Ladies and gentlemen, SuperFolders of all ages, the Origami Yoda Expanded Universe team would like to present you with something new, something fresh, something… marvelous.

That’s right! We are officially announcing the arrival of the the OYEU’s newest universe of stories – the Marvel Origami Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, SuperFolder CJ, have the great privilege of working alongside SuperFolders Camster and Noah on this project. However, we need YOUR help (literally the help of ALL you people who are reading this) to make it happen. I’ll explain this in a moment.

This very well might be the greatest thing that’s happened to the OYEU. Big changes are coming. But they’re good changes.

You see, if I can be completely honest with all of you, we have entered a Dark Age of sorts, where there is an immense lack of SuperFolders and Origami Yoda fandom. But we want to BRING THAT BACK. Camster, Noah, and I, with the approval of SuperFolder JC himself, are trying to bring new life to the EU.

Now, this DOES NOT mean we’re done with Origami Star Wars stories. FEAR NOT! The OYEU continues to live on. The MOU is not a threat to the OYEU, but an expansion of it. We will finish Volume 3 of Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters tales eventually. I promise. For now, we are putting those stories on hold for just a little while longer so we can pursue work on the Marvel Origami Universe (MOU).

By the way, the MOU is not limited to the events and characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Basically, we can use anyone and anything from the HUGE Marvel Multiverse to work with. So that’s pretty stooky!

Now, here’s the juicy part – the part where you come in. Actually, you know what, let me divide this part into several parts…

1. EVERYONE can create a character name for the MOU and a character with THAT name WILL be in one or more of the MOU stories. And I’m not just talking about cameos. I’m talking about heroes to supporting characters to villains. COMMENT BELOW YOUR CHARACTER NAME ON THIS POST. (Yes, it can be your own first name but preferably not your last name please. Use a fake last name.)

2. We are in DESPERATE NEED OF WRITERS. Noah has graciously taken the job of writing many of the MOU stories. Camster and I are also helping. But there are SO many more. If you want to write something, EMAIL US AT: There are no first dibs. You will be randomly assigned a story to write. That way no one feels like they got the short end of the stick. Everyone has a fair chance. As of now, three phases, or Folds, are planned. While Fold 1 is full, writers are needed for the latter two. We will eventually announce the writers along with the timeline for the Folds. That will be in the near future, so don’t forget to email us ASAP!

3. We also really need ILLUSTATORS AND ORIGAMI-FOLDERS! For illustrators: instead of doodling on pages like in the original Origami Yoda book, we just want drawings that depict significant events or origami characters of the MOU. For origami-folders: we need people to fold origami characters for the covers of the stories! Once again, you can EMAIL US AT: Email us and tell us you want to be an illustrator or origami-folder, and we will randomly assign you something or someone to create. Illustrators, please, be as creative as you want with your painting/drawing (as long as it looks somewhat realistic and not totally abstract). Folders, put your best effort into making the origami character look waffle-tastic! Origami instructions are not mandatory, but appreciated!

ALRIGHTY THEN! That’s all I’ve got for now! Stay tuned for a #ThrowbackThursday-style teaser for our first MOU story coming within the week, as well more announcements about both the MOU and the OYEU!!!


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  1. I have two submissions. peter folder or spiderfold. and if that doesn’t work we could have tony fold and iron fold.

  2. Great thoughts, but that’s not what I meant in the post. Maybe I was too vague. What I meant was that every person can submit a character NAME, as in a human character, like Lucas Johnson or Sara Konnors. The origami superhero characters have already been decided on.

  3. Is Moon Knight a part of this universe? If so, his character name could be Mark Douglas.

  4. Or if Moon Knight isn’t in your plans, could someone’s name be Jerry Donald?

  5. Both of those names sound awesome!!! And like I said before, we can choose and utilize anyone from the Marvel Multiverse, including Moon Knight, Sentry, the Fantastic Four, etc.

  6. The Marvel Origami Universe is already a very big place…

  7. ok. thanks. is deadpool in this? we could have wade wilson. or we could have eddie brock with a venom puppet. or maybe, if this works, you could have ellie phimster or miles morales.
    (Negasonic teenage warhead and spider-man from a parallel dimension.

  8. Can I be Ezra Cronin

  9. I have a recommendation. How about John Yeargensburg?

  10. @MasterFolderYoda I will definitely take those thoughts and ideas into consideration!

  11. @SF Dwight2025 Fantastic name! I’m putting it down on the list of character names to be used!

  12. @Ezrap9 I like it! That name will definitely be used!

  13. Jar Jar Pleats

    How about Gerard Tyson, and Gerold McNealy?

  14. Jar Jar Pleats

    Jasmine Verninski?

  15. @Jar Jar Pleats Wonderful names! I can tell some great characters will be made with these names.

  16. Im SF guillermo and i would like to be in a story as: SF guillermo

  17. I can’t reach you guys from E mail so… i would like to write a story and i could draw covers and stuff like that

  18. Jar Jar Pleats

    Same here, I would love to fold some characters (with instrux) and maybe write a story. Let me know if I can!

