The finished work:

Thanks for participating everybody! We’ll definitely do another one of these again on the future. Until then!


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  1. CJ! Can you try to draw one of these:
    An origami Ant-Man or an origami Beta Ray Bill!

  2. If you are going to draw one of those two, thanks, man. 🙂

  3. Thanks! You’re a good man. With a good heart. But it’s hard to run an OY website with a good heart.

    P.S. I stole two and a half of those lines from Black Panther.

  4. I request an Origami Spiderman swinging above the entire scene!


  6. Also CJ, your drawings are very impressive. You must be proud.

  7. Beta Ray Bill looks lonely. 🙁
    Can you draw an origami Deadpool to fight him?

  8. Jack Jack versus Rocket and Groot.

  9. I like Deadpool fighting Beta Ray Bill. Always wanted that to happen in the comics.

    Always, Jack-Jack versus Rocket & Groot? YES. 🤩

  10. Doctor Strange fighting Dorma-donut

  11. Jar Jar Pleats

    The Rocket Raccoon sock puppet (Socket Raccoon?) in Thorigami, and an origami Wasp to go with Ant-Man (Art-Man?)

  12. groot and origami yoda talking over how their voices are not understandable?

  13. Draw an origami Wasp to team up with Ant-Man so that they can stop Beta Ray Bill and Deadpool from fighting. 🙂

  14. Oh, wait, you just drew that. Can you draw a Solo: A Star Wars Story version of Han Foldo?

  15. Thanks. The Solo version of Han Foldo looks lit! (That’s a compliment.) 🙂

  16. yo fam i appreciate da support stay frosty HYPE OMEGALUL

  17. Try to draw me doing the twist. I have black hair and brown eyes. I am male.

  18. Thanks, you draw really well

  19. Oh my god, that mostly looks like me! Oh, except for the head shape. My head shape is definitely not that. 🙂

    Anyway, I liked participating! Yay for the megadoodle!

  20. Well, guys, the megadoodle was fun. But it’s time to get serious again. We need to get on track again! No SF knows what the next MOU book is, except for CJ and the author of the said MOU book is! 😁

    Also, literally no one knows when we’ll pause the MOU for a bit so that we can continue with the main OYEU story-arc! Will it be a few months from now? A year? Two or three years? The most likely possibility in my opinion is a year or two. That means by this point, The School Awakens will be published maybe by early-to-mid 2020–if not after! 😡

  21. I really hope it won’t be that long till we start working on The School Awakens, The Last Jelly, and other OY EU stories. The reason we decided to stop writing that is because no one wanted to do it. The energy had disappeared. But with the MOU, we’ve got new life and fuel on the EU. As soon as we’ve got enough MOU stories and stuff going on, I will personally see to finishing that series. Hopefully I’ll be able to get JC’s guidance so we can finish it as he intended.

  22. I understand. But if almost no one wants to continue the OYEU anymore, then…shouldn’t we just call this site the “Expanded Universe” only? Oh, wait, Lucasfilm would sue us. 🙂

    Also, once you and all the other SFs leading the site currently are gone, maybe I can carry on for all you guys. A new generation of SFs. Listen, CJ. I need some…to show me my place in all this.

  23. And I’m serious, CJ. I don’t just mean to quote a Star Wars character.

    In the future, no matter what happens, there will be a new generation of SuperFolders, led by the SFs currently that don’t have much power over the OYEU. In future, me and many other SFs currently on the site will lead that new generation. Maybe Dutchrocks will take Noah’s place. I wonder how that’ll be… 😈

  24. So…after The School Awakens…it is truly time for the OYEU to end? Not, like, a fake end? Because everyone thought that The Lost Case Files We’re the end of the line, but then Journey to The School Awakens came around. So, after The School Awakens…it’s just gonna be the end, isn’t it? Time to let the old things die? Wrap up the entire OY saga and move onto only new and fresh things? It’s very unlikely Tom is going to make another OU book. That’s up to us SFs on the EU site. I honestly have no idea what to say. Origami Yoda has my ch9ldhood. I grew up with it. Now it’s truly ending? I just…don’t know what to say. 🙁

