Thorigami has arrived!!!!

After a lot of sweat, blood, tears, procrastination, and midnight snacks to help me stay awake, I have finally finished writing “Thorigami: Lord of Folders!” With “The Invincible Iron Fold,” we got to see what Kirby High School was like; but now, we’re going to find out what it’s like back in Wheeler Academy, Kirby’s archrival!

You can read the newest addition to the MOU right here.


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  1. ooh wow! WHEELER IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Finally! Thorigami! When do you think Thorigami is gonna be stuck on Origami Sakaar and lose his beautiful golden tin foil locks?

  3. When do you guys think someone is going to make an origami Inferno Squad from Battlefront II? It wasn’t as good as the first Battlefront II from the early 2000s, but it was pretty good, and the journey that the main hero, the Imperial pilot Iden Verizon, had was amazing. She went from an elite Imperial TIE Pilot to a member of the Imperial Inferno Squad to a traitor to the Empire and a leader in the New Republic, and then dying on Starkiller Base at an old age while giving the schematics of a First Order dreadnought to the Resistance. She went from someone who the Rebel Alliance thought would never be redeemed, to someone that their successor, the Resistance, fully and complete trusted. 🙂

  4. turns on the blitsrieg bop while folding an origami iron spider.

  5. I’ve already folded on origami MCU Spider-Man, an origami Spider-Man Homemade Suit, and an origami Iron-Spider. So, uh, I can lend you a few Spider-Mans, if you want. 🙂

  6. Just came back from folding an origami comic-accurate Deadpool and an origami movie-accurate Deadpool. Also check out the latest update on the site. CJ’s doing a megadoodle like the old days. I requested for him to draw Ant-Man, Beta Ray Bill and Deadpool to fight them. 🙂

  7. Guys, I just made an origami Thor finger puppet, Thorigami-style! Except I cut the hair a bit, colored it a light brown, and I made him sleeveless. Guess what I did next? I ripped his cape in half, and I gave him a paper gladiator helmet and a blue shoulder pad! Also, I didn’t destroy Mjolnir, but I just took it away from Thor! Guess what I have now?
    A Thor: Ragnarok-style Thorigami puppet!

  8. Okay, guys! Guess what I did?
    I removed the blue shoulder pad, I colored Thor’s main armor black instead of gray, and I gave him a red cape with a black inside. After that, I colored his hair and beard slightly darker, gave him sleeves, and then gave him an eyepatch. Boom! I have an origami Thor puppet, Infinity War-style.

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