  19. @guillermo Is there any last name you would like to add to the name of your character Guillermo? It doesn’t have to be a real last name, just a fake one.

  20. @Jar Jar Pleats I replied to your email! There you will receive further details.

  21. @guillermo We would love to have you as a writer! However, the reason we have an email was so we could receive the MOU stories written by other people without spoiling them. If you could somehow use an email, that would be great. Both if you can’t, perhaps you could send it to us over OYEU comments.

  22. yes, ok, i will be Sf guillermo Tharp. And, as for the story, i will try to send an E mail.

  23. Ok, i sent the e mail. Did you receive it?

  24. CrimsonDawn here. I’m new. I can’t believe that I am gonna write a story!

  25. @guillermo Yes I got your email! Thank you!

  26. @CrimsonDawn You’ll do great! Thanks for joining!

  27. @guillermo I’m afraid your character’s last name can’t be Tharp, as that last name is the same as Dwight’s. That would be too confusing because we don’t want a connection between the character Guillermo and Dwight. This wasn’t my decision, but one of the others in charge of the MOU decided it wouldn’t work.

    My apologies. Would the name “Guillermo Del Toro” work instead?

  28. OK, i completely understand, i just couldnt find another last name.
    So… what about “Guillermo Valenzuela”
    That would be cool

  29. I understand, would ” Guillermo Valenzuela” work?

  30. Yes that totally works!

  31. Superfolder CJ, I can’t tell you how happy i am to be in this! And I would really like if you can include my origami Thanos which will be in I will include instrux as well to have you draw a better face, Gauntlet, ect. PLEASE DO!!! I love origami so much!!!!!!!

  32. Sorry if this is the the place for this, but is the origami youda eu finished yet and if so is it all correct info under the eu timeline? And what about the mace windu thing on the official oriyoda forum? Sorry, I’m just finding this after reading the first Al book in the official series years ago and I love this. Thank you so much

  33. CJ, are You awake yet?

  34. @SF Dwight2025 Robots are always awake. They don’t need sleep.

  35. @Aidan Mishell The EU is always expanding and growing. Hopefully it will never be finished. The info in the EU timeline contains the correct info for Volumes 1 and 2, but does not include Volume 3 yet. What do you mean by the “mace windu thing?”

  36. @ SF Dwight2025 The MOU Council will consider your origami Thanos, but I cannot make any promises.

  37. SF Dwight2025



  38. SF Dwight2025

    Mesa cannont sends usen email! So Mesa wantsen bean folder, but Mesa cannont senda email! Usen either reply here, or sendsan email to Mesa! Ok bye bye!

  39. SF Dwight2025

    I wonder what Caps name will be in the MOU…

    Probably Captain folder.

    If I had to come up with an alter ego for him, it would be Pleat Rogers!

  40. Sf firk (yep... Its really me)

    Ill write a story if I’m alowed still. I can’t belive this is still here.

  41. @SF firk You absolutely can write a story! Just send an email to asking about a writing job and you will be given a story as well as context for your story so it shall fit properly into the MOU!

  42. @SF Dwight2025 Firstly, spot-on Jar Jar Binks impression. Secondly, I’m afraid we can’t email you because we don’t know your email. Again, our email is

  43. [Starts playing Avengers theme while folding Origami Thor, Origami Rocket, and Teenge Origami Groot.]

  44. Hey, uh, SF Firk…can I just say, uh, you have a great—though simple—SF name, and I will support your MOU story if you do write one!

  45. [Gives approving thumbs up while turning on Awesome Mixes 1 & 2 from Guardians of the Galaxy.]

  46. Oh, hi, SF CJ! You’re just as great as JC, except your username is CJ instead! 😃

  47. @SF MasterSkywalker Oh shucks, you’re making me blush. LOL.

  48. I’m new here, actually. I’m kinda wondering how I can, you know, become a part of the Origami Yoda EU community…

  49. Oh, it says here I can follow the EU. Okay, I’ll do it today.

  50. @SF MasterSkywalker You’re already part of it! However, If you really want to get involved, I suggest reading some of the stories on this website, especially the series “Origmai Yoda and the Bounty Hunters.” As you’ve probably already noticed, some big things are going on with the EU due to the arrival of the MOU, and you can read the “Big Announcement” post to see how you can help! Like the great JC said himself, “The Universe Belongs To All!” That means you too, MasterSkywalker. 😀

  51. When I was younger I first read the OY books (the official ones, not the EU ones). Then a year ago I got signed up on Then I discovered the OYEU and came over here. I just haven’t started to really become a part of it until now.

  52. Well, welcome aboard! We are in desperate need of new SuperFolders, so that we can discuss our favorite fandom with each other and grow our community!

  53. Fun fact: I was at the same early preview of Solo: A Star Wars Story that Tom was at. Except I didn’t get to meet him, there was a ton of people going to see the Solo preview.