  25. I grew up with OY, and I don’t want it to end

  26. Me too…but soon in the future, it’s gonna be time to let new and fresh ideas like the MOU rise and let the OY fall. SFs…they’re getting rarer and rarer. But I know one day we will rejoice, as a new generation of SuperFolders! 😃

    …But it’s kind of sad that the OYEU’s story is getting so old that almost no one wants to write it anymore. Literally only one SuperFolder—CJ—can finish writing the series! And it’s only because JC intended to do it! Poor CJ. All alone. 😕

  27. Y’all are getting way too overdramatic about this.

    Let me tell y’all a story: I have been a SuperFolder since 2012. I am probably one of, if not the only, active oldest SuperFolders. I have dedicated a whole lot of time and effort to the OYEU, and although I, like many others, have grown up and stopped doing OY stuff, I came back! In fact, I had never left, I had just been a lot less active. But I was always somewhat aware of what was going on in the OY community. And I’m here to say that I’m not leaving anytime soon, if ever.

    Now, I hope none are you are offended by what I am going to say next, cause it’s just what I believe. Many of you are still young kids and teens who, although have been SF’s for a while, still have a lot of other interests and stuff you want to do. You’re all growing up and figuring out what you want to do with your lives. So, that means you might not always been into OYEU stuff. You might get bored of it. And that’s ok! We’re all maturing and making decisions. I’ve decided to keep the EU alive. What y’all decide next is up to you.

    However, until me, Camster, and Noah are truly done with the EU, which may be a very long time, we want to be careful who we choose to lead the EU next. In the past, many mistakes that almost destroyed the EU happened because the leaders (including JC) weren’t careful enough a out who they chose to delegate responsibility to. So I’m trying to learn from those mistakes.

    The OY legacy isn’t over. The purpose of the MOU is to put new life into the OYEU. You know, there a website called where we put all the non-Star Wars OYEU stories. That site is dead. There’s so many random stories without a good system controlling them. This site is like a wasteland for both good and bad stories that the EU didn’t need because it was just clogging the system.

    Nothing is ending. There are only new beginnings on the EU. I promise you that.

  28. I’m not all alone. I still have good connections with JC and TheEvilJawa. And I’ve got Noah, Camster, and all of you for support. I honestly feel honored to help write so many EU stories. I love writing. It’s why Thorigami is so long… Because I loved writing it!

  29. Now I understand, CJ. And you’re very right, actually! When I grow up, I want to be a filmmaker. Remember how a few months back, I announced I was doing an origami rendition of the Avengers: Infinity War battle on Titian? Yeah, I’m filming that project currently. And yeah, I was a bit too dramatic. 🙂

    Soon in the future, it’ll be time to let new and fresh things take the spot of the OYEU. But it doesn’t mean that the OYEU will end. Nothing is ending.
    Now to make this even more cryptic, I’m gonna do this:

  30. Jar Jar Pleats

    Wow, this comment section got really dramatic really fast. For me personally, no one can or should expand this OYEU after JC and the crew have finished – a saga of stoies will have begun and ended, leaving closure.

    And this is not the first time you’ve said something about trying to take over the OYEU after JC is done.

    Additionally, after this generation is older, not to be too rough, but I’m not sure there will BE any more SuperFolders.

  31. First of all, I don’t wanna be a control freak! And I don’t wanna take over! I just wanna be more than a random SF in the comment section… 🙁
    Second of all, I think you’re right. This fandom is getting way too old. 😬

  32. By “leading the OYEU in the future,” all I mean is that I wanna be more than just a nobody who likes the OY books and chats in the comment sections of an OY website with SFs he barely knows… 😔

  33. OK! Lets all just take a deep breath and relax. We’re talking about a collection of fanfiction stories, alright? There is no need for criticism or depression omens of doom and destruction. We’re part of this community because it’s fun and we like it. That’s all that matters. I apologize if I got too vocal about my thoughts. That was uneccesary of me.

    So, lets stop worrying about that and think about what is ahead of us right now! For example, we have created an Iron Fold story and a Thorigami story… any ideas what’s coming next?

