer, and I think of him as friendly, and for some reason I think of me as his Jedi Master. I really do dunno why.

    Noah—Well, I do think that sometimes he can be a bit strict, but really, he’s a nice guy, and I don’t really mind it anymore. And I’m sorry if I made you mad after my first mature comment or my comment comeback, Noah. I have great respect for you, and you should know that.

    TheWatcher—Used to be really close with him, but after the whole tussle we had in the comment section of “Clark Largent in Glorious Technicolor,” I dunno. I think that fractured our friendship. Friends (again)?

    OrigamiLuke100–Yeah, he’s nice enough. We seem to have a similar interest in our own Origami Yoda Legends stories.

    JC—Haven’t met him and probably won’t forever.

    EvilJawa—Haven’t Met him and probably won’t forever.

    Captain Origami—As far as I can tell, he’s nice.

    Donald Glover—That old smoothie.

    The Easter Bunny—I hope the eggs are chocolate-filled this year.

    Thor: Ragnarok—It was a little TOO funny.


  154. Agreed.

    *offers handshake in truce and friendship*

  155. I know there’s a way to Ban a User, such as my username. It’s impossible to ban anons, mainly because you can’t identify them.
    Now, here’s an idea:
    If you go into settings>>discussions, you can find in “Other comment settings” “Comment author must fill out name and email” and see if that’s checked or not. This means there can’t be anon users. They HAVE to enter a name and email.
    There’s a problem with that, a use can also add a site URL. This could lead to a different form of spamming, such as links to “free” movies in the user ID.
    There’s a way to input some code to completely remove that, however, IDK if I should post it in here because that could be spamming.

  156. I respect u 2, Jar Jar. I misunderstood your comments on my comment. As I said much earlier, I hope all is forgiven and we can forget our pasts.
    Yeah, I guess I misunderstood what Mega said, too.
    But I think that comment comeback of mine might be the longest comment on an OYEU article ever! 😃
    Anyway, yes, Jar Jar. *shakes hand*

    Now let’s deal with that dirty Anonymous!

  157. *sound of joy buzzer shocking OMK*
    Haha, was wondering if your write back about shaking hands!
    Jk, truce officially called.

    And I will admit to writing the comments about the Anonymi, but no those…other ones
    I officially disband the (never banded in the first place) Anonymi bc of this person, whoever it is.

    I vote anyone commenting on this site make an account.

  158. Even if they don’t know how to make a wordpress.com account, I highly recommend making it required to at least put a name and email.

  159. Also in my earlier comment, I meant User, not a use

  160. I don’t really wanna make a Gravtar account, I already have a blog, but it’s on a Blogger.com. Listen, guys. I’m never gonna send a link to those “free” movies or whatever. Did you hear there was this fat guy who lived in his mom’s basement (literally) who leaked A New Hope in 1976? True story. And I think I’m never gonna do that type of stuff. I’m not going to spam here ever again.

    [Throws all alt accounts away except for my Anonymous alt account.]

  161. Wow, it’s been so long since Rising Rebels. Also, really sorry that we didn’t get your submission. The contact form didn’t have an email on it so technically we didn’t get anyone’s submissions.

  162. Yeah, I dunno how to make a WordPress account, and guys, I’m not like that Anonymous guy. You know that.

  163. [Throws all alt accounts away except for Lego Loki.]

    Me: I’m keeping you. …You know what, on second thought, I’ll drop you, too.

    [Throws away Lego Loki

  164. So I guess this means I’ve known Mega since 2014.

  165. To make a WordPress account you need to go to wordpress.com and click “Get Started”. Only problem is that you have to make a blog to do it. Sure, you can delete it afterwards but you won’t be able to use the domain again.

  166. OMK, do you have a split personality case like James McAvoy’s character in SPLIT?

  167. I guess me and Mega are old friends now.

  168. Also yes I DO have a split personality. At least a split Internet personality, with Lego Loki and all.

    Just be glad I don’t have a 24th personality.

  169. Or, you could click the little wordpress thing and click “Continue with google” if you have a gmail/google account.

  170. But my google account has my full real name in it…
    Nah I’ll stick to origamiyoda.com.

  171. The username is custom. You just have your email attached. They can’t email you if I recall

  172. I might make another comment comeback soon…a much more positive one that doesn’t have to do with Noah or Jar Jar…

  173. Hey, guys…we were all here a second ago and now it’s just me…

  174. Nah, I’m here. I’m waiting for a response from Noah or another mod on the potential fix.
    Do y’all just want me to contact you guys on how to remove the website url part of the comment?