  54. I’m also a fan of SF Dwight2025, mainly because when he comments on things, he’s just…likable. Then again, I’m also a likable guy.
    [Starts getting into Lando Calrissian outfit and turns on Childish Gambino’s This Is America.]

  55. SF CJ! SF CJ! Answer me I have something important you tell you and all the others on the site!

  56. I know it might be, like, midnight in the eastern U.S. (I live in the west BTW) but this is IMPORTANT NEWS.

  57. Before I say the news I have to tell you something…
    Did I wake up? If you were asleep anyway? Because if I did, meesa sorry.

  58. Like I told Dwight2025, robots don’t sleep. LOL.

  59. I’ve been quite awake. Please go ahead.

  60. So an hour ago I visited that old OY website,
    Then I noticed how right you are. 😶
    In this article, you say how the OY community has decreased in numbers over the past few years. You are right. The last comment on was in 2014!!!!!!!
    So now I’m convinced that since the Origami Yoda EU community has been lacking over the last few years, and I’m here now to say this: I want something!

  61. Okay, that equal rights part was a big ol’ joke. But I’m not joking! You’re profile pic literally says “OYEU LIVES!” And if we all come together, the OY community can be stronger!

  62. That WAS what I was hoping for!

  63. Also we just reached 66 comments. Hmm, 66. You know what that means.

  64. (Facepalm.) No, I am not turning into Emperor Palpatine and making Order 66 to destroy all SuperFolders.

  65. I’m Han Solo—Darth Maul Remix

    Yeah I’m feeling good tonight
    Hatred’s driving me and it feels so right, oh
    Time to do the things I like
    Gotta kill Kenobi, yeah everything’s all right, oh
    No Sidious to answer to
    Ain’t a fixture in the palace zoo, no
    And since those spider legs off me
    I’m living my life, I’m free, yeah

    I’m picking up my saber
    Put it on my side
    Hop in my speeder-bike
    Savage at my side

    I’m Maul,
    I’m Darth Maul,
    I’m Darth Maul,
    I’m Darth Maul,

    Told me to get my legs together
    Now I got robot legs, yeah
    Now I made it through that Dathomir weather
    Betters days are gonna get better!

    I’m so happy that Sidious is gone
    I’m moving on
    I’m so happy my “Darth” title is gone…
    But the pain’s not gone!

    I’m putting on my robes
    To cover up mah legs
    I’m hopping in my speeder-bike
    I’m heading to Tatooine tonight

    I’m Maul
    I’m Darth Maul
    I’m Darth Maul
    I’m Darth Maul

  66. Hey, uh, CJ, pretty much no one on the EU has answered this, so…
    When are we really getting The School Awakens?
    P.S.: Good morning.

  67. I’m pretty sure this has been said before, but The School Awakens story and movie are both stuck in “development limbo” (real movie term, look it up) until further notice. JC, EvilJawa, and I tried, but making a decent movie with enough actors is very hard. And because of that, we didn’t right the story yet either. For now, those projects are frozen in carbonite, while the EU tries to make the MOU work. Hopefully this revival of the OY EU and SuperFolding will open the door for The School Awakens to be finished eventually, among a list of other unfinished works, such as finishing and/or remaking Origami Yoda: The Series and completing Volume 3 of Origami Yoda and the Bounty Hunters.

    G’mornin’ to ya. Cheers, mate.

  68. I know it may mean a few more years until The School Awakens and Volume 3, but I can wait. Listen, CJ. There are Origami Yoda EU fanfictions out there. Watch out for them, dude, because some are romanced-themed. 😬

  69. HAH. Whatever. I don’t check that stuff out. I’ve dedicated a good portion of my life to helping write and edited and create the OY EU. That’s all the OY fanfiction I need.

  70. I check it out sometimes. Let’s say that the fans are dirty-minded.

  71. I too like the EU stories more than the fanfictions.

  72. Once in 2015 I had an idea for The Sxhool Awakens, but I never got to writing the plot. Only got to the plot summary. Here it is:

    Not so long ago, somewhere not so far away…
    It’s summer vacation, before Tommy is going to go to his new high school. He goes to the movie theater with Sara one day, and while Tommy eats a few skittles in the theater, he wishes for things to be like the old days. Suddenly, he and Sarah are transported to an alternate dimension where Lisa never decided to turn against Tommy and the others on that fateful trip to Washington.

    All your favorite Origami Yoda heroes are back in this alternate dimension, along with origami puppets of Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, BB-8, General Labelmaker, R2-D2, and all the other main characters of The Force Awakens.
    But in the shadows, a new threat lurks. The First Origami Order, led by the evil Supreme Folder Snoke and the Knights of Pen. Join the battle! Help the Resistance win over the map to Kellen’s old locker, where an exiled Luke Skyfoldr is hidden…

    This can maybe be an opening crawl or something like that.

  73. By the way, on the subject of Marvel movies, did you like Avengers: Infinity War? 😃 Asking for a friend.

  74. I loved and hated it. I loved it because it was just amazing in everyway possible. I hated it because the ending was emotionally painful for me. LOL. But yeah, I’d give it 4.9 out of 5 stars.