  34. By the way, I just want to say a million thanks to all of you for being yourselves and making the EU awesome… MasterSkywalker, DutchRocks, Jar Jar Pleats, Guillermo… All of you. Thank you. It means the world to me.

  35. I have an idea! Why don’t you guys make a crossover between the MOU and Jurassic World sometime soon in the future? I’d love an origami T. Rex with an origami Wolverine rising on its back!!!!! 😃


    “collection of fanfiction stories”

    Just for a correction, they’re sacred fanfictions. Also, most fanfics are romance. How come we haven’t gotten a Kara (Kellen and Sara) romance spin-off yet? 😝

  36. Definition of fanfiction: fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.

    Just cuz the majority of fanfic out there stinks doesn’t mean ours does. I was just saying it like I saw it.

  37. You know what, we’re a family! We’re just like a regular family, if you think about it. We chat, we come up with ideas together, we sometimes get into fights (ain’t that right, Dutchrocks and CJ), and we sometimes even review movies! 🙂

    On a side note, I recommend CJ’s mini-review of Avengers: Infinity War!

  38. OK, well, “family” may be pushing it. I prefer the term “community.”

  39. You’re kinda right, I guess. Oh well, I know a community that reall IS a family…

    [heads over to r/PrequelMemes]


  41. I don’t have it yet. Only LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 and LEGO Marvel Superheroes 1 and 2. But I want the LEGO Incredibles game too! 😕

  42. i got a lot. probably all the newer ones.

  43. Good afternoon, guys! 🙂

  44. Am I home alone today? Oh well. 😕

  45. Guys. Where are u all???????

  46. It’s the evening already! 😠

  47. Hey (None of y’all know meeee….) just introducing myself.. While none of y’all will remember me from the OY site since I never made an account, though I always was on there.. anyways I’ve been assigned part of a story so maybe y’all will like it… I dunno I just felt the need to say something.. bye!

  48. Welcome on board! I was once a lurker on the OY site, too. 🙂

  49. But then CJ gave me a chance to be something more. Now I have found my place on the Origami Yoda EU site!

  50. Well that was dramatic… cool!

  51. You want drama? I’ll give you drama!



    Dummmmmm. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  52. I wonder where the others are…are they asleep already? 🤔

  53. Some people just like to relax on Sunday. 😐

  54. Hey CJ, meet my new friend, Watcher! Watcher, this is CJ! 😃

  55. TheWatcher has already contacted me over email.

  56. Have you seen the trailer for Christopher Robin? Currently I’m trying to fold an origami Winnie the Pooh. That trailer made me have an emotional breakdown. 😀

  57. Yep. It’s pretty good. 👍

  58. Do you plan on seeing it? I’m already counting down the days. 📆

  59. I might change my username sometime soon.

  60. I just realized TheWatcher sounds a lot creepier then I intended it to be… oops.. also Christopher Robin looks awesome! What to do what to do….. what to do indeed…

  61. The thing above where you type your comment says “say only good things about people’s works” while I do think that we shouldn’t be jerks and just be rude to the work people have done, aren’t we at least allowed to give some criticism to help? Maybe that doesn’t make sense idk..

  62. Who do you think is the cutest one in the Christopher Robin trailer? Is it Pooh? And which one is the least cutest? Is it Tigger?

  63. Hello TheWatcher! Welcome to the Origami yoda expanded universe! Currently, we are in a stage of something, Marvelous!! The MOU has a lot of great things in it (even though we only have two stories and one spinoff)!! My name is Dutchrocks and on the OY site, Dwight2025. Please consider the rules aren’t that important, unless you count being rude and cussing.

  64. I am a member as well, and I think folding origami is the fun part about this site. So, enjoy, and wait for the comments and stories AND posts to come in!!!

