Introducing Clark Largent in Glorious Technicolor


Courtesy of TheWatcher, we have our first look at Clark Largent!


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'Ello humans.

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  1. Okay I want total and complete honesty: what do y’all think? Any ideas for future things? Please be truthful!

  2. Stooky, (Means awesome) but not what I imagined.

  3. I NEED Galactus to be the villain for Avengers 5!

  4. It wasn’t what I imagined either! But Noah had me make some changes.. it was kinda like when I found out that Kellen from OY is black, I didn’t see it coming at all but then when I found out I was like… huh.. interesting…

  5. Huh…I always imagined Clark with brown hair and without glasses….oh well, this is a really good drawing, anyways…and I just love how Iron-Fold is casually peeking out of Clark’s pocket.

  6. Originally he was white with longer less spiky brown hair and he had a buttoned shirt

  7. I actually didn’t know that until now! Does this mean I’m a prophet? XD


    Hold on I have to use the bathroom I’ll say the answer after.

  8. Guys I just discovered this epic unofficial Star Wars music on YouTube. It’s super awesome, and listen the whole way through. It’ll blow you away. The guy who made it, Daryl Leigh Lynn, composed this so well. I really do wish that this music will be used for Episode IX—the reportedly epic end of the saga—but that most likely won’t happen. 😔

  9. Jar Jar Pleats

    The sharp jawline kinda reminds me of concept art for American Dad, but I think it’s really good. Not what I expected, but definitely a unique character.

  10. Jar Jar Pleats

    Waaaiiitt a minute….Kellen….OOOOHHHHH, that makes MUCH more SENSE now!

  11. Dude I was the first one to welcome you to the MOU

    Don’t try me.

  12. Don’t you remember?

    “hey none of y’all know me I’m TheWatcher”

    “well welcome on board”

  13. Anyways this is a nice drawing. Would’ve preferred the early version of Clark, with the brown hair and the white skin, but this is good, too.

  14. You were NOT the first one to greet me. I’d already greeted several over email and the comment section

  15. Okay, guys, let’s keep it civil.

  16. I meant, like on the actual site. Not by email or whatever.

    Anyway, Noah’s right. We should stop fighting. Truce?

  17. Oh gosh, I said “truce” twice.

  18. Hey, guys, do you know how most of y’all call me SLS? Well, I made nicknames for you all.

    TheWatcher—Watchy (I call you that)
    CJ—It is CJ, my dudes. OAHHHHHHHHH—
    Noah—The Skeleton Guy In The Fedora And Jacket
    Jar Jar Pleats—Jar Jar
    Lego Loki—Mini-Me
    Camster—The Cabbagester (no offense, Camster)
    Stitchiella—oh, I just call her Camster’s sister

    Sorry if these are kinda offensive. You guys gave me a nickname, so now I’m giving all of you nicknames like me.

  19. I’m fine with this. Most people would just call me Mega but Mega3 is also good.

  20. Aw, c’mon. These are just silly old jokes of mine. This “SLS” nickname is fine with me. The last one—MS—bothered me, because MS is an abbreviation for “Middle School.” I don’t like math! WHY WAS MY LAST NICKNAME ALSO AN ABBREVIATION FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL?

    Okay, fine. Most of these are just jokes. And I’ll eliminate your second nickname, and Camster’s nickname (becuase I don’t wanna get in trouble with him *gulps*). And Noah’s right. We should be civil in this comment section, okay? This all started because I wrote that Clark’s chin was “thicc.” And I should’ve realized that might have hurt you, becuase this is your own drawing of him. That was a really, really bad move. Forgive me?

  21. Hmm…what’s Clark staring at? Is it a new Iron-Fold suit? Is it Emily? 😈

  22. dappermcquackster

    Neat digital drawing I suck at that XD

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