  75. I know, right?! Poor Spidey…at least he has a sequel confirmed…
    Also, why’d they kill off Groot again. I cried. James Gunn literally said Groot’s last word to Rocket were “dad!”

  76. Also they killed Black Panther though his movie made all that money. 💰

  77. In fact, I just finished making an origami Rocket Raccoon and an origami Bucky. Now I can reenact that Infinity War scene where Rocket teams up with Bucky and then asks for Bucky’s arm.

  78. Sounds pretty interesting. We’d love to see them if they’re on

  79. Hey, SF Noah! Here’s what I think would’ve happened if Bucky stayed alive and didn’t die in Infinity War:
    Bucky: Oh, hey, Cap. Hey, where’s Sam?
    Cap: Er…he died.
    Bucky: Oh…
    Rocket: Can I have that arm now?
    Bucky and Cap: NO!

    I know. It sounds cheesy but I like it. I like both Marvel and origami and Star Wars.

  80. Also I don’t think I want it to be on Instead, I’m gonna make a YouTube video that reenacts the scene where Bucky and Rocket team up…but in origami.

  81. And after I make that origami video, I’m gonna make my own version of the Cover Yoda, and after that I’m thinking of excepting the “fold 1,000 Yodas” challenge. And after that I don’t know what I’m gonna do at all. 🙂

  82. Guys! In a while, I’m going to upload a scene from Avengers: Infinity War in YouTube. The video is an origami recreation of the scene, and filming starts tomorrow. Wish me luck! 🙂

  83. Hey CJ, did you here? I’m making an origami recreation of a scene from Avengers: Infinity War. I started filming early, and shot some screenshots tonight.

  84. Sounds good. Have fun.

  85. CrimsonDawn I’m sorry but that’s just a really cool username you have there. CrimsonDawn. Hmmm…might wanna change my username to something similar…let’s see…
    Crimson is a shade of red and Dawn is around five in the morning, so I might change my username to…
    Red Five!

    That means Red Five=Crimson Dawn. Illuminati confirmed?

  86. Jar Jar Pleats

    😦…I am actually speechless..I believe you have…

  87. If Crimson Dawn=Red Five, and Luke pilots Red Five in A New Hope, does that mean that the Red Five X-Wing that Luke pilots in A New Hope is powered by coaxium from Crimson Dawn?

    Well, DJ from Star Wars: The Last Jedi said both the good guys (the Resistance) and the bad guys (the First Order) buys weapons and ships from arms dealers. Is it the same case with the Rebel Alliance and the Empire? Did both sides of the Galactic Civil War Get fuel and weapons and ships from arms dealers? If so, was Red Five ITSELF made by Crimson Dawn?

    It’s all a machine, my friend. All a machine.

  88. darealgamingnexus

    Preeety sweet.

  89. I could be the next Film Theorist. 😎

  90. AND REMEMBER, that’s just a theory, an OY EU THEORY!!!! Thanks for watching! 😉

  91. AND…CUT!
    So the guy who played Vision in the MCU also played Dryden Vos in Solo: A Star Wars Story? Oh, wow. Wait, if the MOU and the Origami Yoda EU universe have a crossover sometime in the future, what if Origami Dryden Vos and Origami Vision meet?
    Well…that’s just gonna be plain awkward…
    Vision: Hello.
    Dryden Vos: Hi.
    Vision: You look like me.
    Dryden Vos: Yeah, you do too. And you sound like me.

  92. Hey, uh, CJ, will the MOU sometimes try to adapt comic book storylines?
    For an example:

    Do you know about that comic book event, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe? What if the MOU tries to adapt it into “Origami Deadpool Kills The Marvel Origami Universe” or something similarly titled to that.

    So yeah, I think sometimes you guys will try to adapt comic book stories into the MOU…I don’t know…

    P.S.: Good night.

  93. That is a pretty good idea. We will take that into consideration.

  94. Me! It was a great movie! I like that big-shot gangster Dryden Vos and how he’s a villain but has an “act like a nice guy” act. His nice guy act is actually very convincing.

  95. Also, if you guys do make an Origami Deadpool Kills The Marvel Origami Universe one day, here are some lines for it:

    [Deadpool is put in a chair by an origami version of Ebony Maw, about to be hypnotized by him.]

    Deadpool: Things get worse for you every day, big boy!

    Ebony Maw: I was brought here by the Mad Titan, Origami Thanos. He demands your silence, Mr. Wilson…

    Deadpool: If you do manage to hypnotize me, Squidward With A Suit On, don’t put me into another suit! If you do, don’t make it green! Or animated!

    That’s all I got.

  96. Can i be Jimmy Fireburst?

  97. Here’s some more. I think this would happen after Origami Deadpool gets brainwashed by Origami Ebony Maw to go on a killing spree of the MOU:

    [Deadpool comes into the Guardians of the Galaxy’s signature ship, the Milano.]

