“The End This Is” Character/Cameo Information + Q&A with JC

Hey SuperFolders! It’s JC!
I’ve had the incredible honor of getting to write this climactic installment of the OY EU fan-chise. But the hardest thing is knowing which characters I should bring back, and which characters don’t need to be in it.
You guys seem really excited for the story. And so am I! But a lot of you guys have been asking if your character/name can be used in a story. The thing is, if I tried to do that for everybody, the story would be really confusing to keep track of.
The SuperFolders who will be in it are Tanner, Xavier, Malcolm/StarWarsFolder12, D.N., Eggbert, Chippy, and um…was there somebody else who I promised I’d put in a story? I’m sorry if my memory is a big foggy.
Of course, the main characters are all getting their stories wrapped up. Tommy, Kellen, Sara, Harvey, Jacob, Dwight, Origami Yoda, Vernon, Vernon’s Partner…
We’re also gonna shed some light on some old EU favorites and OY series secondary characters. Rhondella, Remi, Quavondo, Lance, Mike, Jack, Vanessa, The Quadruplets, Connor, Arnold, Noah and Williams Middle School, Howell, Rabbski.
And we’re also gonna bring back some minor characters from the OY books and EU. Rebekah, Nico, Isabel, Sam, Lisa, Harvey’s Cousin JC, Mrs. Yavada.

I hope you guys really enjoy this next story. I’m enjoying writing it, but I think I’ll have more fun reading all the stories, starting with The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, and reading all the way through to The End This Is, once Emperor Pickletine is out in stores!

PS. If you have any questions about The End This Is for me or anyone else, you can post them in the comments!