Hey SuperFolders! Happy Easter!

Slap on your bunny ears, grab some palm leaves, chow down on a Reeses Peanut Butter Egg, and dress in your Sunday best, because this year marks the second annual OY EU Easter party!

This year, we encourage SuperFolders to send their Easer-themed origami, crafts, doodles, stories, or anything else in! Send them to, and they will even make it to this front page!

Plus……we have a big WRITING contest on now! That’s right! Make your own Origami Yoda Easter Special! (The original OY Easter Story from last year is temporarily back on the website too. Check it out here!)

Here’s the rules:

1. Keep your story clean, as always. (If your story features the death of Jesus, please write a violence warning before it).

2. Make the story as short or as long as you want. No limits here!

3. As always, send in your stories to, through email if you can, and NOT the new OY EU story-sender-thingy……

4. Please be respectful of other SuperFolders’ religions. Easter is considered a holiday by Christians and non-Christians alike, and there’s no need to debate or bicker on the concept. Likewise, the owners of this website do hold a Christian belief. Please respect your fellow SuperFolder.

Here’s our first entry, by SuperFolder Hansel! The Strange Case of the Origami Bunny

The Holiday Mascots
By Tommy
Today was the day we came back from spring break witch was a week ago. I could tell a lot of people changed. But, not Harvey. Harvey was arguing that Christmas was the best holiday ever. I walked up to him and said “Where’s your proof?” He turned red. “Christmas, best holiday it is not…” Then Harvey snickered “Where’s your proof?” He then helped up the bible. “Easter, the best holiday it is…” He put yoda away and held up an origami bunny. Behind him came Jacob. He took out a Nerf gun witch shot plastic eggs everywhere! When everyone opened them, they found twix and an origami bunny!
Harvey’s comment: What the heck? Dwight is using origami and candy to get kids to agree with him!
My comment: You’re just jealous That Dwight has 90 % people agreeing with him that Easter is a better holiday.

The Jack o’ lantern
By kellen
After yesterday’s incident, Harvey was even worse than before. He made an origami jack o’ lantern to destroy the bunny! “Now you will feel my wrath!” He opened his jacket and said “Attack my pets!” Everywhere, origami bats were screeching and looking for the bunny. Tommy instinctively pulled out the first origami puppet he could find in his pocket—an Origami Jesus—and the bats went crazy. Some of them even attacked Harvey! But Origami Jesus was shredded. After that, Harvey was sent to ISS. The bunny was saved. At first, we were all kind of sad. What would we do without Origami Jesus?
Suddenly, we found a finger puppet, lying untouched by any bats, laying on the lunch table. It was Origami Jesus! But it was exactly the same; each fold and pen mark! But how?? Either way, we all had a happy Easter!