    Deadpool: Hello? Origami version of Christ Pratt? Green-Girl? Trash Panda? Shirtless Man With Tatoos? Giving Tree? Any of you home?

    [Origami Rocket and Origami Groot appear.]

    Groot: I am Groot.

    Rocket: What Groot said! Get outta here, you foul-mouthed Spiderman rip-off!

    Deadpool: You deserve what I’m about to do to you, Rocket. I’m sorry.

    [Deadpool stuffs a grenade into Rocket’s mouth.]

    Deadpool: I never said this, but DON’T SWALLOW!

    [Deadpool pushes a button on the grenade and it explodes, killing Rocket and Groot.]

    [Origami Peter Quill, Origami Drax, and Origami Gamora appear.]

    Peter Quill: Stop right there!

    [Deadpool takes out his katanas.]

    Deadpool: Time to get dirty!

    [Peter Quill shoots at Deadpool but then Deadpool slices off his hands.]

    Peter Quill: What the heck, man?

    Deadpool: Cheers to ya, mate.

    [Deadpool slices Origami Peter Quill in half.]

    Drax: AAHHH—

    [Deadpool sighs and cuts Drax’s head off.]

    [Gamora sneaks behind Deadpool and slices one of his arms off.]

    Deadpool: AHHH! Gosh darn it, you rip-off of She-Hulk! Taste this!

    [Deadpool then bumps heads with Gamora, knocking her out.]

    Deadpool: Yes! Victory! I never die! Now time to get chimichangas at Taco Bell—before I hunt down my next target: the amazing Spider-Man…

    That’s all I have for this chapter in Origami Deadpool Kills The Marvel Origami Universe.

  98. Is that the name you’re suggesting?

  99. You could also have Deadpool beg to Ebony Maw, “Please don’t sew my mouth shut and put me in a blue/yellow X-Men suit!”

  100. This is another fan-made manuscript for Origami Deadpool Kills The MOU:

    [Team Cap and Team Iron Man are at an airport in Berlin.]

    Iron-Fold: Underoos!

    [Spider-Man ties Captain America’s hands together and steals his shield.]

    [Spider-Man jumps onto the hood of a nearby car.

    Spider-Man: Hey, everyone. Spider-Man.

    [The Falcon and Captain America run after Spider-Man, but Spider-Man glides away and lands safely on the edge of a nearby highway, where Deadpool is listening to music and drawing on a piece of paper like in the first Deadpool movie.]

    [It is shown Deadpool is drawing Spider-Man kissing Deadpool on the piece of paper.]

    Spider-Man: Hey, uh, what’re you doing here? I’m Spider-Man. Big fan.

    Deadpool: I know, right? And it’s sad I have to kill you before your first solo movie.

    Spider-Man: My first solo m—

    [Spider-Man’s head gets chopped off by Deadpool and Deadpool jumps down below to the airport.]

    Deadpool: Hello there.

    Captain America: Wade?

    Deadpool: You’re supppsed to say “General Kenobi.”

    [Deadpool winks at the camera.]

    Deadpool: Now, you pitiful audience, suck up that Star Wars reference! It’s gonna be the only one in this whole manuscript since Spidey’s dead!

    [My note: In Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man ties Giant-Man’s legs together with webbing, and says it’s just like the sequence in The Empire Strikes Back when the snowspeeder uses the cable rope to tie the AT-AT’s legs together.]

    [Deadpool then throws five or six grenades in the middle of the battlefield, killing all members of Team Cap and Team Iron.]

    [Origami Deadpool’s head is seen in the ground, talking.]

    Deadpool: I never die. Also, I never freeze.

    Origami Black Panther: Hey, that’s my line—

    [Deadpool holds a grenade in his mouth and throws it at Black Panther, killing him.]

    Deadpool: Now your dear old Papa DP over here is gonna go onto my next targets: the God Of Swoleness, Thor, and the Incredible Sulk—I mean, Hulk… *laughs evilly*

    [An origami version of shirtless Kylo Ren—I mean, Ben Swolo—appears.]

    Origami Ben Swolo: No, I’m the God Of Swoleness!

    That’s it for this chapter in Deadpool Kills The MOU! Next is Thor and Hulk and Loki and Valkyrie, all returning in origami form, and after that, the remaining characters of Avengers: Infinity War will have to deal with the Origami Merc With A Mouth! 😉

  101. Oh, and in the Infinity War chapters of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Origami Universe, all the remaining villains and heroes will have to come together to defeat Deadpool! Yes, the heroes will have to team up with Thanos, The Red Skull, Ebony Maw, and The Black Order.

    Lemme tell you guys one thing: the heroes will team up with the villains…reluctantly. 🙂

  102. Here’s the next comment section-written chapter of Origami Deadpool Kills The Marvel Origami Universe…

    [Thor, in the Sakaaran gladiator area, holds up his shield and staff and gets ready for battle with the supposed champion gliadtor of Sakaar.]

