We’re Close To 200,000 Views!

Hey guys! I usually try to keep the homepage free of post since this site is for stories, not blog posts. But I just wanted to let you guys know that we’re so close to hitting 200,000 views on the website! As of October 10th, 2014 we have 197,346 views! I think we can make it by the end of the year! What do you think? :D Well, I guess that’s all for now, Cya!
~The Evil Jawa

(And I’m planning to update the Time Travel Special soon!)

UPDATE #4 October 23rd- 199,656 Views! Only 344 More Views!


Welcome to the Origami Yoda Expanded Universe!!

Hello! Welcome to the Origami Yoda Expanded Universe. This site is a place where SuperFolders send in their own stories and ideas set in the world of Tom Angleberger’s Origami Yoda series!!

Anyways, you can read the OY Expanded Universe stories, write and read the Origami Yoda Legends (the current stories being released on the website), chat, have fun, do what you want, and enjoy your time here!

The Universe Belongs To All!

-The OY EU Staff

Between the Folds: Decide Its Fate!

I checked the stats of Between the Folds… you know, that whole business move? The one Evil Jawa created? Anyone? Right…

So, what should we do with it. No one goes to it except for 3-5 people a day… the poor stories. Did EVERYONE forget it?

OK… so what I’m thinking is that we’ll move the stories from there, put them here, and then delete the site… of course, I need permission from some of the admins to do that. JC? Megan/Phred? CJ? Evil Jawa? WHERE IS EVERYONE?!

Seriously though, comment below and decide. The only thing its doing right now is advertising.

The site: btfolds.wordpress.com

The site it’s advertising: vgcrossover.wordpress.com

Update: So, everyone below (4 people) are saying “Bring it Back.” Do you want to hashtag that? #bringitback Point is, do you mean bring the site back, or bring the stories here?

Halloween Contest!

Last year doesn’t count.

Basically, you have to write a halloween/scary story. The rules change a little here, so read this.

1. Still no inappropriate language, sexual content, or images.

2. Violence is a little iffy here. Because it’s supposed to be scary, technically there would be violence. So you can have violence and death, BUT, just so that I don’t get kicked out (you know who you are, not pointing fingers JC), you can’t go into detail.

3. No demons or devil. “COME ON!” You think, “I HAVE SO MANY GREAT STORIES WITH THAT STUFF.” Let’s just say that the last time someone wrote something like that… it wasn’t good.

4. Be kind, send a complete story, and have fun!

5. You have until October 29th to submit your stories. You can only do one, however. This is to steady the flow of stories. October 30th is when everyone can vote on the best story. October 31st is when the official winner is revealed.

6. This is sort of obvious: It has to have something to do with origami, as in Origami Yoda Expanded Universe, even if it has the McQuarrie gang, have origami have something to do with causing it, or being a plot point of sorts. If you do zombies, for example, have them do something with origami, like an origami figure starts it all.

7. Another obvious thing is that it can have fictional elements, as the stories will not be counted into a continuity, which is why there’s death. Basically, it doesn’t have to be realistic. Zombies and vampires, anyone?

The Prize: Great Satisfaction? No, something more… any admins add something as a prize, please.

Thank you and remember: there can be violence and death, but don’t go into detail. Pretend your writing this for school, and no demons. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

E-mail your COMPLETE story to battlesreceive@gmail.com. BE CREATIVE!


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