  175. I was anonymous once and so have a lot of people… it’s hard to say anything much about that “person” because it’s literally different people who’ve forgotten to sign in or before they had a name

  176. I hope I meet Jawa or JC sometime in the future…

  177. I don’t know the chances of that happening ever, though.

  178. EJ was awesome, so was JC.

  179. Do you think they’ll ever come back, at least tmeporarily? I wanna meet at least one of them!

  180. I think they may be in college now. So, I don’t know.

  181. Yes, JC is in his second year of college and EJ is a freshman.

  182. Yeah, you were. I had a idea on how to fix the anon problem and it’s this:
    If you go into settings>>discussions, you can find in “Other comment settings” “Comment author must fill out name and email” and see if that’s checked or not. This means there can’t be anon users. They HAVE to enter a name and email.
    There’s a problem with that, a use can also add a site URL. This could lead to a different form of spamming, such as links to “free” movies in the user ID.
    There’s a way to input some code to completely remove that, however, IDK if I should post it in here because that could be spamming.
    I could send you the lines of code to put into the function Php to remove the url

  183. They have gone to the ADULT SIDE!

    [Plays remix of Darth Vader’s theme.]

  184. I shall see if that works.

  185. Also, it actually blows my mind to see that JC is in his second year.
    I remember in 2014 when he was a sophomore/Junior iirc, and talking to him on skype. Now I’m in his spot, as a junior.
    I’m planning on majoring in writing/ journalism, along with communications. I just really enjoy writing and talking.

  186. Um… Noah, whatever you did, it’s not letting OMK comment anymore.

  187. Does he have a name and email attached?

  188. The issue has not been fixed. He says he’s still shut out.

  189. It seems as though SLS will have to make a wordpress account.
    It’s fixed, and will prevent users without a username and email from commenting, but there’s a slight downside because people like SLS can’t comment.
    SLS, if you’re seeing this buddy, you are gonna need to make a wordpress account. This allows for a PFP btw 😀
    Heres how you do it:
    1. Click the W in a circle in the comments. this opens another “Window.”
    2. Enter that window, and click “Sign in with Google” This opens another window, asking for permission to use your gmail.
    3. click it and it’ll ask you to make a password as well.
    4. You then have a wordpress account!
    Here’s what you don’t need to worry about:
    -People won’t see your email.
    -People won’t see your password

  190. Yeah, huge problem. OMK doesn’t have his own Gmail. The one he uses is his dad’s Gmail therefore he’s not allowed the password.

  191. If the email is saved on the computer, however.

  192. Old Man Kenobi on September 3, 2018 at 10:11 am

    Will I never be able to comment on the EU again? 
    Listen, my parents said I’m too young to know it! So tell Noah this:
    reopen the URL thing. I know. It’s risky. But still.
    And if Noah doesn’t agree, then, well…I probably won’t be on the EU for the next few years.

  193. Old Man Kenobi on September 3, 2018 at 10:14 am

    Also, I saw Luke’s comment. Tell him this:
    The email is saved on the computer, so technically I do know my dad’s email, but I don’t know the password

  194. I am in tears…. I got here after JC left…. and he forgot about us! Im not actually crying.




  198. He should be fine now.

  199. But Vader’s still coming. I need to stop him.

    [Goes into the depths of the LEGO community.]

  200. But thank the stars I’m back! Or else, I would’ve not been able to go here until the year 2022 or 2023!

  201. OMK, I don’t really want to get into another argument, or look back at our previous one, but I do want to clarify something:

    Those of us working on stories did not choose the ones we got, or get them approved. They were actually assigned to us randomly. At least mine was, I’m not sure about the Spider-verse one.

    Random Bit of trivia: does anyone remember or know why this site is called origamichewbacca, not the OYEU?

  202. JC! Come BACK!!!!! Oh, PLZ don’t forget about the OYEU!

    Noah: Mr. CJ, I don’t feel so good.

    (Fades away to college and publishes his Novel)

  203. Are u not allowed to have a personal email until u r 15 or so? (Doing some math in my head…4 or 5 years from now…OMK is 11…I think…)

  204. Hey! OMK, If that’s true, you’re the same age as me! I’m not alone!

  205. Spider-Verse was also chosen for me, but not so randomly. Cammy gave me Spider-Fold because I made an origami Spidey before.

  206. The site is named ‘origamichewbacca’ because that was the first story JC wrote; a story about Dwight’s long forgotten Chewbacca puppet from the first official book.

  207. Your Iron-Spider origami was awesome, Mega! I do hope that I get OrigVenom. I swear, I sent an email regarding it.

  208. Also yeah I’m 11

  209. Jar Jar, do you have an xbox?

  210. Yeah, but you already knew that Noah…I was wondering if any of the newcomers knew…shucks. Oh well!

    You guys can find it on the Lost Case Files story if you want to tread it, and it’s sequel about Count Dooku.

    That reminds me: Noah, will you guys be reviewing The Lost Case Files and the MOU stories? Especially ones written by us, I’d love for you guys to post feedback for my story when it comes out on here! Be interesting to hear your thoughts on Fold 1 stories as well.

  211. Comment Comeback—The Anonymous Problem And What It Led To

    So when someone’s not loggin in, their username appears to be “Anonymous.” Recently it became a joke among us, but then…something kinda creepy happened…

    Anonymous | September 3, 2018 at 9:55 AM
    Uh…hi it’s your bio 😈 By the way nice story kid

    At first, when I read this comment, I was weirded out. I was like, “Jar Jar? Is that you? Why are you acting so strange?” Then this Anonymous guy (who I now believe is NOT Jar Jar) started acting like a creep and said stuff like, “Hey, you’re cute” and stuff.
    Really? Maddox is a kid, and this guy is probably in high school or already an adult! This is gross! Now onto the next part.
    Mega3 said we should take care of the problem. I agreed. And boy oh boy was it wrong to do that. I couldn’t get onto the EU unless I logged in with my Gmail, which I don’t know, only my parents.
    Noah gave in and now I am let back in.
    So this was a very weird day, I’d like to say. At least I have I don’t need a URL anymore. Now I’m fancy like Jar Jar Pleats.