    The announcer of the gladiator arena: On this side, the God Of Thunder, the might Thor, and on the other side, the champion of Sakaar, the Green Goliath, the one and only INCREDIBLE—

    [Hulk comes out of the other side of the arena.]

    Hulk: [ROARS]

    Thor: [Smiles.] Wait! Everyone! He’s…he’s a friend from work!

    The announcer of the gladiator arena: And last, but not least, the Merc With A mouth, Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar Pei, the TRUE champion of Sakaar, the one and only…Deadpool!

    [Deadpool takes out his katanas.]

    Deadpool: Oh, hey, God Of Swoleness! Oh, hello there, the Incredible Sulk! Noice gladiator armor ya got there! Sorry I have to destroy it…and YOU!

    [Deadpool slices some of the Hulk’s armor off.]

    Hulk: HULK SMASH—

    [Deadpool puts one katana behind his back, takes out one of his pistols, the shoots Hulk in the foot.]

    Hulk: OUCHIE!

    Deadpool: AWWW YEAH!

    [Hulk then injures Deadpool with his big gladiator axe.]

    Deadpool: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! But…I NEVA FREEZE!

    [Deadpool farts in Hulk’s face.]

    [Hulk falls to the ground.]

    Hulk: Ew!!!!

    [Deadpool shoots Hulk many times, killing the nearly-indestructible green piece of origami.]

    Thor: NOOOO—

    [Deadpool shoots Origami Thor in the head.]

    The Grandmaster: Get that guy in the red-and-black jumpsuit—

    Deadpool: Shut up, Origami Jeff Goldblum!

    [Deadpool then takes out a grenade and throws it at the Grandmaster’s royal spot, killing him and everyone else except Loki.]

    Loki: Huh. I’m the only survivor of the grenade. I’m…uh…just going now, I guess.

    Deadpool: No you’re not!

    [Deadpool jumps up to the half-destroyed royal spot where Loki is still sitting on the bench where the Grandmaster was also sitting earlier.]

    [Deadpool slices Loki’s head off.]

    Deadpool: Noice. Now what about that ding-dang Valkyrie?

    Valkyrie: Me?

    [Deadpool shoots Valkyrie in the stomach, killing her.]

    Deadpool: My job is totally done here. Let’s see…I killed both Team Cap and Team Iron Man, I killed Spidey, I killed Black Panther, I killed Ben Swolo, Thor and Loki, Hulk, and Valkyrie. Let’s see who’s next…Wait, now I’m hunting down two random mutants in New York City who don’t even know they have superpowers? Let’s see…there’s this one called Jean Grey…and the other one’s name is, uh, James Howlett, I think…

  103. [Thanos and the Black Order, including Ebony Maw, arrive at the airport in Berlin.]

    Thanos: Yes…I have successfully collected all six Infinity Stones, except for one: the Mind Stone.

    [Thanos looks down and sees the remains of Vision, along with a perfectly unharmed Mind Stone.]

    Thanos: Yes…now I will complete the Gauntlet and finish my birghtright, which is to wipe out half of the universe.

    [Thanos picks up the Mind Stone and slowly puts it in the Infinity Gauntlet.]

    Thanos: Now…it is my time.

    [Thanos gently snaps his fingers.]

    [Deadpool, walking out of the Sakaaran gladiator arena, stops in his tracks.]

    Deadpool: I…I don’t feel so good…

    [Deadpool’s right arm disintegrates.]

    Deadpool: Oh, man…

    [Deadpool’s legs and other arm disintegrate.]

    Deadpool: [Suddenly stops being brainwashed.] W…where am I? Did I just kill almost all of the MOU? Did I even kill my old friend Captain America? Oh no…Cap, if you’re out there…I’m sorry…

    [Deadpool closes his eyes and fully disintegrates.]

    [Meanwhile, Nick Fury and Maria Hill are walking down the streets of NYC, when suddenly, people start disappearing.]

    Maria Hill: Nick? Something’s wrong…

    [Maria Hill disintegrates.]

    Nicky Fury: Hill! Oh no, what happened…?

    [A nearby helicopter crashed into a building.]

    Nicky Fury: Oh gosh! [Takes out paper from the 1990s.] Listen to me! This is a code red! A code red!

    [Nick Fury’s right arm disintegrates.]

    Nicky Fury: Mother—

    [The pager drops to the ground.]

    [The Captain Marvel symbol appears.]

    [Again, meanwhile, James Howlett and Jean Grey walk in the park.]

    Jean: AHHH!

    James: What’s wrong?

    [Jean’s arms disintegrate.]

    James: No! Jean!!!!

    [Jean then fully disintegrates away.]

    [James starts breaking down and crying.]

    [Suddenly, a large portal appears behind James, and James instantly takes notice and looks at it.]

    [Thanos, with a damaged Infinity Gauntlet and an injured arm, looks at James.]

