Episode XXI: The Knights of Pen – Written by Creaser_James

Episode XXII: Rebels – Written by Guillermo

Episode XXIII: Rogue Wug – Written by DarthNoah

Episode XXIV: The Last Jelly – Written by Navalbrick Creator

Episode XXV: The Copy Wars – Written by OrigamiLuke100

Episode XXVI: Origami Yoda’s Secret War – Written by Feedback Returns 

Episode XXVII: Twilight of the Student – Written by SF Camster

Episode XXVIII: TITLE REDACTED – Written by CJ




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I am the author of the SuperVillainy High series, a SuperFolder on, and Webmaster of!

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  1. I’m not sure if i will be able to, but i would choose the knights of pen story.
    I’ll tell you right when i find out.

  2. feedback returns

    can i write the secret war i dont have an email bu ill comment it whwn its finished 🙂

  3. feedback returns

    but not bu and when not whwn

  4. I’d like to take part in making Rogue Wug

  5. Rogue Wug is already being written, but if you’d like, you can write the story that takes place just after it! (Just like A New Hope is after Rogue One)

  6. If I could, to make my mark on this site again, I would love to assist in helping with the copy wars. I’d have to contact you JC on some stuff though.

  7. feedback returns

    just found out mind exploding thanks jc :):):):):)

  8. feedback returns

    oh but should i write it after ive reafd the others before the war ?

  9. Ok I’ll write the one after rogue wug

  10. Or maybe rebels, depends on the storyline

  11. Ok i think I’ll do it, but i’ll need to talk to you jc about it. Maybe i should read them again

  12. I would like to see the storyline for the last jelly so I can begin writing

  13. Sorry I forgot to log in that comment before me was me

  14. Do you have an email or anything we can private chat on?

  15. Hi everyone, I’ve already started the story. If anyone wants to be a character in the story just say.

  16. ooh can i be in it ? im going to put me in my story anyways but id like to be in others to

  17. oh and i need the story line to yoda’s secret war so i can start

  18. Ok what do you want your name to be?

  19. No problem! Can you give me your email or some way to contact you privately to avoid spoilers for the other SFs?

  20. jamesshodson just put me in as sf feedback because i cant think of a name and well there are super folders in the stories like sf eggbert oh and jc i dont have a phone or email but i will ask my mom if we can communicate via her email update she said mabie

  21. Cool. Your story is one of the more secretive ones of this wave…

  22. Woah woah woah broskie don’t use my first name dude! I still prefer Luke.

  23. And I thought you had my skype dude, I cannot remember.

  24. But then again, I haven’t used my skype for a while now. I could do instant messaging on youtube.

  25. uh my last comment is waiting for moderation why oh and jc just tell me when you have emailed me

  26. I emailed you 🙂

  27. Navalbrick what do you want your name to be?

  28. ok jc i havnt read it yet but i cant wait to start !

  29. @james I guess SF Captain_Matt_Antilles

  30. OK Captain Matt. I don’t think i will be able to add the antilles part since my story is mostly based on characters from the force awakens. I hope that’s cool with you. 😀

  31. JC I responded to you by the way.

  32. I’m down for it. Could you give me a base of information for this story?

  33. Idea: Tommy is framed for stealing from the fund they are doing to possibly rebuild McQuarrie Middle School. He folds an origami version of Zayne Carrick from the KOTOR comics (a padawan who was also framed) and works with Dwight&IT to find the true thief!

  34. Whoops I meant to say “OY” not “IT”

  35. Oh and SF Eggbert should be in it of course 🙂 😋

  36. sounds cool eggbert and becides you are a very important character in the eu story line ! 🙂

  37. SF Master (aka Gage)

    Any chance I could have a character in here? Not anything major obviously, I don’t want to change the plans for these stories, but if there’s a big scene with several super folders, or some small background part someone needs filled, I’d love to be a part of this universe. My puppet as of right now is Qui-Gon Jinn, as I don’t know of anyone else using that character, but if a different character fits the story better, I don’t mind it being changed. If you do, just put me in as Gage, I chose this SF title a while ago, and it seems very conceited to me now. I’d really appreciate being a part of this universe I love so much. Thank you for reading this, I know it was long.

  38. SF Master (aka Gage)

    Oh yeah I forgot I’m also working on Satele Shan because I like SWTOR and she’s the only Jedi I know from that game… Other than Revan and Malak but they both went dark side, and idk what either of them looked like light side, only dark…

  39. SF Master (aka Gage)

    I don’t know why I brought up that last part TBH kinda irrelevant, Qui-Gon would be the only one I used usually, unless something happened to him/ he was being used by another character… Now I just feel like I’m spamming though so I’ll just end by asking this: when can I expect the first chapter?

  40. minecraftthecomiccom

    Can you email me? Tom says I should take over the Eu since your going to college. But I would like to hear your opinion on this. Can we discuss this through Emails or text? If you want to know where he said this to me It happened in the blue willow bookstore in Houston. So bottom line is I would like to discuss this.

  41. @mineraftthecomiccon how do we know you aren’t lying?

  42. Super excited to write Twilight of the Student! I think I will definitely be on hold quite a while with all of these stories, which is alright. I need background information for the story anyway. However, I was curious how everyone’s stories are coming along.

    Perhaps, JC, you could send out an update (assuming you know how things are going, of course)?

  43. Returnofthecheeto1

    I am not lying. Ask TomAngelberger yourself. He did say it to me. But if you still don’t believe me I am not going to argue.

  44. Returnofthecheeto1

    @navalbrickcreator I am not lying. Ask TomAngelberger yourself. He did say it to me. But if you still don’t believe me I am not going to argue.

  45. @returnofthecheeto1 I’m not saying your lying. I’m just saying it’s a bit unbelievable and we mayrequire more proof

  46. I would prefer JC remain leader. He has managed the EU well through a variety of hoops. If he truly can’t handle the EU and absolutely wants to step down, we should probably vote on it.

    All in all, JC should remain leader for now. I respect Tom’s opinion but JC has done so much for the EU community.

  47. Yeah i totally agree. JC has been the leader of the EU for a long time now and we can’t just suddenly have another leader.

  48. origamiluke100

    I have no idea who you are @returnofthecheeto1. I’ve been in this community since I was about 8, and I’ve never seen you or heard of you.
    I’ve gotten to know JC and hes a cool dude, we all feel like he should remain leader, and if the order of succession goes through, next in line would probably be evil Jawa.

  49. Hey ReturnoftheCheeto1! What’s up? If you can email me at, we can talk about your new position in the OY EU…

  50. @origamiluke100 Hey! I feel like its been forever since I’ve seen you. How are you? 😀

  51. origamiluke100

    Bro, I’m doing fantastic! Thank you for asking, Camster.
    Personally, school has put a damper on me, but besides that I’m great.

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