The finished work:

Thanks for participating everybody! We’ll definitely do another one of these again on the future. Until then!


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  1. I don’t like that nickname.

    But fine, you can use it. 😑

  2. Oh. Sorrryyyy….

    Also, on the OY site, Tom said that he’s going to San Diego Comic-Con and he’s going to have some “secret meetings” about future books.
    And if The Clone Wars can make a comeback, maybe anything is possible.
    Maybe the OY series will be revived once again.

    If that happens, I’m gonna start fangirling all over the site. 😅

  3. Sorry but personally I can’t see Tom EVER revamping OY..

  4. Barely anyone thought that Disney would revive The Clone Wars.

    But it’s happening anyways.

    If TCW can make a comeback, so can OY. Be positive and it might happen. 😉

  5. Okay then… but he’s had these “secret meetings” quite often and there has been literally no evidence he will ever write another OY book

  6. Also Skywalker u said previously ‘a young count Dukoo’ will be in it, but you also said it takes place 800 years before the phantom menace… ahh…

  7. I’m still figuring out most of the plot. I think there’ll be some visions of Yoda teaching young Count Dooku.

  8. @CJ can you respond to my email please? Sorry but I didn’t know how else to get u

  9. Why does The Clone Wars revival look like it’s the same animation style, but smoother and more detailed than ever before? 🤔
    Oh, well. Time to fold my first ever origami Ahsoka. 😝

  10. Jar Jar come to the MOU Discussion Page

    There’s not much time left, I fear…

  11. Little did MasterSkywalker know, one day he’d write a Beta Ray Bill story for the MOU.

  12. Dwight
    your face
    it’s crooked
    oh noes
    oh very dear noes…

  13. origami_master53

    Wish I was here when this happened…

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