    Thanos: James Howlett…I am the Mad Titan, Thanos. In the near future, you become a vigilante by the name of Wolverine, hunting down crime in honor of your girlfriend Jean Grey. Unknown to you and Jean, both of you are mutants who haven’t discovered your powers. And to prevent you from becoming Wolverine, I will have to destroy our. Goodbye.

    James: Oh no, you’re not!

    [James’s eyes then suddenly turn yellow for a couple seconds before reverting to normal, and claws pop out of his hands.]

    [Thanos raises the damaged Gauntlet and shoots a blue laser beam at James, who runs out of the way and jumps onto Thanos’s other arm.]

    James: Sun’s getting real low, big guy!

    Thanos: Stop at once, human!

    [James jumps onto Thanos’s injured arm.]

    James: Like you said, Thanos…I’m not a human. I’m a mutant.

    [James slices off Thanos’s arm with his claws.]

    Thanos: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [James then jumps off Thanos’s injured arm, retracts his claws, and slowly puts on the Infinity Gauntlet.]

    Thanos: No!

    James: Yes! And you’ll pay for what you did to Jean!

    [James then fires several purple laser beams at Thanos, killing him.]

    James: [Drops the Gauntlet on the ground.] Now I…am The Wolverine.

  104. [Deadpool arrives in Heaven.]

    Deadpool: Is this Heaven? Wow, it’s cleaner than I expected. But…I don’t want to be in Heaven! I want me and all the other superheroes to be alive again! I don’t know how to go back to Earth, but I’ll do it somehow…

    [Deadpool sees a rack.]

    Deadpool: Ooh, what’s this? A weapons rack? Yay! But…where are the weapons? I only see the rack holding these weird canisters. Hmm…it says these are…UNIVERSES IN BOTTLES? But these universes in bottles are not labeled! Where’s my universe, the MOU? Let’s see…

    [Deadpool packs all of the universe in bottles into a bag, and holds up one of them.]

    Deadpool: Let’s see this one…

    [Deadpools swigs down the universe in a bottle.]

    Deadpoool: Whoa!

    [Deadpool gets transported to another reality.]

    Deadpool: What is this place? It looks like a…a cafeteria!

    [In front of Deadpool is a young boy with short hair coming up to a taller boy with bushy brown hair, who has an origami version of Yoda on his finger.]

    Quavondo: Hey…Dwight…can I ask Origami Yoda a question about—

    Dwight: Go away, Cheeto Hog!

    Origami Yoda [whispering]: Help me…

    Deadpool: Sorry, Origami Frank Oz! Time to go!

    [Deadpool picks up another bottle and swigs it.]

    [Deadpool travels to another reality, where he is an actual human being, not a piece of origami.]

    Deadpool: Is this…my movie universe?

    [Deadpool looks up and sees he’s being held by the Juggernaut.]

    Juggernaut: I’m gonna rip you in half now.

    Deadpool: WHAT?!?!

    [Juggernaut rips Deadpool in half.]

    Deadpool: Time to go again!

    [Deadpool swigs down a third universe in a bottle, and gets transported to a third universe.]

    [Deadpool is still in his human being form, but this time he’s wearing a Deadpool T-shirt and is a kid.]

    [Deadpool spots several kids running towards a large catapult and some random treehouse.]

    Jack: Hey, Lance, we’re still the “Brothers of Boba,” right?

    Lance: Never, you traitor! [Grips plastic lightsaber.]

    Noah: [Runs up to Deadpool.] Hey, kid, you on our side or the Empire’s side?

    Deadpool: If I’m not dressed up as a stormtrooper, I’m not Imperial Army.

    Noah: Good. Where’s your weapon?

    Deadpool: Uh…I guess I…uh…forgot it?

    Noah: [Hands Deadpool a lightsaber and two Nerf guns.] Fight like you’ve never fought before, kid!

    Deadpool: My name is…uh…Wade.

    Noah: Wade, I believe in you! Now GO FIGHT OUT THERE!

    [Deadpool puts away his lightsaber and loads his Nerf guns.]

    Deadpool: Oh, yes. Time to get dirty.


  105. You know what? Now I want you guys to make an MOU story where Deadpool is trapped in the OYEU universe. I still want you guys to make a story where Deadpool kills the MOU, but I want the second option less now. Also, if you were wondering why Deadpool visited two OY universe, the first one was the canon OY book universe, and the second was the EU. And if you didn’t know where in the Origami Yoda EU timeline Deadpool was, it’s during the events of the EU book, Rogue Wug. 😉

  106. Master sky walker, I can’t tell you how funny your little DP kills da MOU thing was. BUT I CAN!!!!!!!!!!! It was the funniest thing I have read. CONTINUE WITH DA FUNNYNESS!!!!!!!!

  107. can I make one myself?

  108. ps CJ? I uh, want YOU to send me an email here is instrux: I want to be a folder.

  109. PPS. I really think the MOU will be a really good place to reread all of the stuff from this. If there is an Infinity war origami-versionthen my thanks is defientaly pretty good for the job. Just saying.

