Iron Fold is Live

After much anticipation, you know, hopefully, “The Invincible Iron Fold” is now live for your viewing pleasure at this link: The Invincible Iron Fold.

Enjoy the story, then come back here and tell us what you thought! Every piece of feedback is appreciated. And expect more from the MOU very soon…



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  1. I just finished the story. It is AMAZING!!! Just one thing, the Infinity War armor is Mark 50, not 49.

  2. I love freaking everything about this. I love the villains, the history of Clark’s mom, Clark himself, the origami version of the Iron Man Mark 50 from Infinity War, how Clark has that change of heart once his mom tells him her backstory, how Clark mostly wins in the end, and the foreshadowing at the end of the book. Loving it all, guys. Good job, Noah. 👍

  3. Also, a year and a half ago I was fresh from finishing the Origami Yoda series. I had discovered, but not the Origami Yoda EU site yet. I had an idea…a story that takes place years after the events of Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus. I never got to actually writing it, but I called it: “The Adventures Of Iron-Puppet.” But you guys beat me to writing an origin story for an origami Iron Man. Here was my full plan:

    Phase 1:

    1. The Adventures Of Iron-Puppet
    2. The Black Folder (if you didn’t recognize the origami superhero by the title, it’s an origami version of Black Panther)
    3. The Mysterious Case Of Spider-Fold
    5. The Incredible Origami Hulk (I know, not-so-original title)
    6. Iron-Puppet 2: Red Is Rad (referring to Iron Man’s red-and-gold armor)
    7. Origami America (if you didn’t recognize the superhero by the title, it’s an origami Captain America)
    8. The Foldengers. This was supposed to be an epic teamup of Iron-Puppet, Black Folder, Spider-Fold, Origami Hulk, and Origami America.

    Phase 2:
    1. Iron-Fold 3: The Secrets Of The Origami Mandarin
    2. Origami Thor
    3. Origami America: The Winter Folder
    4. Folds Of The Galaxy
    5. Origami Thor: The Dark Fold
    6. Foldengers: Age Of Foldtron. A teamup Of Iron-Puppet, Black Folder, Spider-Fold, Origami Hulk, Origami America, The Winter Folder, and the new additions of Origami Thor and Black Origami Widow, with Foldtron as the villain. Foldtron was an origami Iron Legion Puppet who turned evil one day behind his master Iron-Puppet’s back and uploaded his mind into a LEGO Ultron figurine. Pretty evil, huh?

    I had no plans for Phase 3 yet, though I was definitely gonna make origami versions of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and Avengers: Infinity War. 🙂

  4. Here’s an Idea: a new universe: The Transfolders…

  5. Or this: Origami Park/World (origami version of the Jurassic Park/World franchise)

  6. I’ve missed a lot. Been gone for too long…
    How’s everyone been?

  7. Well, I’m here now, the OYEU books are currently on hold, there’s a Marvel Origami Universe, it’s first Book is The Invincible Iron-Fold, and it came out two days ago, I think. 🙂

  8. Are the Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, Iron Fist, Punisher, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil in the MOU?

  9. As said before, anything is possible in the MOU. However, as of yet there are no plans for the Runaways, C&D, and the Punisher. However, there are inklings of ideas for the Defenders…

  10. Are there any sort of plans for Agents of SHIELD adaptations? It would be really cool to see stories about the FOLD agents.

  11. MMMMMMAYBE….. (dark chucking)

  12. Oh yes CJ oh yes.

    Origami Agent Coulson in the House tonight.

  13. Also, will you guys make an MOU version of Infinity War some day? Or maybe its comic-book counterpart?

  14. YES!! Duh! My Thanos WILL BE USED!!!!!!!!

  15. On a side related note, i have an infinity war character drawing contest. tell me if you want to take the dare of drawing THOR ODINSON!!!!!!

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