Welcome to Origami Yoda: The Expanded Universe! This site is a place where SuperFolders send in their own stories and ideas set in the world of Tom Angleberger’s Origami Yoda series!!

There are a few rules:
1. No swearing.
2. No graphic violence.
3. No overly suggestive content/scenes.
4. If you don’t like a certain story, don’t be a bully. Instead, offer constructive criticism!
5. Do not directly copy the plot of the original work. Make it your own!
6. Please do not post stories as comments.
7. All stories may be slightly edited before publication.
8. Have Fun!

You can read the OY EU, MOU, and DCOU stories, write and read the One-Shots and Elseworlds, chat in the SuperFolder TalkZone, have fun, do what you want, and enjoy your time here!

Submit your stories to:
(Submit your story to the email of the respective universe it takes place in.)

The Universe Belongs To All!

-SuperFolder JC and the EU Council


About JC

I am the author of the SuperVillainy High series, a SuperFolder on OrigamiYoda.com, and Webmaster of OrigamiChewbacca.WordPress.com!

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  1. Welcome one and all! The EU is BACK!

  2. SuperFolder AustinC

    Did you guys update the website, or am I on the wrong one???

  3. It’s the same website.

  4. I love this site 🙂 It’s so stooky that the superfolders continue the Origami Yoda saga!

  5. Yes, it is. Very stooky, indeed. Maybe you can help! Submit your idea to JC. Then we’ll take it from there. May the Force be with you, YodaFan!

  6. Thanks!

  7. STOOKY X STOOKY = STOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ummm… did you get JC’s permission to redesign the site?

  9. Me? No, JC did it himself!

  10. Oh yeah. One thing.
    JC, I think you should make a rule called NO POLITICS OR RELIGION because that could lead to arguments and even people’s feeling getting hurt.

  11. I agree with no Politics, but not with the religion one. Sort of. Because we will still have the Christmas and Easter and Halloween Parties.

  12. Yeah. I Know.
    Still, I have no religion, and I still celebrate all of those.
    What I mean is no STRONG stuff, For example, a story that’s all about religion, or a story that’s all about politics.
    Just that nobody gets their feelings hurt.

  13. night_stalker53

    Hi everybody!

  14. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. JC, or whoever is in charge of this place, I would like to rewrite the Marvel stories on this site.  Not just OrigAvengers but the entire Marvel universe. Marvel makes a story about it, then I make a story about it. How does that sound?

  16. I mean if Marvel makes a MOVIE about it, then I’ll make a story about it.

  17. Nice new background!
    How did you do the gif?

  18. *falling snow*

  19. Guys? I don’t have admin privileges. What happened?

  20. Hello? What happened to my admin privileges?

  21. Can I have my admin powers back?

  22. I dont understand anything. I get confused when you say you will take the power of our blogs. Then nothing! What is happening guys?

  23. Wheres the story Doctor Glue is based off of? The youtube video said it be in the eu! If its not, give me a link to the story.

  24. Contest idea: write a Starigami Wars: Scoundrels chapter! It can feature ANY origami smuggler,crime lord,bounty hunter,thief ,thug,or something else,good or bad, from the Star Wars galaxy. Email chapters to cheeseisthegreatest77@gmail.com.

  25. I am making a story called The Empire Strikes back, how do I submit it when I’m done?

  26. Actually, I’m naming it Revenge of the Emperor, so that it’s not to similar to Darth Paper Strikes Back, and so it’s not copying a movie title exactly.

  27. Perhaps you should call it The Emperor Strikes Back!

  28. No, that would be copying Darth Paper Strikes Back

  29. Sadly, JC and I are busy right now, so we are not accepting stories at the moment. We will put the submission form back up sometime in the Mid-Summer.

  30. Okay thx

  31. ????

  32. Hey guys, some of the admins are losing their abilities. Anyone know what happened? Thought I should make this public.