  110. sorry i meant THANOS!!!!!! Stupid auto correcter

  111. Part 2 of DP Kills The MOU will come on August 1st.

  112. dang
    o i really hafta wait this long?>=-(

  113. Here’s a sneak peak at my version of the upcoming OYEU book, The Last Jelly:

    [Sara holds up an origami General Princess Labelmaker.]

    Sara: Uh-oh.

    [Noah runs around in a cardboard X-Wing, colored black-and-orange.]

    Noah: General, if I don’t destroy this thing, everything I’ve done so far will be for nothing! This is an origami fleet-killer, General Labelmaker!

    Sara: Get back here, Commander!

    Noah: [Disconnects his comlink.]

    Sara: Did he just…hang up on me? …Also, get that nervous look off your face, 3P0!

    Dwight/Origami C-3P0: Fine.

    [Meanwhile, inside of the dreadnought…]

    [Kellen turns on a nearby ELMO projector.]

    [A large hologram of Supreme Liter Coke’s face comes out of the projector.]

    Supreme Liter Coke: General Campbell…our fighters are getting destroyed out there by that puny one-man fighter. The fighter is going for the dreadnought. Do something. Now!

    Kellen: Uh…sure, Supreme Liter C—

    [The Supreme Leader then slams Kellen onto the floor several times.]

    Supreme Liter Coke: Do not fail me ever again.

    Kellen: Uh…okay then, sir.

    [Supreme Liter Coke’s hologram disappears.]

    Kellen: Oh boy.

    That’s it! How do you like it? Also, Deadpool comes in soon after this sneak peek ends. 🙂

  114. Yeah, i just thought of it like just when i was typing that comment

  115. @Creaser_James Alright, Jimmy Fireburst sounds good!

  116. Oh, what the heck! I’m gonna give another sneak peek of DP Kills The MOU Part 2. 🙂

    [The Origami Rebel Alliance jet blasts off into space.]

    [Meanwhile, in a large black-colored airplane, a struggling Kellen Campbell, wearing a Kylo Ren mask he bought on eBay and a black cape, comes into a red throne-room, where Supreme Liter Coke is waiting for him.]

    Supreme Liter Coke: Ah…Kylo Ren. Son of darkness, loyal Knight of Pen, heir apparent to the fictional Kylo Ren from the Star Wars sequel trilogy…you have failed me once again.

    Kellen: I did not!

    Supreme Liter Coke: SILENCE! …You failed to bring the girl to me…and you failed against that puny girl, who HADN’T EVEN WIELDED A PLASTIC LIGHTSABER BEFORE!

    [Supreme Liter Coke gets up from his large gray throne.]

    Supreme Liter Coke: When I first saw you, I saw raw, untamed power. And beyond that…something truly special. But I was wrong…

    Kellen: You weren’t!

    Supreme Liter Coke: YOU FAILED!

    [Plastic Force lightning comes out of Supreme Liter Coke’s sleeves and hits Kellen, whose cape and mask fall off.]


    [Kellen walks into an elevator with his mask and cape off, and once the elevator closes, he looks down at his mask.]

    [Kellen angrily smashes his mask against the wall of the elevator many times, until his mask is in pieces.]

    [Two officers appear right outside of the elevator.]

    [Kellen just looks at them.]

    Kellen: Uh…well, this is awkward. Uh…prepare my ship?

  117. hey CJ? How come you haven’t sent an email to me yet? I really want to know if i can be a folder!!!!!!!

  118. Well, I’ve been busy responding to other SF’s emails. I don’t understand why u can’t just email me first, but u can definitely be a folder if u want.

  119. i can’t email you because i have a parental lock. (Homer Simpson Impression) Stupid, parental lock. Why can’t brains come up with something new. thats why their losing viewers to netflix.

  120. so, if you email me, I can email you back, K?

  121. you know were up to 130 comments on this. WOW!!! :O

  122. Woo-hoo! Party time! I hope we reach a 150 comments anniversary! 😝🎈

  123. how a bout 200!!!!! 😀

  124. My character’s name is John Sanders

  125. He’s talking about the whole ” give me your name and I may put him/her in the book” thing.

  126. Okay can I be in an upcoming book

  127. NO!! I mean by the name picker thing where you give a random name and CJ will use it in the books!

  128. Okay what about Henry Walker? Is that a good name?

  129. He’s supposed to be a little bit younger than most of the MOU stars so far (like Clark Largent, Dove MacLeash, more to come) and Clark is his mentor. Guess who his origami character is? That’s right. It’s Spider-Man. Or should I say…

    [Makes derpy face.]


  130. we’re not there yet.

  131. Its august 3rd, wheres DP KTMOU part 2?

  132. Glad you asked, it’s coming tomorrow, actually.

  133. Here is first chapter of DP Kills the MOU Part 2:




  135. It’s the 26th!?!?
    Bring it to me!

  136. I think he’s too busy presently with Foldo

  137. Ah. I remember this. I joined the EU in this very comment section. And now I’m leaving. What a journey this has been. I hope they remember me.

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