  65. I think eor (idk how to spell his name) looks the best and piglet is the cutest

  66. I, honestly don’t care! and MasterSkywalker, what time is it back home where you are?

  67. AANNDD, I wonder if JC is ever coming back?

  68. Five in the evening. I’ve been waiting for you guys all day!

    Personally, I think Tigger is the least cute. Man, he looks AGED. 😬

  69. WAIT! My time is 5 in the evening!!!!

  70. I live in the Pacific Northwest. Do you?

  71. That is in the Pacific Northwest.

  72. I live in Texas but I’m in Idaho rn

  73. nice, and sorry about the correction.

  74. I’m not so far from Dutchrocks. I’m in good ol’ CA. 😎

  75. AAAAND, how old is everyone? I won’t say until everyone has said.

  76. I’m not telling! Okay, fine. I’ll give you a hint. My age is between 1 and 20.

  77. @dutchrocks Actually, all the rules ARE important. That’s why I made a post about them.

  78. Okay, then I take back that hint of my age. 😦

  79. Hey, it’s fine. I wasn’t trying to scold you or anything. I just… I don’t know. I just want to make sure we’re at least trying to be careful about what we do on the EU. Sorry if I came across as harsh.

  80. your fine now! 😛

  81. We are PENOMMMMMMM 😈😈😈😈

  82. CJ, what did you think of The Last Jedi? (This is a bit awkward considering it came out six months ago.)

  83. I know u didn’t ask me but I felt like putting my opinion… The Last Jedi was okay… it got a LOT of hate, like a TON of hate for (spoiler alert) killing snoke, having Rey’s parents be nobodies (which I guess is still debatable since kylo ren told her that) and a lot of it just got hate… personally while I don’t think it was the BEST starwars movie ever, but I do think it’s a lot better then most people give it credit for. A lot of those big twists they decided on were pretty crazy, and they knew that. People think it’s ruining the whole starwars franchise (this movie) but really it’s just all the arguing that has been over this movie, point in case, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful. Okay speech over.

  84. The Last Jedi’s version of Luke Skywalker is my all-time favorite. Also, I appreciate that it wasn’t a reboot like The Force Awakens. It felt like the closest Star Wars has ever gotten to an artistic cinematic experience. Also, the Porgs were not overused. They served their comic-relief purposes perfectly.

  85. What about Luke?

    I think that The Last Jedi’s Luke Skywalker portrayal is pretty good.

    What about Rey’s parents?

    Also, I actually liked the revelation of Rey’s parents. FINALLLY! SOMEONE WHO PEOPLE THINK ISN’T RELATED TO EITHER HAN, LUKE OR LEIA!

    What about Canto Bight?

    The Canto Bight subplot was actually amazing! It explored the criminal side of Star Wars, which is mainly explored only in the comics (cough, Canto Bight spinoff novels, cough) and The Clone Wars TV series, mainly through young Boba Fett’s eyes. Also, the alien designs are simply so Star Wars-ish!

    What about Snoke?

    My only gripe is Snoke’s death. We didn’t get a single bit of backstory before he died all of a sudden in the middle of the film.

    What about the ports?

    Also, CJ, I agree. The porgs served their purpose. I actually find them cute.

    And that was The Last Jedi! Space cowboys, y’all! 🤠

  86. Honestly, I think Snoke’s death was the best thing Lucasfilm could have done. I feel like having Snoke around would just make him Palpatine Mark 2. While Palpatine’s great, having a DARK OVERLORD WHO PULLS ALL THE STRINGS is kind of cliche. But when Kylo kills Snoke, he does something both unbelievable and predictable. It’s so surprising cuz u thought he wouldn’t betray his master so fast, and for a moment u think he’s on Rey’s side. But then, u realize that he only did it so he could seize control of the First Order.

    Snoke is a plot device. He’s as unimportant as Rey’s parents. He served his purpose to make Kylo a truly epic villain. But that’s just my 2 cents. 😉

  87. I honestly believe that Snoke will come back from the dead for Episode IX. Maybe.

    I know, everything is building up to Kylo being the main villain, but honestly, I want him to be either redeemed or killed off in one of these two ways: being killed by the heroes or sacrificing his life for the Resistance.

  88. Also guys I just created an ingenious Star Wars meme:

    Qi’ra: He say,

    Han: “Do you love me?”