  33. Idea for a new series: Attack of the Conquerers! The first book would be Revenge of the Emperor, the book I mentioned in a comment earlier. Storyline: A boy named Derek believes the answers to everything do not lie in Star Wars and origami. He forms a group called the Conquerers, who are designed to destroy the Origami Rebel Alliance!

  34. Filled with new characters, secrets, and betrayals! Comes before Rise of the Bounty Hunters.

  35. It sounds awesome! Can you email me at jcmichaelsmovies@gmail.com with more info about it? I’m considering doing a “Journey to the Force Awakens”-type move with the Origami Yoda EU. #oyeuawakens

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    will you caused by manage a similar ” Considering that the beginning of the loan a brand new interest, it is possible to basically bring your monthly payment plus multiply this by 12. This scheme has some membership criteria, should you meet the situations of the structure you can apply for the structure?

  37. What??

  38. Can I do the doctor glue classic (Hartnell- McCoy) stories with the McQMS crew’ s grandparents?

  39. origamiluke100


    Then leave.

  40. awesome=STOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I am a big fan of Tom Angleberger, i read all his books

  42. And this site is stooky

  43. How are you doing?????

  44. Nice books here

  45. Play minecraft story mode and read boba felts mission

  46. JC rules!

  47. Wait, mid-summer?!

  48. I’m working on an EU. It’s called ORIGAMI YODA: The Strange School Of Captain Micah.

  49. Hi! I have a Scarlet Spider Hoodie I’m trying to sell for $25, but I need at least 10 orders. Could you please advertise this product? Contact me at jschott5646@gmail.com for Pictures of the Product and my Logo. Thanks!

  50. Remember me from the old site? 🙂 wanted to stop in and say hi since its been a while. stooky work with the series!

  51. origamiluke100

    Woah Woah Woah… What’s this dimension? This is getting a little weird and a little wild. Come on, eat a skittle.

  52. Jc, i don’t know why but i can’t sedan email to you. Do you have another email address?

  53. Guillermo the same thing has been happening for me! Does anyone have a solution so we can contact JC?

  54. Wait, you guys haven’t commented on this post since September? Wow, you’ve all missed out on a lot.
    [Starts playing the First Order Arrives theme and the Enfys Nest theme both at once.] 😁

  55. I just realized I’m probably the only new SF that’s on the site in months. And still, my username isn’t on the SuperFolders page on the OY wiki. 😕

  56. I’m pretty sure that old wiki hasn’t been updated in ages. And I doubt you’re the only new SF.

  57. Oh. Okay then. Thx. I think I’m gonna become a Fandom member sometime soon so I can edit myself and all the other new SFs onto the wiki.

  58. Ah, yes. Later today I’m seeing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. My dreams to make an Origami Tyrannosaurus Rex one day will finally become complete. And I heard there’s this hybrid raptor in the movie called the Indoraptor. An origami Indoraptor? Oh, sweet glory… 🤤


    #DinosAreLit 🦖

  60. Let’s try not to spoil a movie for others.

  61. SF Noah Okay then. I’m sorry. I have no online website and I really liked the movie and I see all these amateur movie-reviewers online. Very sorry. Hope no one saw. Bye…

    #JeffGoldblum #LifeFindsAWay #WelcomeToJurassicWorld 🦖🦕

  62. SF MasterSkywalker’s Summer Movie Guide:

    March 23-Pacific Rim: Uprising (it’s a good film overall, it has good ol’ John Boyega)
    April 27-Avengers: Infinity War (of course)
    May 18-Deadpool 2 (also of course)
    May 21-Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (if you liked Phase 3 of the MCU, this is for you)
    May 25-Solo: A Star Wars Story (now I want a Han Foldo origin story)
    June 5-Incredibles 2 (if you liked the MCU’s latest films, you’ll most likely like this)
    July 6-Ant Man and the Wasp (it takes two to make fanboys squeal in delight)
    July 27-Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (it actually looks like it’s gonna be a nice film)
    September 14-The Predator (if you’re happy and you know it, clap your claws)

    After the summer ends at the end of September, I’ll do a fall movie guide. I’ll be really excited for that, because Fantastic Beasts 2 and Venom come out in the fall!