  212. Fraid not, luke100. Practically Every other console under the sun though. We’re a PlayStation family (dont killme, plz)😄

    Why do you ask?

  213. What do u mean fancy like me? What are ou doing differently? Nope that guy wasn’t me. He said kid, so he might’ve just been some random internet creep who’s since moved on.

  214. Okay. Let me explain the contents of my lost OrigVenom email:

    1. The first two chapters of OrigVenom (at the time of writing, they’re all I’ve written so far)
    2. A description of what the wielder of OrigVenom looks like (so TheWacther can draw him like how he did with Clark Largent and Dove McLeash)
    3. A full plot description of OrigVenom
    4. The cover for OrigVenom which I made

    I’m typing my OrigVenom email again except with a few changes to my wording. Then I’m sending it again. Let’s see if it works.

  215. Oh, I wanted to add you as a friend, either on xbox or on discord. (Bro, I just realized, I’ve had my tv off but my xbox has been on overnight… uh ohhh)
    Don’t worry- I have a ps4 as well, but I only use it for VR.
    How about steam?

  216. Noah, You said if you ever came across an Iron Fist story, you’d consider me. Well, I’d like to write one of the Defenders shorts since I finished the one from before.

  217. In, 2016, Thanos snapped his fingers. Literally half the OY community was snapped away. Because no one, NO ONE cared.

  218. Hello? Origami Trooper Contest? ANYONE gonna submit?

  219. Wait, OMK, didn’t you say you were in Fifth grade? That would only work if you were held back!

  220. What? I’m 10. It was a typo. Sorry. I have S-T-U-P-I-D autocorrect.

    Also does anyone else find this creepy

  221. You’re telling me… What the-

  222. Forget it focus on the Yoda mask

  223. Yeah I was talking about the Yoda Mask. Wait, One more unanswered Question from Infinity War:

    Why is Gamora?

  224. Yeah, but Internet at my place is a pain, so I don’t use it much. My data on my phone is a different story altogether.

  225. Quill: Where is Gamora?
    Stark: Who is Gamora?
    Drax: Why is Gamora?
    CrimsonDawn: When is Gamora

  226. But no one asks how is Gamora.

  227. Wait are Luke and Jar Jar still talking about the Xbox thing

  228. Wait a second… OMK, you said that you changed your name because you were going to be gone a lot. WELL GUESS WHAT? YOU’RE COMMENTING MORE THAN MOST OF US!

  229. Is it just me or are we using this to chat more than the thing that was meant for chatting, The MOU Disscussion Page?

  230. Yes to both questions from OMK and CD

    I vote we move these conversations to the Discussion Page

  231. Well Foldo has been on hold so there’s no reason.

  232. Wait a second? Else world? You didn’t tell me about this! Does this mean OrigVenom is non-canon? Aww… 😔

  233. No, no. This is taking the place of the Defenders stories.

  234. Oh! Are those canon, tho? I think they are…I think I maybe remember you saying something about them being canon once…


    So once OrigVenom is released, are he and Ezra gonna be one-off characters? Will they never be seen again? Will they be members of the OrigAvengers one day? Will they be in a future Spider-Fold story? Will they be in Iron-Fold 2 (I’d be honored, sir)? I dunno!

  236. Like, seriously. Will they be one-off characters?

  237. That’s still being decided.

  238. You never told me that.
    I have plans for OrigVenom and Ezra after OrigVenom’s solo outing. OrigVenom—well, let’s just say he effects the OrigAvengers quite a bit in OrigVenom. You know, I have been planning and writing OrigVenom since the MOU was announced. Always wanted to write an EU story, but now I have a chance to write an MOU story. And I’m taking that chance. I know, you said the Elseworld series isn’t gonna effect the main MOU much, but this is Venom we’re talking about, not someone *no offense to anyone writing the Luke Page or Howard the Doodle stories* less popular like Luke Cage or Daredevil!

  239. Daredevil is less popular than Venom??? 🤔

  240. Sorry if that offends you or Howard the Doodle. I just don’t want the characters I’ve been working on for months to be one-offs!

  241. Are you mad at me Howard sorry

  242. Again, the Council decides what is kept around and what will be a big part of future stories. We don’t know yet how OrigVenom would factor in to other, future stories.

  243. Noah, I know I am not on the council, but in the next few weeks, I will need to discuss with you about OrigVenom in the future of the MOU. I wouldn’t like to brag, but Ezra is pretty powerful on his own in OrigVenom (this is mentioned in OrigVenom but Ezra was a joke in middle school), so if one of the most powerful MOU heroes is a one-off, then, well…meh.

  244. I meant isn’t mentioned in OrigVenom

  245. *was a JOCK in middle school

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