Here’s our second entry, from SF D.N.! The Messiah and Origami Yoda

Easter At School
By Tommy
Today was Easter Day at school (Obviously it wasn’t actually Easter since there’s no school on Sunday: It was Wendesday). After last year when Dwight had told me about the whole reason we have Easter, I was really excited for today. I wasn’t ready for the end of the day, though.
The new principal (I keep forgetting his name) called of the 7th graders to the library for a “special” thing set up by one of the students.
So we came to the library.
“What do you think is going on?” I asked Sara.
“Not a clue. But I do hope it involves a Bible reading.” Sara was now a Christian also, and she hated how much anti-Jesus-ness there was in school.
We walked to a large table, and found Harvey standing there wearing fake bunny ears with his new step-mom and a giant basket of colored eggs. Some kids snickered, including me, but when Harvey glared at us, we shushed.
“I wanted you to come here,” Harvey started when his step-mom looked at him, “Becuase in the spirit of Easter,” He was not happy about this, “I wanted to give you these colored Easter eggs.”
He half-heartedly started to actually hop to each kid in the line and gave them an egg. When I looked at him like “Whut the Hutt?”, he whispered to me, saying “My step-mom made me.”
He obviously had no idea what the spirit of Easter actually was. On our way to the buses, I walked up to Dwight and whispered something to him. He looked at with a “That idea is stooky,” look, and headed to his bus. I just hoped he delivered.
The Next Day
By Harvey
I was in the library today looking at the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia to find new guys to be immortalized in origami when Dwight walked up to me. He handed me an origami thing. It had a beard and white clothes.
“Is this Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost?” I asked, utterly confused. I flipped it over to see if it offered any clarification, but all it said was, “Come to my house after school. -Dwight.” I looked at Dwight.
“Why?” I said.
Dwight just said, “Purple.”
Genuinely curious, I decided to just head over to Dwight’s house. I had never been there; Only had descriptions from Tommy and Sara. Origami Anakin said, “I have abad feeling about this.”
I knocked on the door, and Mrs. Tharp answered (From what I’ve read, does Dwight EVER answer the door?)
“Hi, Mrs. Tharp, I’m Harvey, one of Dwight’s friends-” I was cut off.
“Oh, yes, Dwight said you would come. Come in, Dwight’s waiting in his room.” She quickly ushered me inside and upstairs to Dwight’s room. He was working on some new origami finger puppet; it looked like a Rebel Pilot. I admit, it was looking kind of good.
“Hi Harvey,” Dwight said in his Captain-Dwight-seriousness voice. “Thanks for coming. You know about Easter, right?”
“Well duh,” I replied, “I mean, it’s about candy, colored eggs, and a wierd hopping bunny. Right?”
“Not exactly.” Dwight walked over to a small bookshelf by his dresser. He pulled out this really thick one; It had the word “Bible” on it.
“Oh no. No no no no,” I shook my hands and head to show him I didn’t want to read it. I don’t know why I did it; It felt like I wasn’t controlling my body. It felt like the Dark Side.
“Just read it. Right about here. It’s called the Easter story by many.”
I just gave in and started to read right then and there. I was just kinda skimming, then glancing, then had my nose in it. I was getting into it. By the time I was done, I knew why we had Easter. And I loved that story. I mean Jesus actually gets whipped, gets thorns in his head, has to carry a stupid tree built by US, and climbed onto and got nails IN HIS HANDS!!!! And yes, I meant to do 4 exclamation points. And then he actually dies, but comes back to life three days later! I take back what I said earlier when Dwight gave me the puppet; he BETTER than a Force Ghost!
I remembered that I had just kinda shoved the puppet in my pocket after Dwight left. I took him out of my pocket, and smoothed out some of the wrinkles. And embarrasingly enough, I hugged him. But Dwight didn’t care. From the look on his face, he knew just what I was feeling. He knew Jesus Christ.
“Now, what’s this thing about being a “Christian”…..?”
Dedicated to the true meaning of Easter: Jesus Christ.

Here’s our third and final story entry, from SuperFolder SWF Max! The Origami Easter Bunny: Recorded by Kellen and his phone!

pHey, this is Kellen, and this is my 2nd case file. I’m recording this with my stooky new phone now instead of my old tape recorder.

OK, so today was the last day of school before spring break, and I just got home.
Dwight had told us a few days ago that he was gonna bring in something stooky today, so we were all in the library before school, excited.
Dwight walked in, with a serious look on his face. This was serious business! 
Dwight: Are you guys ready for the stooky thing?
Everyone else (even Harvey): Yes!
Dwight: Alright…
Dwight pulled out an Origami Easter Bunny.
Harvey: That’s it?!
Dwight: Yes! Ask it an Easter-related question.
Harvey: No, that’s stupid.
Me: I’ve got one. My church is gonna have an egg hunt on Easter Sunday. There are rumours that there’s gonna be an egg that’s really big, with a load of awesome stuff, but it’s really hard to find. Will it be there? If so, where should I look?
Origami Easter Bunny: Bring a metal detector, and a shovel. You’ll find the egg.
Me: Why?
Dwight: Oh, school starts in just a few minutes! Gotta run!

And he ran. And we walked.