  63. Supreme Leader Skywalker’s Fall Movie Guide!

    Mission Impossible: Fallout—a very good and very action-focused action movie, and very different from the original Mission Impossible film, where the tallest thing Ethan Hunt jumped from was the vent of some banking room. Also, evil Superman with a mustache!
    Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes Of Grindelwald—seems to be a darker and much more action-focused and much more interesting sequel to the first in the Fantastic Beasts series.
    Venom—We…are Venom. [Eats head.]
    The Predator—so reportedly we have three new Predator designs, two classic Predators designs, and we have a bunch of Predator dog thingies that walk on four legs. Wow.
    The Meg—A fast-paced action movie that is easily a popcorn flick that isn’t an amazing movie, but an enjoyable one.
    Christopher Robin—aww, I’m definitely seeing this in the theater.
    Slenderman—AWW YEAH! Slendy is in the house!
    Mile 22-according to the trailer, no one know that they exist. No one outside of the OY fandom knows that this site exists.
    Bohemian Rhapsody—ah, memories.
    Hotel Transylvania 3—go ahead, Sony. Wave your little cash cow franchise that is Hotel Transylvania at us again.
    Mary Poppins Returns—I’M MARRY POPPINS Y’ALL

  64. Supreme Leader Skywalker’s 2018 TV Guide:

    Supergirl and The Flash and Arrow—Okay, these are the CW’s most profitable TV shows. Literally both The Flash and Green Arrow are majorly-known members of the Justice League! And now they’re entering crossover territory once again.
    Titans—it might be a good show, despite Robin being a total killer, his very…um…tough history with Batman, and my main man Cyborg missing.
    Cloak and Dagger—yet another good Netflix TV show starring Marvel characters. (despite Iron Fist being very mediocre)
    Lost in Space—yep, better than the original.
    Game of Thrones—finally, this very, very, VEEERY popular TV show is on its last season, and I’m highly anticipating it, because its creators said that after they’re done with the show, they’re moving on to their announced Star Wars spin-off movie series. YES!
    Stranger Things 3–who knows. Its third season is either premiering very late this year, or very early next year.

  65. To know me, you must watch these: The entire Star Wars saga, The Harry Potter Series, Full MCU, Ready Player One, Logan, Deadpool 1 & 2, The Flash TV show, Stranger Things, Transformers 1,2,3, and 5, and The Simpsons.

  66. Oh, BTW, SLS, C&D is Freeform, not Netflix.

  67. I’ve watched all Star Wars movies, all HP movies, all Transformers movies, all MCU movies, most of the Netflix MCU TV shows, Logan, both Deadpool movies, all the X-Men movies so far, The Simpsons…

    …and Stranger Things. You could say I’m a fan. The only thing on your list that I haven’t watched yet is The Flash. I used to watch it but it kinda got boring for me.

  68. Oh, COME On! The Season 4 ending was so- Cliffhanger-y!

  69. Should I tell you what it was?

  70. Yeah, sure. I heard there’s a new Reverse Flash or whatever for Season 5. Maybe I’ll watch it.

  71. Sure. Maybe I’ll watch Season 5.


  73. Oh. Well, I do have a big crush on someone, but I don’t think things will get that official so soon, dude… 😛

  74. On that subject, SLS, could you meet me in the comment section of THE CHOSEN ONE: The grand Finale. I need to talk to you about something on that subject privately.

  75. What are you talking about? I mean that was the ending of s4!

  76. Okay. Today I binge-watched Season 4 after school. Yes, almost all of Season 4. A few episode felt like filler in the first few minutes, so I skipped those. But that ending shocked me.



  79. This is my first time here. I’m not good at origami (or writing stories.) However I will give both a go lol

  80. Hi, Yetti! Welcome to the site!

  81. “Hi, Yetti!* Welcome to the site!”

    *your own brother who was actually pulling a prank on you

  82. I’ll definitely need to post something here

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