A Special Hint

So, guys, I am sorry to say, due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts, and, you know, life, CJ has not been able to complete Agents of F.O.L.D. yet. However, he is working very hard to complete it, and it will most certainly be finished by next Saturday, with OrigAvengers following it the next week. So just hold tight!

But, I know that you guys like the content we produce, so I’ll give you something to chew on;


This is the chapter list for OrigAvengers. What could those names possibly mean? Take to theorizing, people. 😛



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  1. Woo-hoo! The OrigAvengers are next! And then Agents of Fold!

  2. No, AOF is first, and then OrigAvengers. But I’m glad the MOU stories will be more consistent.

  3. Well, don’t get used to it, because we’re taking a two-month pause before Fold 2.

    However, we have shorter stories planned for to post during the hiatus, so don’t worry about that.

  4. Hey guys! Uhm, so let’s say that there was to be a Halloween special story or something that happens on Halloween. When would that story come out?

  5. Jar Jar Pleats

    Uhm, Halloween? 😄
    I may not understand the question.

  6. I have an OYEU story that could change everything:
    It takes place in an alternate reality where every single SuperFolder on this site lives in an apartment building in NYC. Oh, and me and Dutchrocks are roommates in my story idea. #NoShame
    Noah and CJ are roommates. TheWatcher lives in an actual house. He’s the only one of us in the story who lives in a house. WHY ARE YOU SO RICH THE WATCHER
    Jar Jar Pleats and Mega3 are roommates for some reason. I haven’t figured out the rest of us yet.
    So one day Dutchrocks finds a piece of red rock candy and brings it inside me and Dutchrocks’s apartment. He eats the rock candy and then he turns into a Darth Maul cosplayer. He tries to wash the Darth Maul makeup off but it won’t work. He turns into Darth Maul. After that, Darth Maul/Dutchrocks becomes more and more like the actual character until the point where Dutchrocks thinks he is the real, actual Darth Maul and acts exactly like him. He mistakenly thinks that Mega3Drive is Obi-Wan Kenobi, and for the rest of the story, me and the rest of you all have to keep Mega3Drive safe from Maul and see if there’s a way to turn him back into Dutchrocks.

  7. And that is my idea for a Halloween story.

  8. …How does that change everything?

  9. Dutchrocks will be Darth Maul, that’s how 😉

  10. What About Me (WHINE!)

  11. The OY community: What should we call you, sir?

    CrimsonDawn (Me) First Name: Mister. Last Name: Quark.

  12. Who Will I be roommates with?

  13. That’s Not my last name, But it’s my other alias that you can call me by.

  14. I just figured it out. CrimsonDanwn…you’re roommates with…
    Camster. Deal with it, boi.

  15. How dare you. You spelled my name wrong.

  16. Can anyone decipher this chapter list? I can’t decipher this chapter list. I need someone to do it for me while I eat my shawarma.

  17. Oh, and by the chapter title of “Love (And More Important Things),” it seems the OrigAvengers team will be very close. And after that comes the title, “Marching To War.” Hmmm. I think the OrigAvengers will at first refuse to work together, then finally come together, A.K.A. “Love (And More Improtant Things)” and “Marching To War.”

    Also it’s pretty funny that the chapter “It’s Bad At Wheeler” comes right after “It’s Bad At Kirby.”

  18. Okay, Don’t Criticize me if I’m wrong…

    But here’s how I think it will go…

    So, Judah is at large by the events of Agents of F.O.L.D, and Adams, thinks The OrigAvengers should Assemble then, and they use Wendy’s as a base. Their first mission fails. They hate each other. Their second mission fails. They HATE each other. Adams talks some sense into Clark and Andy, and they go to war with Judah and his probable Jocks/Chitauri Warriors.

  19. This chapter list is confusing. I’m gonna eat a late-night snack now.

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