    Qi’ra: I tell him only partly. I only love my Crimson Dawn, and my Maul, I’M SORRY.

  89. 2 things I have to say:
    #1 please oh please don’t bring smoke back!! I hate when dead characters come back to life in any movie (unless they’re the main hero I guess)
    #2 I don’t think a back story for smoke was really necessary, like imagine if he starts telling them he’s Darth Plageius, that would mean absolutely NOTHING to the characters, and even though it would be pretty cool to find out his backstory it wasn’t needed

  90. Also who else thought Solo was basically a cowboy movie? (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing!)

  91. I think if we ever do Howard the Duck (who I would love to write some day [cough] [cough]) it should be more of a side series, that has less to do with the main MOU plot, like shorter, more simple detective stories you know?

  92. Oh no… not Howard the Duck… LOL

  93. But George Lucas created the Howard the Duck movie!

  94. …well hopefully it’s not as bad as the movie, cuz believe me if you haven’t seen it… it. Is. Garbage.

  95. Guy’s, I’m making a full-length film to be posted on YouTube! Guess what it is about?

  96. Don’t say Howard the Duck


  98. It’s actually a LEGO film, not an origami film. LEGO stop-motion is easier.
    Also, it has nothing to do with Howard the Duck. It’s not Marvel-related at all. Guess what it’s about? 😈

  99. -whispers so CJ can’t hear- neverrrr! Howard the duck cannot be restrained!

  100. It’s an origin story. And it’s not Howard the Duck! Guess who is the star of the origin story? 😉

  101. Okay…I’ll reveal the title:
    Yoda: A Star Wars Story

  102. Jar Jar Pleats

    My 2 cents on TLJ:

    Luke: Enjoyable, fresh take on the idea of a man caught up in his own legend, and overcoming his failure – milk monster thing was pointless and just 4 laughs

    Smoke: would’ve liked 2 c more, but am glad he’s not another Palpatine – will probably get more backstory in a book or comic in the future

    Rey: My hopes for her parents being nobodies was answered! Much better this way – not a fan of how quickly she became a force user though; succeeds in Jedi Mind Trick in under a minute, lifts rocks on first try, and immediately can fight off a trained sith apprentice with no training whatsoever

    Disney: a little too much Disney humor for my tastes; jokes about ones mother and slapstick force throws weren’t used in OT, and they were just fine.

  103. I like your review, Jar Jar!

    Also, my Yoda origin film takes place 800 years before The Phantom Menace.

  104. Basically, Yoda’s a young man working on a Sith cargo freighter called the Ebon Hawk, when suddenly, a Jedi master comes aboard the ship. Join Yoda as he fights against his masters, a group of Sith troopers, and see him morph into the caring but very serious Jedi master from the prequels, original trilogy, and sequels. 🙂


  106. Yoda: Me likey some blue milk in da morning!

  107. Also, did you get that Knights of the Old Republic reference? Because the Ebon Hawk is Darth Revan’s ship in KOTOR. 🙃

  108. Yes Darth Revan will have a role in it.
    Albeit a small one. 👌🏻

  109. Jar Jar Pleats

    @CJ Maybe it’s me but the milk looked really green, not so much blue. Also, wouldn’t it make sense that the blue milk on Tattooine did not come from an animal on Ach-To, the planet was supposed to be unknown to all until the map was complete in TFA. It felt like it was just there to make little kids go “Ewww” and giggle.

  110. Jar Jar Pleats

    Despite how my review may make it sound, I did enjoy TLJ.😄 In fact it was better than TFA in my opinion bc it was an original work, not just a copy of A New Hope. I really enjoyed TFA also btw.

  111. Here’s some of the script so far from the Yoda film I’m making:

    Yoda: So if I’m a Jedi, can I talk backwards? I always wanted to do that.

    Unnamed Jedi master: But why?

    Yoda: Listen, you must. Want to talk backwards, I do.

    Unnamed Jedi master: *sighs*

  112. Also, I will confirm that a young Count Dooku will appear in the Yoda film.

  113. Clone-trooper commander: The sector is clear.

    Me: I’m making a LEGO Yoda film instead of an origami Yoda film.

