#ThrowbackThursday Announcement

The MOUSE (Marvel Origami Universe Scribes & Essayists) AKA the MOU writers would like to present to you the title of the first of the MOU stories…

Coming soon!


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  1. oooh. did you decide on the name before or after i submitted the peter fold and iron fold.

  2. Before, but coincidences happen.

  3. Any Idea that you will take about Iron Fold? His alter ego could be named Foldy Stark?

  4. The alter egos of the characters will not be explored very often, at least so far. As such, the idea of Foldy Stark will most likely not appear. However, thank you for the suggestion.

  5. SF Dwight2025

    You know, I could fold him IF it comes?😏

  6. SF Dwight2025 / Doctor Strange: Hi.
    Me / Peter Parker: Uh, my name is, uh, Peter.
    SF Dwight2025 / Doctor Strange: Dwight2025.
    Me: Oh! We using our made-up names? Then I am…SF MasterSkywalker.

    Edit: My name’s not actually Peter.

  7. Disney owns Marvel Studios. The acronym for the Marvel Origami Universe Scribes and Essayists is M.O.U.S.E.

  8. Aye, a clever lad ye be, me hearty!

  9. I can see it now:
    Iron Fold
    The Incredibly Made Hulk Puppet
    Iron Fold 2
    Origami Thor
    Captain Folder: The First Fold-Enger
    Marvel’s the Fold-Engers
    Iron Fold 3
    Thor: The Dark Fold
    Captain Fold: The Winter Folder
    Folds of the Galaxy
    Fold-Engers: Age of Foldtron
    Captain Folder: Civil War
    Doctor Strange Origami Puppet
    Folds of the Galaxy: Vol. 2
    Spider-Puppet: Foldcoming
    Origami Thor: Ragnarok
    Black Folder
    Fold-Evengers: Infinity Folds
    Ant-Puppet and the Origami Wasp
    Captain Origami
    Fold-Engers 4

  10. heheh nice spot there

    and for superfolder masterskywalker thanks for using my name for your little funny page =)

  11. WAIT, CJ did you just copy the original iron man comic and edit it?;=( If you did…. THAN CAN YOU DO THE SAME FOR ALL THE HEROS????? =D

  12. SF Dwight2025! I looked up the first Iron Man comic! CJ did use it and just edited Iron Fold on it. I think he’s doing it for all the other heroes.

  13. Also will Deadpool and the X-Men be in the MOU, CJ?

  14. Also, CJ, if an origami version of Deadpool will be in the MOU, will he be censored or something like that?

  15. We have special plans for the Deadpool character of the MOU. Can’t say too much, but if he talked dirty, his words would be censored. But we’re trying to keep things clean on the EU and the censoring of words would just to make things funny.

  16. Oh! Like how Tom covered up the dirty language in the original six Origami Yoda books with those symbols? Okay, that’d be funny! Or maybe you guys will use lesser bad words, like
    “dumb” and “stupid” and all that stuff…

    (I’m a Soapy The Monkey fan…that’s where I got my liking of covered-up bad words…)

  17. Wait! I just came back from reading The Invincible Iron-Fold! In it, Iron-Fold uses an origami version of the Mark 50 armor from Infinity War, not the classic gray Mark 1 armor from the comics and the first Iron Man movie! Why did he wear different armors in the marketing for The Invincible Iron Fold, CJ? 🤔

  18. Well, the #ThrowbackThursday post was just something I threw together because I toight it would be clever and kind of a sneak peek without revealing the true Iron Fold cover and actual Iron Fold. It was a red herring, u could say. 😉

  19. So at the end of The Invincible Iron-Fold, an origami version of The Hulk is teased. Will you guys follow the same movie pattern as the MCU? Will that mean no solo outings and team-ups for all the superheroes not in the MCU, like origami versions of The Fantastic Four, The Defenders, The X-Men, The X-Force, and, of course, Deadpool?

  20. Also thanks for telling me why Iron-Fold wore the Mark 1 armor in the poster for The Invincible Iron-Fold.

  21. We are loosely basing our story release schedule/event timeline on the MCU cuz it’s easy to follow. However, this is the MOU, not the MCOU (which doesn’t even make much sense in the first place… Marvel Cinematic Origami Universe?). So we can add, subtract, and swap any characters or extra stories we want. X-Men, F4, etc. are all possible candidates for future stories.

  22. I hope Origami Deadpool Kills The Marvel Origami Universe may be a thing one day. 😀

  23. Hello? Does anyone remember this post? No one goes here anymore. 😕

  24. yes, but its cuz theres nuthin to talk about.

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