Me: That thing in the library was weird.
Tommy: McQuarrie Middle School is always weird.
Me: Well, more so than usual.
Tommy: Good point.
Me: But it was folded by Dwight, so it must be wise.
Harvey: Wrong. It must be malarkey.

SIDE NOTE: Does Harvey have to complain about everything?

Lance (filling in for Dwight at our table): Thanks for the unwanted opinion, Harvey. Where’s Dwight, anyway?
Amy: He’s got a lunch detention. Didn’t do his homework.
Harvey: He had it coming. Anyway, Dwight’s fortune is just a load of malarkey.
Me: Why? Give me actual, unbiased, evidence.
Harvey: It was a total non-sequitur. What do a metal detector and a shovel have to do with finding an egg?
Tommy: Maybe the egg is buried underground, and it has metal in it.
Me: Actually, they said 1 thing about the egg: If it exists, it’s not underground.
Harvey: AHA!
Tommy: Oh.
Lance: Hey, why don’t we make a little wager, Harvey?
Harvey: It depends.
Lance: If Kellen brings a shovel and a metal detector, and he fins the legendary egg with them, you give everyone else at tis lunch table a total of 20 bucks. There are 5 of us besides you, so that’s 4 bucks for each of us. If Kellen doesn’t find the egg with the equipment, you get 4 bucks from each of us, which is 20 bucks. Is everyone cool with that?

We nodded. 

Lance: Harvey?
Harvey: Deal.

They shook hands.

So I guess on Easter, I’m bringing a metal detector and a shovel to church.

The Egg Hunt:

I have to tell Tommy about what happened! I’ll just upload the audio files to my computer and email it to him.

So here’s what happened:

After the Easter service, I went outside for the egg hunt. Everyone was like, “Why do you have a shovel and a metal detector?” and I told them why, and they were like, “That’s weird”. In their defence, they were right.

So I got my basket, and I found a lot of eggs. I was off to a good start. At one point, my metal detector started detecting something ever so slightly. 

I walked away a little bit, and eventually, it was beeping like crazy, so I figured, this must be the spot. It was far away from where all the other kids were.

I got out my shovel, and started digging. I found… a keychain. But it had a phone number on a note card attached to it. The note card also said, “If you find this, call the number, say ‘I found the card’ to the guy who answers.

So I took the note card, leaving behind the keychain. Maybe this is all part of Origami Easter Bunny’s plan, I thought.

When I got home, I called the number. Before the guy on the other line said anything, I said, “I found the card!” The call then went like this:

Guy on other line, or “Guy”: Congratulations! Who is this?
Me: Kellen Campbell.
Guy: You found the card at the St. Paul Church Egg Hunt! You get to come to Rocky Rococco’s at the Chesapeake Square Mall and pick up a free XXL egg-shaped pizza!
Me: Is this legit?
Guy: Yeah! You also get a basket full of candy, and a $25 iTunes gift card.

I couldn’t believe it! 

Me: Awesome! So, how did this happen?
Guy: Our Rocky Rococco’s got together with St. Paul Church, and we hid the note with a keychain underground.
Me: Why with a keychain?
Guy: We heard that every year, someone brings something weird to the egg hunt: we’ve heard about a bowling pin, an empty goldfish bowl, and a football. We figured that eventually, some kid would come along with a metal detector. Then we realized, if someone brought along a metal detector, they would also probably bring a shovel to dig up any metal they detected. So, we put something metal in there: A keychain. Is that how you found it?
Me: Yeah.
Guy: Great! Come along any time later this week. The mall’s closed today.
Me: Thanks! See ya soon.
Guy: See you soon.

And that’s how I know that the Origami Easter Bunny is wise, just like Origami Yoda! Too bad Dwight won’t bring it to school again until next year around Easter again. So give us our money, Harvey!

Harvey’s comment: I refuse to pay!

Tommy’s comment: Pay up!


If you have any cool Easter Party ideas, please bring them up with us! We could always use a cool idea!

I hope you all have fun! And have a happy Easter!