    Clone-trooper commander: NOT CLEAR! NOT CLEAR!

  114. @Jar Jar Pleats Yes, it was green milk. Wookiepedia confirms that. However, why would it be milk of all things? I immediately remembered New Hope upon seeing that scene. Many others also believe that harkens back to the blue milk. I mean, it can’t just be a coincidence. Star Wars doesn’t do coincidences; it does Easter eggs.

    If you deny this still, I’ll do you one better: remember how Luke was grossed out by Yoda’s root stew? Well, now Rey is grossed out by Luke’s skill.

    And remember: Luke is still, at heart, just a farm boy. 😉

  115. Blue milk, green milk…it’s all a machine.

    -DJ from The Last Jedi

  116. In Star Wars IX, there shall be red milk.

  117. Narrator: It’s the greatest crossover in history…and…it’s called…

    (Yoda sips some green milk.)

    Yoda: Hmmmm. First root stew, then this milk of blue? What’s next, hmmm?

  118. Do I want to think about what MADE the milk red

  119. Oh you don’t wanna know.

  120. Hey when is the title of the next MOU story coming out? 🙂

  121. Here’s a sneak peek from the Yoda film:

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


    Young Yoda: C’mon, c’mon, I gotta run!

    [An alarm goes off inside of the Ebon Hawk.]

    Young Yoda: AARGH! That weirdo Mon Calamari Jedi is forcing me to evacuate this darn ship! [Tries to recharge an escape pod attached to the Ebon Hawk.]

    [The escape pod is successfully recharged.]

    Young Yoda: YES! Finally!

    [The lights in the Ebon Hawk turn off.]

    Young Yoda: Uh-oh…

    [Falen Ackbar turns on his blue lightsaber.]

    Young Yoda: Now I HAVE to run! And now!

    [Young Yoda steps inside of the escape pod and closes the door.]

    Young Yoda: Hopefully he didn’t notice me yet!

    [Young Yoda pushes a button on the escape pod’s door and the escape pod blasts off.]

    Title card: YODA: A STAR WARS STORY

  122. Why is Yoda not talking strangely?

  123. It’s a spoiler, my friend. When the Yoda film comes out in February 2019, all questions will be answered. 😉

  124. While I am glad you are taking such a great interest in filmmaking, let me give you a little piece of advice: great ideas are easy to come up with, but they are incredibly hard to make a reality. I’ve learned this well. Still, best of luck to you, MS.

  125. Don’t worry, I am using the best stop-motion filmmaking technique I know of. And it’ll be stop motion, which is kinda easier than live-action, in my opinion.
    This ship will sail, in February of 2019.

    Also, once I release the official trailer for Yoda: A Star Wars Story, I am considering changing usernames.

    Your friend, MS

  126. Also, I have posted the teaser poster for Yoda: A Star Wars Story on Imgur, but I don’t know how to post the link to it.

  127. How do you post something from the Photos app onto here?

  128. Also (like CJ) I would foreword you that you might not be ready yet to do a entire YODA movie, maybe you’ll surprise me but if I were you I would try doing shorter things and then sorta ease into longer animations, because it’s going to be a lot of work if you want to do this, but it’s your choice, and if you decide on doing this I give you the best of luck.

  129. It’ll be almost an hour long. You guys think it’ll be like a regular movie, right? Like, an hour and a half long? Well, no! Don’t worry, it’ll be fine! 😛

  130. Also do you guys mind if Yoda has a mohawk for some of the flashback scenes?

  131. Also…


  132. And obviously the mohawk thing was a joke! 😅

  133. Seriously, how do I post something from Photos onto here?

  134. Jar Jar Pleats

    I believe what CJ meant was the commitment, that “great ideas are easy to come up with, but are incredibly hard” to apply as as much time and effort as will be needed to not only complete it but make it as good as you want it to be. Take OY The Series, for example; the episodes were behind schedule for over a year until it was decided that it would remain incomplete, and even longer for a reboot to be officially in the works, and the reboot has been delayed as well.

    As someone with filmmaking desires as well, I’ll tell you what your biggest obstacle will be: Working around your school schedule, no matter the length of the project, 2 minutes or 2 hours. I still have projects on my phone that I started before TLJ even came out, but I became very busy during the second semester of school.

    Please don’t misunderstand, I, as well as others I’m sure, wish you the best of luck on finishing this project, but you may want to extend your deadline now to accomodate for possible future issues you may have with scheduling and technicalities. Still, I wish you the best on this, it sounds like fun!👍

    P.S. I do not know of a way to insert a link on here unless you are on a computer; if you are, drag the url into the comment box and it may work, if not, try clicking and dragging the whole image.

  135. Jar Jar Pleats

    Gosh, that comment was much longer than I meant it to be, I went on a rant because of my experience with this sort of thing!😄

  136. It’s okay, Jar Jar. It may be pushed back to mid-2019.

  137. Jar Jar Pleats

    To go back a little bit earlier on this comment section, CJ said something about “Does anybody have any idea what’s next, MOU story-wise? My bets the Inshredible Hulk, but when is the next story announcement? Im excited!

  138. Yoda: A Star Wars Story—16% done

    I’m doing it, guys! Worked extra hard today on filming. 😩

  139. Guys I will be releasing more sneak peeks of Yoda: A Star Wars Story as filming goes on. So…uh…on with the clip, I guess? 😅

    [Yoda flies away in the Ebon Hawk’s escape pod.]

    [A nearby Republic corvette appears and shoots at the escape pod!

    Yoda: DANG IT! Darn you, Republic!

    [The escape pod starts falling back to the Ebon Hawk.]


    Galen Ackbar: Huh? The escape pod is falling back! Who’s inside of it?

    [Galen reaches out to Yoda, using the Force.]

    Galen: He’s a young man…and he’s strong in the Force…but…but…he doesn’t know his potential! I must save him!

    And yes, the future Grandmaster of the Jedi Order said “Darn you, Republic.”

  140. I hope CJ doesn’t kill me for saying this but I know one story coming up…

  141. When will the Watcher Informant come in?

    (In the MCU, Stan Lee plays the Watcher Informant. Yes, all his cameos are connected.)



  143. Hey, MS, did you hear about the Star Wars Fan Awards?

  144. Why do you keep calling me MS?

  145. It’s not my real name! My real name is [REDACTED]. 😤

  146. So I don’t have to type MasterSkywalker every time…

  147. 😕🙁☹️😣😖😩😫

  148. Why is that so upsetting? :/

  149. I don’t like that nickname.

    But fine, you can use it. 😑

  150. It’s not a nickname. It’s an abbreviation. Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers… I was just trying to be conversational. Gosh…

  151. Oh. Sorrryyyy….

    Also, on the OY site, Tom said that he’s going to San Diego Comic-Con and he’s going to have some “secret meetings” about future books.
    And if The Clone Wars can make a comeback, maybe anything is possible.
    Maybe the OY series will be revived once again.

    If that happens, I’m gonna start fangirling all over the site. 😅

  152. Sorry but personally I can’t see Tom EVER revamping OY..

  153. Barely anyone thought that Disney would revive The Clone Wars.

    But it’s happening anyways.

    If TCW can make a comeback, so can OY. Be positive and it might happen. 😉

  154. Okay then… but he’s had these “secret meetings” quite often and there has been literally no evidence he will ever write another OY book

  155. Also Skywalker u said previously ‘a young count Dukoo’ will be in it, but you also said it takes place 800 years before the phantom menace… ahh…

  156. I’m still figuring out most of the plot. I think there’ll be some visions of Yoda teaching young Count Dooku.

  157. @CJ can you respond to my email please? Sorry but I didn’t know how else to get u

  158. Why does The Clone Wars revival look like it’s the same animation style, but smoother and more detailed than ever before? 🤔
    Oh, well. Time to fold my first ever origami Ahsoka. 😝

  159. Jar Jar come to the MOU Discussion Page

    There’s not much time left, I fear…

  160. Little did MasterSkywalker know, one day he’d write a Beta Ray Bill story for the MOU.

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